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NEW DAILY DEVO EPISODES BACK JAN 29TH!! Tune in every weekday for a fun bible story, weekly memory verse, and an epic stunt (that’s right—epic stunt!) hosted by a team of Jesus-loving friends.

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  • #604 - Sunrise

    Episode 614

    The first WORSHIP WEDNESDAY of 2024! Brittani joins us to present this week's song is Sunrise by Your Kingdom here! Let's hear it!

  • #603 - The Garden of Eden!

    Episode 613

    Noel kicks off our Wild Bible year looking at the story that many of us might be familair with: The Garden of Eden! Plus, another shot at this week's memory verse!

  • #602 - Wild Bible Kickoff!

    Episode 612

    Welcome back to another year of The Daily Devo Show! Today, Cam joins us to present the WILD (but true!) theme for the first half of the year! Plus, Colleen debuts her first stunt of the 2024.

  • #601 - God Keeps His Promises

    Episode 611

    Lester The Lobster hosts our final episode of 2023 and reminds us all of a VERY important message: God Keeps His Promises!

  • #600 - Fall Of Man

    Episode 610

    Lester? Yeah, he's back again! Today we look at one of the most popular episodes from this last year: The Fall of Man!

  • #599 - 66 Books

    Episode 609

    Well, well, well. Look who decided to swim on back to The Daily Devo Show today: Lester the Lobster! It's Worship Wednesday and in honor of Bible in a Year, lets see if we can name all 66 of them!

  • #598 - Disciples

    Episode 608

    Lester The Lobster is here for another peek and some of his favorite episodes from Bible in a Year! Today, we meet the Disciples. Yep, ALL of them! Enjoy!

  • #597 - Merry Christmas!

    Episode 607

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! We hope you have a wonderful day! All this week, Lester The Lobster is here showcase some of his favorite episodes (and stunts!) of the year. We kick things off today very appropriately with: The Christmas Story!

  • #596 - Heaven & Nature Sing

    Episode 606

    THE FINAL DAY! Jenysis brings our yearlong Bible In A Year series to a close as we wrap up The Book of Revelation. Join us as we take a look back at how far we've come!

  • #595 - Good Times & Bad Times

    Episode 605

    Jenysis swings by to continue our deep dive into the Book of Revelation, while getting a help hand from Susan Olson's book: Revelation for Kids. Plus, another look at this week's memory verse.

  • #594 - What John Wrote

    Episode 604

    Jenysis is back for another look at the final book of the Bible, Revelation, with help from Susan Olson's book "Revelation for Kids." Also, how much eggnog CAN Colleen hold? Tune in to find out!

  • #593 - It Begins

    Episode 603

    Jenysis returns to introduce the final book of the Bible - Revelation. This can be a tricky one so all this week we'll be using the book: Revelation for Kids: Written by Susan Olson, illustrated by Zach Orr. Let's dive in, together!

  • #592 - Being Obedient To God

    Episode 602

    We kick off the final week of Bible in a year with Noel, who is here to walk us all through the book of Jude. Also, a VERY messy end-of-year stunt!

  • #591 - Honorable Hospitality

    Episode 601

    Michael swings on thru Daily Devo'ville to tell us all about the book of 3rd John! PLUS - we check in with Colleen to see how she's doing on those tricky Christmas Carols!

  • #590 - In Truth and In Love

    Episode 600

    It's always a pleasure when JULIA stops by to host The Daily Devo Show! Today, she walks us through the book of 2nd John! Also, how are you doing on this week's memory verse? 2 days left to get it!

  • #589 - Your Light

    Episode 599

    Leti is here to lead us into the last Worship Wednesday of 2023! Today's song is "Your Light" by The Kingdom Here. Let's hear it!

  • #588 - Walk In The Light

    Episode 598

    As promised yesterday, Noel returns to teach us about the book of 1st John! Also, another look at this week's memory verse!

  • #587 - Peter's Earthly Tent

    Episode 597

    Noel is here on a glorious morning to introduce us to the book of 2nd Peter! It's not the same as 1st Peter and we all learn why. Plus. a very sing-songy stunt!

  • #586 - Like A Rock

    Episode 596

    Julia helps us wrap up another wonderful week as we explain Peter's namesake and close out the book of 1st Peter. Plus, a final look at this week's memory verse!

  • #585 - Refiners Fire

    Episode 595

    Noel is fired up to talk about...rocks? We learn what rocks have to do with today's episode as we dive into 1st Peter! Also, those sweaters are starting to pile up, Colleen!

  • #584 - All Things Are Possible

    Episode 594

    Brittani reminds us today that its not just Wednesday...its WORSHIP WEDNESDAY! This week's song is "All Things Are Possible" by GMS Live Kidz. LET'S WORSHIP!

  • #583 - The Wise Guy

    Episode 593

    Your friend and mine, Michael pops on by the Daily Devo Show to teach us about the Book of James! Also, we give this week's memory verse another try!

  • #582 - A Tremendous Trio

    Episode 592

    Cam...and Noel...and Julia are here today to share more from the Book of Hebrews! PLUS - Colleen debuts a Christmas Sweater stunt that must be seen to be believed!

  • #581 - The High Priest Show!

    Episode 591

    Brittani stops by to help us wrap up this week, but SOMEONE has other plans! Find out who today. Also, Colleen has one last chance at her fun and messy stunt!