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BACK AUGUST 29th with NEW weekday episodes!! Tune in every weekday for a fun bible story, weekly memory verse, and an epic stunt (that’s right—epic stunt!) hosted by a team of Jesus-loving friends.

Daily Devo
  • #359 - Strong & Courageous

    Episode 369

    Today’s Worship Wednesday features a collaboration between our Yippee producers and Make Some Noise Kids. The result is this worship song featuring the Yippee stars singing the words from Joshua 1:9.

  • #357 - Fear

    Episode 367

    All this week we’re meditating on the difference between these familiar words: Fear, Worry, Stress, Anxiety. Today, Margie explores ‘FEAR’ reminding us that being afraid is totally normal… and spoiler alert: God is in control! And just wait til you see Colleen ride her way through the Lucky Char...

  • #358 - Worry

    Episode 368

    How is Worry different from Fear or Stress and Anxiety? Today Brittani will tell us how.

  • #356 - What If I Fail?

    Episode 366

    Bad news– you’re going to fail sometimes. Soooo… what now? Noel has three steps to share that will come in SUPER-handy.

  • #355 - Types of Temptation

    Episode 365

    Cameron reminds us that EVEN JESUS was tempted by Satan! Understanding the different types of temptation will help you avoid it in your own life.

  • #354 - In God We Trust

    Episode 364

    It’s Worship Wednesday! Sing along with Brittani and the talented musicians from KingdomCity Kids on the great song, “In God We Trust.”

  • #353 - Julia Needs Grace (And So Do You!)

    Episode 363

    We can’t talk about Temptation without talking about GRACE! Julia shows us why grace is such a big deal.

  • #352 - Just Try Harder?

    Episode 362

    If you’re feeling tempted, should you just ‘try harder’? Margie is here to answer that question and introduce a full week of big questions (and answers!). Plus, Colleen takes the FootGolf Challenge. Can she get the soccer ball in the hole in only 30 seconds? Watch and see!

  • #351 - Noel’s Miracle Stories

    Episode 361

    Today Noel shares about “Jesus Healing A Blind Man” and a true story of a man who took an INCREDIBLE fall. After that, Colleen attempts a backflip off a cliff!

  • #350 - Leti’s Miracle Stories

    Episode 360

    Meet Leti, our newest Daily Devo host! She shares with us her favorite miracle story from the Bible, and an amazing true story that actually happened. Also watch as Colleen does a cartwheel over Ryan the camera guy off of a cliff!

  • #349 - Mark 10:27

    Episode 359

    Happy Worship Wednesday! Margie introduces “Big Word Mark 10:27” from HIllsong Kids, then Colleen attempts to cliff jump through an inner tube!

  • #348 - Cam’s Miracle Stories

    Episode 358

    Cameron shares his favorite miracle story about Elijah, and a true story about a boy getting hit by a truck (good news: it has a happy ending).

  • #347 - Brittani’s Miracle Stories

    Episode 357

    All this week you’ll hear hosts share a miracle story from the Bible, AND a modern day real miracle that ACTUALLY happened! Brittani kicks things off with the “Parting of the Red Sea” and story about an actual voice from heaven. Plus, Colleen is all-new with the Rocky Mountain Cliff Jump!

  • #346 - Friday Re-cap

    Episode 356

    If there’s only one episode you watch all week, all month, all year… it should maybe be this one! Julia shares with us this meaningful review of being a Christ follower in community. Plus, Colleen challenges Ace the pro to do a headstand WHILE PADDLEBOARDING!

  • #345 - Soul Food

    Episode 355

    Hope your hungry! Noel explains where Soul Food comes from and how it relates to our souls. And as for Colleen and Ace the pro? He tries to paddleboard the Colorado River on one leg.

  • #344 - Peace Like a River

    Episode 354

    It’s Worship Wednesday! Brittani hosts us for this awesome song from Listener Kids. Ace the pro tries to catch a ball while paddleboarding the Colorado River!

  • #343 - History of Your Soul

    Episode 353

    Michael time travels to help us understand when (and how) we started to believe what we believe about our soul. Meanwhile, Colleen challenges Ace to paddleboard BACKWARDS!

  • #342 - Point to Your Soul

    Episode 352

    Where’s your Soul? Good question! Margie kicks off this incredibly important discussion all about our bodies, our souls, and our spirits. PLUS: Colleen tries to stump a professional paddleboarder!

  • #341 - How to: Avoid Temptation

    Episode 351

    This might just be one of the most useful Daily Devo episodes we’ve ever made! Watch and see how our lives are sooooo much better when we’re not sinning a bunch. Also, Colleen has to complete the “Back To School Trampoline Challenge” in time to catch the bus. Can she do it?!

  • #340 - How to: Worship

    Episode 350

    Julia takes us through “how to” and also how *NOT* to worship our Lord! Plus, Colleen tries to beat her lunch-packing time with her backpack-packing time. Can she do it?!

  • #339 - Big Word Ps 73:28

    Episode 349

    Brittani is here to lead us through an AWESOME day of worship with these awesome words from Psalm 73. Sing along with Hillsong Kids! Also, Colleen practices for her spelling test– on a trampoline!

  • #338 - How to: Share About God

    Episode 348

    How SHOULD we talk to others about God?! It can be stressful! With the help of “Yes Noel” and “No Noel” you’ll come away with some very clear “dos” and “don'ts”

  • #337 - How to: Pray

    Episode 347

    Cameron kicks off our “step by step” approach to doing (well) the key parts of a life following Christ! Today is all about prayer. Also: Colleen bounces her way through the “Back To School Trampoline Challenge!”

  • #336 - Working Past Failure

    Episode 346

    Noel and a (rather harsh) Pharisee take us through healthy choices we can make when we face failure.