Dot Conner: Webtective

Dot Conner: Webtective

Dot Conner is the world’s first “webtective,” a detective who uses the internet to solve mysteries, and in Dot’s experience there are no bigger mysteries than the questions she has about her Christian faith. With the help of her best friends, Dot pursues answers to her questions like a detective on a criminal case. Her investigations often lead her to interviews with experts in all sorts of fields who help her not only understand the complex questions of faith but also how to apply biblical truth to her own life.

Dot Conner: Webtective
  • Practice Makes Perfect?

    When Dot Conner gets a low grade on a math test, she sets out to discover how to achieve perfection. Featuring guest star Ryan Hollingshead.

  • Lost in Translation

    A wrongly interpreted group text between the friends leads Dot to investigate methods of interpretation. Featuring guest star Dr. Darrell Bock.

  • The Disobedient Daughter

    After suffering discipline for disobedience, Dot investigates where the drive to commit sin comes from. Featuring guest star J. Warner Wallace.

  • The Salvation Problem

    A dream convinces Makayla she's lost her salvation, and its up to Dot Conner to find out if its true. Featuring guest star Alisa Childers.

  • The Science Fair Scandal

    After Dot’s nemesis wins the school science fair, Dot investigates why bad things happen to good people. Featuring guest star Bethany Hamilton.

  • Dot vs Wild

    When Dot and her friends get lost on a hiking trip, a wilderness survival expert helps them learn Jesus is the only path to God. Featuring guest star Ray McKee.

  • The Worth Dilemma

    Dot learns the true worth of following Jesus while trying to choose between two conflicting opportunities. Featuring guest star Kayla Thornton.

  • A Case of Identity

    After a friend believes he's gained super powers, Dot investigates what makes a person who they are. Featuring guest star Lauren Chandler.