Danny Go!

Danny Go!

82 Episodes

Welcome to Danny Go! A kid's show to help children become confident in their limitless creativity! Lots of music. Lots of silliness. Lots of learning. Come along for the ride!

Danny Go!
  • The Cowboy Dance

    Episode 58

    Howdy partner! You ready to dance like a cowboy or cowgirl in the Wild West? 🀠 Follow along with Danny, Pap Pap, Bearhead and Mindy Mango as they do a good ol' fashioned line dance...and don't forget to chug, chug, chug like a train in the Iron Horse Hoedown! πŸš‚

  • Kids vs Adults Freeze Dance Game

    Episode 57

    Are you ready for a freeze dance game between kids and adults? Learn the moves along with Danny first, then do the right dances in each round to earn points for your team! Oh, but make sure you listen close...if you hear the whistle, you gotta FREEZE! ❄️

  • Brand New Day Song

    Episode 56

    Good morning! β˜€οΈ Are you ready to wake up your body with some stretches and dances? Spin, twist, hula and touch your toes along with Danny Go...then learn how to say "good morning!" in different languages like Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Hindi and more!

  • Boom Boom Dinosaur Drum-Along Dance

    Episode 55

    Are you ready to drum along with DINOSAURS?? πŸ¦• Listen closely to Danny Go's beats and try to copy them...then shake the ground with your BOOM BOOM drum hits! After that, see if you can keep up with Gerald's crazy drum circle! πŸ€ͺπŸ₯

  • "Bouncing Time!" Dance Song

    Episode 54

    Are you ready to BOUNCE?? πŸ’₯ Dance along with Danny and his friends as they bounce and jump around like bouncy balls, pogo sticks, bunny rabbits and more!

  • Summer Pool Party!

    Episode 30

    It's time for a pool party!! Follow Danny Go and his friends as they play exciting pool games like Mr. Shark & Treasure Hunt, compete in a cannonball competition, eat some ice cream sundaes AND have an epic super soaker battle! It's the kind of summer day kids dream of!

  • The Floor Is Lava 2: Into the Volcano

    Episode 51

    Are you ready for a LAVA adventure?? Dance along with Danny Go on his perilous journey inside a VOLCANO! Climb, jump, run and row your way to the magical ice gems, but get off the ground when the floor is lava! Oh, and keep an eye out for Slugworth, the legendary guardian of the gems

  • Swab The Deck: Pirate Clean Up Song

    Episode 52

    Ahoy mateys! We need ALL HANDS ON DECK to help Danny Go and his hearties clean up gold, jewels, toys, and other pirate-y things before the big storm comes! THEN play a clean up game with Danny to see who the real scallywag of the ship is!

  • Sharks In The Water: The Floor Is Lava Game

    Episode 53

    Are you ready to swim through shark-infested waters to get to the treasure island? 🦈🏝️ Dance along with Danny Go as you avoid jellyfish & collect golden coins in this underwater adventure! Oh, but if you see a shark, you better get out of water and up on something safe!

  • All The Songs! Vol. 3

    Episode 50

    All The Songs! Vol. 3


    It’s time to go get a Christmas tree with Danny Go and his friends! Visit a real Christmas tree farm, bring it home to decorate it & learn what makes memories β€˜perfect’ in this special holiday episode!

  • Danny Go! The Songs Vol. 3

    Episode 49

    Danny Go! The Songs Vol. 3

  • The Color Dance

    Episode 48

    Time to DANCE like your favorite colors!! 🎨 In this fun this-or-that dancing game, you pick which dances to do based on which colors you like best...but when the colors mix, the dances get CRAZY! See if you can keep up!

  • ASL Dance

    Episode 47

    Learn how to talk with your body using sign language! πŸ‘‹πŸΌ Dance along with Danny as he learns to sign a few common ASL phrases and plays a silly "guess the signs" game!

  • Digging In The Dirt

    Episode 46

    Calling all hard workers! πŸ‘·πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ› πŸ‘·πŸ» It's time to dig in the dirt like an excavator, bulldozer and some other big machines! Dance along with Danny to this upbeat movement song all about construction vehicles...and see if you can master the dirt-digging game! πŸ•Ή

  • Ice King Dance

    Episode 45

    Are you ready for a FREEZING adventure? ❄️ Dance along with Danny as he explores the Ice King's frozen palace...but watch out for the penguins, the giant snowman AND the Ice King himself! πŸ§β›„οΈπŸ»

  • Space Race! Planet Song

    Episode 42

    It's time to BLAST OFF!! πŸš€ Get ready to dance through our solar system as Danny travels to each unique planet...but watch out for that blazing hot sun!!

  • The Robot Dance!

    Episode 44

    Are you ready to dance like a ROBOT? πŸ€– Get your bolts and gears moving with this upbeat dance song about robots!

  • Rainbow Disco Unicorn Dance!

    Episode 43

    Are you ready to jump around and poke your horn?? πŸ¦„ Dance along to this story about a boy and the mythical creatures who turned his world upside down! πŸ•Ίβœ¨

  • The Tooth Brushing Song!

    Episode 40

    Time to get those teeth clean! Brush along with Danny and his friends in this upbeat 2-minute song. Learn the basics of using a toothbrush to fight germs & stay healthy...all while having fun!

  • Floor is Lava Dance

    Episode 39

    It's time to play the floor is LAVA! Dance along with Danny and his friends as they pretend the floor is slime, trampolines, ice and more. But when it turns to lava, you better get off the floor...or get burned!

  • "Math Whiz!" Addition Song

    Episode 41

    Are you a MATH WHIZ at adding numbers? Sure you are! Watch this upbeat song about addition to practice your skills!

  • All The Songs! Vol.2

    Episode 37

    All The Songs! Vol.2

  • RazzMaTazz Music Video

    Sing and dance along to Razz-Ma-Tazz, a song all about using your imagination!