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Daily Devo

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Tune in every weekday for a fun bible story, weekly memory verse, and an epic stunt (that’s right—epic stunt!) hosted by a team of Jesus-loving friends.

Daily Devo
  • #503 - Enter: The Furnace!

    Episode 513

    Today we kick off the book of Daniel and it...is...a...hot one! Join Michael as he takes us into: The Furnace!

  • #503 - Enter: The Furnace!

    Today we kick off the book of Daniel and it...is...a...hot one! Join Michael as he takes us into: The Furnace!

  • #502 - Valley of...Dry Bones?

    Episode 512

    Happy Monday! Margie is here to take you through one of the WILDEST Bible stories around! Plus, Colleen introduces us to Will It Stick: Summer Edition!

  • #501 - Ezekial: Prophet and Artist!

    Episode 511

    Noel is back as we learn about the fascinating prophet Ezekiel and Colleen tries to beat her personal best in the Splatiest Splat Contest!

  • #500 - Learning About Lament

    Episode 510

    Today is all about the book of Lamentations. Margie guides us through why this book seemingly full of sadness, has the power to offer so much more.

  • #499 - He Knows Everything

    Episode 509

    Worship Wednesday is here! And so is Julia as she hosts today's episode, featuring the awesome jam: "He Knows Everything" by Kidspring!

  • #498 - The Plans I Have For You

    Episode 508

    Riley returns as we wrap up the book of Jeremiah and we take a deep look at one of the most quoted Bible verses to find out what it REALLY means...

  • #497 - Introducing: Jeremiah!

    Episode 507

    It's finally time to kick off Jeremiah! Noel hosts today's epsiode while Colleen introduces us to the Splatist Splat Contest!

  • #496 - Words Worth Spreading!

    Episode 506

    We close out the book of Isaiah and learn about how Isaiah's teaching continued long after his death. Plus, Noel recaps this week's memory verse!

  • #495 - Prophecies, Prophecies!

    Episode 505

    Julia is back to explain some of the phrophetic messages that Isaiah tried to spread to the world, and Colleen gets closer to conquring the Fly-By Hotdog Feast!

  • #494 - Most Important Thing

    Episode 504

    Who's ready to worship? Brittani is back to host another rockin' episode of Worship Wednesday! This week we are jamming out to "Most Important Thing" by Yancy!

  • #493 - Exploring Isaiah!

    Episode 503

    New Host Alert! Today, Riley (from Yippee's “Life of Riley,” and “Arts & Crafts By Three Sisters.”) makes her debut hosting The Daily Devo Show and we crack open the book of Isaiah!

  • #492 - A Song of Love!

    Episode 502

    Today on the show, Julia introduces a new book: SONG OF SONGS! And Colleen introduces a new challenge: The Fly-By Hotdog Feast!

  • #490 - How CAN We Get Wiser?

    The one and only LETI is here to host our final look on the Book of Proverbs! How *can* we gain wisdom? Spoiler: you are off to a good start!

  • #489 - A Future I Can't See

    Episode 499

    Friend of the show Lester the Lobster stops by to guest host another rousing edition of Worship Wednesday! This week's song is A Future I Can't See by KidSpring and we see if Colleen can beat her personal best during the Garden Match Challenge!

  • #491 - A Time For Everything

    Episode 501

    Noel is here and she is fired up to talk all about Ecclesiastes, a book where we learn that there is truly a time for everything! And speaking of fired up, its Colleen's last shot at the Garden Match Challenge!

  • #488 - What is WISDOM?!?

    Episode 498

    Cam is here to introduce us to the Book of Proverbs and he gets a little help breaking down the book after a surprise pop-in from Lady Wisdom! Plus: more from the Garden Match Challenge!

  • #487 - Psalms for All Seasons

    Episode 497

    A Psalm for All Seasons! Margie helps us to understand that there are different types of Psalms that can be used during different times in your life.

  • #486 - Intro To Psalms

    Episode 496

    Margie takes us through Psalms of "petition" and "trust." Get ready to understand this beautiful book even better!

  • #485 - Bad Day Vibes

    Episode 495

    Cameron shares the heart-wrenching story of Job... but good news! There is hope even in the midst of Job's tragedy.

  • #484 - I Will Worship

    Episode 494

    Michael maaaaay have slept through his alarm-- but it's still going to be a GREAT episode, featuring Big Big Worship's song, "I Will Worship." Also, how many balls can Colleen catch on her head today with Springtime Bucket Ball?!

  • #483 - Esther Saves The Day!

    Episode 493

    Leti takes us through the super intense conclusion of Esther's story. Will she be able to save all the Jews from certain death?!

  • #482 - Queen Competition

    Episode 492

    Esther competes in a beauty contest to see if she she'll become Queen. If they find out she's Jewish it'll be GAME OVER! Also, Colleen takes on the Springtime Bucket Ball -- how many balls can she catch on her head?!

  • #481 - Nehemiah's Project

    Episode 491

    Noel walks us through Nehemiah's HUGE undertaking of rebuilding the Jerusalem walls with all the highs and lows that went with that.