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Tune in every weekday for a fun bible story, weekly memory verse, and an epic stunt (that’s right—epic stunt!) hosted by a team of Jesus-loving friends.

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  • #581 - The High Priest Show!

    Episode 591

    Brittani stops by to help us wrap up this week, but SOMEONE has other plans! Find out who today. Also, Colleen has one last chance at her fun and messy stunt!

  • #580 - A Deeper Look a Moses

    Episode 590

    Michael in the hoooouse! We continue on in our study of the book of Hebrews and learn a little more about an old friend from the Old Testament - Moses!

  • #579 - Praise His Name

    Episode 589

    WORSHIP WEDNESDAY! Today's Julia is our host as we hear the wonderful song "Praise His Name" by Sandals Kids. Let's go!

  • #578 - Entertaining Angels

    Episode 588

    Cam is back to introduce the fun and mysterious book of Hebrews! Plus, Colleen has another chance to catch those potatoes!

  • #577 - Tiny Letter...BIG Change!

    Episode 587

    Happy Monday! We kick off the week with Noel, who is here to let wrap up the book of Philemon! Plus - a new memory verse!

  • #572 - Mentoring Timothy

    Episode 582

    One of the original faces of the Daily Devo Show CAMERON is here to walk us through the book of 1st Timothy. Who WAS that guy? We find out, today!

  • #576 - A Small Plea

    Episode 586

    Michael swings by the Daily Devo Show to kick off our two-part look at the book of Philemon! Also, Colleen's final chance at this week's very sling-shotty stunt!

  • #575 - Going For a Ride

    Episode 585

    Noel is here...for now! Today's episode calls for her to go on quiet the fantastic voyage! Also, another look at this week's memory verse.

  • #574 - Rejoice In The Lord Always

    Episode 584

    Riley is our host for this very special WORSHIP WEDNESDAY! This week's song is "Rejoice in the Lord Always" by Listener Kids and CJ & Friend

  • #573 - Paul's Closing Words

    Episode 583

    Julia is here for our looksie at the booksie of 2nd Timothy! Also, Colleen keeps working out how to best use that slingshot!

  • #571 - Life on the Front Lines

    Episode 581

    Michael wraps up this week of the Daily Devo Show teaching us about Paul's 2nd letter to the Thessalonians, properly named: 2nd Thessalonians! Plus, More Fall Leaves!

  • #570 - Postcard from a Friend

    Episode 580

    Riley is back hosting today's episode which is all about Thessalonians! 1st Thessalonians to be exact. By the way, how is that memory verse coming along?

  • #569 - I Got Love

    Episode 579

    WORSHIP WEDNESDAY! Brittani is your host today as we bring our voices together for "I Got Love" by GMS Live Kidz!

  • #568 - We All Need to Obey

    Episode 578

    Julia has arrived to lend us a hand wrapping up the book of Colossians. And oh yeah, Colleen might need some help gathering all those fall leaves!

  • #567 - How To: Avoid Getting Lost

    Episode 577

    Welcome back! A brand new week of The Daily Devo Show kicks off with Noel popping in to introduce: Colossians! Plus, a new memory verse? Yeah, we've got that.

  • #566 - Paul's Loving Wisdom!

    Episode 576

    Cam drops by for this FUNtastic Friday to help us wrap up the book of Philippians and to see how Colleen does with the Blind Pie Challenge!

  • #565 - Friendship in Hard Times

    Episode 575

    Riley returns to the Daily Devo forest to host today's episode and kick off: Philippians! Also, another look at this week's memory verse!

  • #564 - Ephesians 6

    Episode 574

    Happy Wednesday everybody! Noel is here to get you ready to WORSHIP! This week's song is Ephesians 6! Let's go!

  • #563 - The Armor Of God

    Episode 573

    Knock knock! Who's there? BRITTANI! She is back to host today's episode all about Paul's letter to the Ephesians! Plus, how is that Blind Pie Challenge going, Colleen?

  • #562 - Unity in One Body

    Episode 572

    Julia in the house! Today, we kick off the book of EPHESIANS! Where is Ephesus? Why was it written? Julia digs into all of that and more!

  • #561 - Going to Galatia Part 2!

    Episode 571

    Cameron found himself stuck in Galatia last night, but today, he gets to learn more about Paul's letter to the people. Will he make it back?!? Plus, a final look at the Sand Bucket Challenge.

  • #560 - Going To Galatia!

    Episode 570

    Sometimes the best way to learn about a place is to get up and go there! And that is what today's host Cameron did when he visited GALATIA! What did he find? Tune in to see!

  • #559 - My Favorite Hiding Place

    Episode 569

    Worship Wednesday! After digging through both Corinthians books to start the week, Michael is here to host today's episode, featuring "My Favorite Hiding Place" by GMS Kidz Live!

  • #558 - Paul Takes On Poor Leaders

    Episode 568

    After yesterday's study of 1st Corinthians, we thought, what could be better than diving into 2nd Corinthians! Julia is back to teach us about this very important book. Plus, another look at this week's memory verse.