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Tune in every weekday for a fun bible story, weekly memory verse, and an epic stunt (that’s right—epic stunt!) hosted by a team of Jesus-loving friends.

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  • #426 - Cain & Able

    Episode 436

    Brittani is back to share with us a tale of two brothers. And stick around to see if Colleen has mastered the Ketchup Cup-Stacking Challenge!

  • #425 - Fall of Man

    Episode 435

    Margie takes us through the time when everything got messed up in the garden. But good news: there is good news right there in Genesis 3...

  • #424 - Man & Woman

    Episode 434

    Michael shares about one of God's most favorite parts of creation: US!

  • #423 - In the Beginning...

    Episode 433

    Julia kicks things off with a look at God creating EVERYTHING! Colleen faces messy ketchup squirts if she can't stack her cups in time.

  • #422 - Bible 101

    Episode 432

    Before diving in to our epic journey through the Bible this year, Cameron provides some helpful tips and background to prepare your heart for where we're headed. Are you excited? WE ARE!

  • #421 - 1...

    Episode 431

    HAPPY-ALMOST-NEW-YEAR! To celebrate, Lester shares the #1 most-watched and re-watched Daily Devo episode of the year! Thanks for such a special year of learning about Jesus. Be sure to thank Him for how much better you got to know Him this year! Thanks be to God!

  • #420 - 2...

    Episode 430

    It was a really close call… but today we’re revealing the second most-viewed Daily Devo show episode of the year. This is one that families came back to re-watch and reconsider again and again.

  • #419 - 3...

    Episode 429

    Want to know what was the most-watched, most-sung worship song on ALL OF YIPPEE?! Today Lester will tell us on this extra-special and final Worship Wednesday of 2022!

  • #418 - 4…

    Episode 428

    Lester is back to share with us the 4th most-watched episode of 2022!

  • #417 - 5…

    Episode 427

    Lester the Lobster is here all week to count down the TOP 5 Daily Devo episodes of 2022! These lessons are SO GOOD you’ll enjoy seeing them again (Not to mention seeing some of Colleen’s best stunts this year!)

  • #416 - Christmas Is Here

    Episode 426

    The time has finally come to light the Christ candle on the advent wreath! As the Yippee hosts prepare to travel to their families for Christmas, hear about the extra-special (and extra-hilarious) festive apparel they have donned.

  • #415 - Christ is Coming

    Episode 425

    The fun continues with an extra-special visit from Margie, and the telling of the Christmas story, as performed by the stars of some of your favorite Yippee shows!

  • #414 - Christmas Sing-A-Long

    Episode 424

    For today’s extra-special Worship Wednesday, the Daily Devo hosts lead us all in their favorite Christmas Carols!

  • #413 - Celebrating Together

    Episode 423

    The Daily Devo Christmas Party continues with some surprise special guests. Plus, who will get to open the advent calendar TODAY?!

  • #412 - It’s Party Time!

    Episode 422

    Welcome to our Daily Devo Christmas Party! Our Daily Devo hosts are together this week to trim the tree, share special stories, worship, and a whole lot of laughs. Plus, there will be some surprise visits from other Yippee stars!

  • #411 - Make Room For Wonder

    Episode 421

    Your life is better when you see the world with more wonder. Micheal wraps up this week of wonder for us that our hearts may overflow with comfort, joy, and shalom.

  • #410 - I Wonder As I Wander

    Episode 420

    Ever heard of this song before? Noel shares the amazing story behind this song about wonder… and gets us ready to appreciate it even more the next time we hear it!

  • #409 - Joy To The World

    Episode 419

    You know this song… you love this song (probably!)... and today, with “Listener Kids” leading us, we’re going to worship our Father in Heaven as we sing about the coming of His newborn son to the earth!

  • #408 - Little Wonders

    Episode 418

    Leti is here to show us that wonder is all around us in big ways… but in small ways, too!

  • #407 - Why Wonder?

    Episode 417

    Cameron and surprise-guest Julia introduce us to the idea of wonder, and why it’s so meaningful as we prepare our hearts for Christmas.

  • #406 - WE Ask This

    Episode 416

    Noel tells us a story about a time she asked “Why me?!” and shows us that this is a wonderful thing for us to ponder, at Christmas time and ALL the time! Also, Colleen shoots Hot Cocoa from the roof!

  • #405 - The Shepherds Asked This

    Episode 415

    The shepherds were DEFINITELY asking “Why us?!” when the angels invited them to go find the Christ child. Margie tells us all about it with the help of some wool-covered co-stars.

  • #404 - Too Wonderful

    Episode 414

    Happy Worship Wednesday, everybody! Michael introduces us to an awesome song to sing and praise our Lord with: “Too Wonderful,” which comes to us from Kidspring!

  • #403 - Mary Asked This

    Episode 413

    Julia tells us the story of Mary, and exploring what Mary must have been feeling… a sense of “why me?!” After that, Colleen has to shoot the cocoa into the giant mug BLINDFOLDED!