Daily Devo

Daily Devo

167 Episodes

Tune in every weekday for a fun bible story, weekly memory verse, and an epic challenge (that’s right—epic challenge!) hosted by Yippee Show’s own Cam & Noel!

Daily Devo
  • #165 - Integrity Game Show

    Episode 1

    Cameron competes in the “Integrity Or Not?” Game Show, and Colleen tries to obliterate a 3-Banana target!

  • #164 - Peter Denies Christ

    Episode 2

    Julia shares the story of Peter’s lack of Integrity, but shows how Jesus redeemed Peter (and there’s good news for us too!)

  • #163 - Reppin’ Jesus

    Episode 3

    Happy Worship Wednesday! Brittani takes us down under to worship along with Praise Blast from Melbourne, Australia!

  • #162 - Zaccheus

    Episode 4

    Noel & Cam tell the story of Zaccheus, a guy who LEARNED integrity, directly from Jesus!

  • #161 - What’s Integrity?

    Episode 5

    Brittani shows how this college-level topic is TOTALLY for kids! Also, Colleen takes on the Banana Target Challenge

  • #160 - God Picks YOU!

    Episode 6

    Noel shows how throughout history God has picked surprising people, and he always picks US!

  • #159 - Woman At The Well 

    Episode 7

    Jesus does it again—picking an unlikely person in the woman at the well to be his messenger to His people.

  • #158 - “My Best Friend” 

    Episode 8

    It’s worship Wednesday! Sing along with Hillsong Kid's “My Best Friend”!

  • #157 - God Picks David

    Episode 9

    Noel tells us the amazing story of how God called David to be the new King of Israel, even though it a huge surprise to Eli!

  • #156 - You Belong

    Episode 10

    Cameron kicks off a week of exploring the surprising characters that God picks to do amazing tasks, and show how God picks EVEN YOU! Also, Colleen tackles the 4-Wheeler Breakfast Challenge.

  • #155 - Does God Speak Out Loud?

    Episode 11

    Julia answers this big, big question! Also, Colleen tries not to fall into shaving cream.

  • #154 - Finding Wise Council

    Episode 12

    Michael shows why it’s important to have wise people in your life to listen to (so you don’t ride your bike over an alligator).

  • #153 - Worship Wednesday!

    Episode 13

    Sing along with “New Way” from Kids on the Move!

  • #152 - Bible Clues

    Episode 14

    Noel helps a confused detective understand how God speaks to us through the Bible.

  • #151 - Dreams

    Episode 15

    Brittani & Cameron show us how God sometimes speaks through dreams

  • #150 - $$

    Episode 16

    Brittani discovers that the “boring” topic of money stewardship is actually pretty cool!

  • #149 - HURRY UP! (Or should you?)

    Episode 17

    Cameron is so over-scheduled, that he learns he needs to be a good steward of his time.

  • #148 - Sing Out Strong!

    Episode 18

    It’s Worship Wednesday! Sing along with “Possible” from Sandals Church

  • #147 - Our Earth!

    Episode 19

    Julia interviews Mr. Stink and Mr. More Stink to help us understand why we need to be good stewards of God’s beautiful earth.

  • #146 - The Good Samaritan

    Episode 20

    Noel uses this well-known story of Jesus to illustrate how Jesus calls us to be good stewards in our communities.

  • #145 - "Jesus Loves Me"

    Episode 21

    The song you’ve been waiting for! Cameron shares the surprising history of “Jesus Loves Me” and leads us in singing it! (You probably don’t even need to look at the words!)

  • #144 - "I've Got The Joy Joy Joy Joy..."

    Episode 22

    Michael shares the cool story behind a song kids have been singing for generations, “I’ve Got The Joy Joy Joy Joy…”

  • #143 - Worship Wednesday!

    Episode 23

    It’s our first “Worship Wednesday!” Sing and dance along with Kingdomcity Kids’ “Born To Be Amazing.”

  • #142 - "Deep & Wide"

    Episode 24

    Brittani & Cameron share the story behind “Deep & Wide.” Get ready for the hand motions on this one!