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Tune in every weekday for a fun bible story, weekly memory verse, and an epic stunt (that’s right—epic stunt!) hosted by a team of Jesus-loving friends.

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  • #535 - The Christmas Story!

    Episode 545

    Christmas...in September? It's always a treat when Lester the Lobster stops by to cover one of the most amazing stories in the history of the world!

  • #536 - The Good Samaritan

    Episode 546

    It's Friday and Cameron joins us today for the parable of The Good Samaritan! Also, one last chance for Colleen to win the Wacky Knockdown Challenge!

  • #534 - Shout Joy!

    Episode 544

    It's WORSHIP WEDNESDAY! Julia is here to today's episode and present the song "Shout Joy!" by GMS Live Kidz! Also, another look at this week's memory verse: Mark 1:11

  • #533 - Jesus and The Little Children

    Episode 543

    Jenisys (a real kid!) is here to tell us about how Jesus loved all the little children! You won't want to miss this one!

  • #532 - The Transfiguration

    Episode 542

    Happy Monday! Brittani is your guide today as we learn about Jesus and the transfiguration story from Mark. Plus, a new stunt from Colleen!

  • #531 - The Feeding of the 5,000!

    Episode 541

    Feed these people! Brittani swings on by today to discuss Jesus and his feeding of the 5,000! Also, a final look at our memory verse for the week.

  • #529 - Place of Worship

    Episode 539

    Riley in the house! It's Worship Wednesday today and today's song is "Place of Worship" by Kingdomcity Kids! Let's jam!

  • #530 - Jesus Heals Leprosy!

    Episode 540

    Julia is our host and she discusses a shocking miracle that left EVERYONE stunned...and for more than one reason! Also, we go back to the beach as Colleen tries her best to knock down that water bottle!

  • #528 - Jesus Gets Baptized!

    Episode 538

    Cameron joins us today to cover one of the most amazing moments in history: Jesus....Gets...Baptized! Also, another look at this week's memory verse.

  • #527 - Jesus Walks on Water!

    Episode 537

    NEW HOST ALERT! Today we meet Jenisys and she walks us through how Jesus walked on water! FOR REAL! Also, a new stunt!

  • #524 - Hey God!

    Episode 534

    It's Wednesday Daily Devo Fam! Brittani is here to host this week's song: "Hey God!" by Kidspring!

  • #523 - Assembling Disciples

    Episode 533

    Riley's here! Today, we get to meet all 12 Disciples and take a peek into what their day to day lives were like. And stick around for this week's memory verse.

  • #522 - Tree Talk?!

    Episode 532

    It's a new week at the Daily Devo Show! Today, Julia has a long conversation with a Tree. YES, REALLY! Also, Colleen introduces us to this week's stunt!

  • #526 - What IS a Parable?!?

    Episode 536

    Do YOU know what a "parable" is? Michael is here today to help us understand them and WHY Jesus used them so much! Also, another look at this week's memory verse!

  • #525 - Sermon On The Mount

    Episode 535

    Your friend and mine NOEL joins us today to walk us through Jesus' famed Sermon on the Mount. Plus, will Colleen be able to conquer today's water stunt?!?

  • #521 - We Made It!

    Episode 531

    AHHH! We made it, team! The end of the Old Testament! It's been quite a ride. Today, Cameron reminds us about everything we went through these last 20 weeks! Plus, Colleen plays Beach Ski Ball!

  • #520 - Our Never Changing God

    Episode 530

    Today is the final book of the Old Testament: Malachi! Julia expains its signifigance in our modern life while Colleen keeps trying to get a hand of Beach Ski Ball!

  • #519 - We Sing For You

    Episode 529

    If it's the middle of the week, that can only mean one thing: Worship Wednesday! Michael is out host and our song is "We Sing For You" by GMZ Live Kidz!

  • #518 - A Dream for The Ages

    Episode 528

    Today, Noel has a dream that you'll have to see to believe. Plus, another look at this week's memory verse!

  • #517 - What's In A Name?

    Episode 527

    Leti is here today to host the Daily Devo Show! Which is about: Haggai! Who is he? We find that out, plus: Colleen heads to the beach for her new stunt: Beach Ski Ball!

  • #514 - Your Love Goes

    Episode 524

    It's Wednesday so you know what that means...WORSHIP WEDNESDAY! Today Michael introduces us to 'Your Love Goes' by The Kingdom Here and Colleen goes on location for this week's stunt!

  • #516 - Dance For Joy

    Episode 526

    Cameron stops by to host today's Daily Devo episode which is all about: Zephaniah! Also, its Colleen's final cake catch? Can she do it? Find out!

  • #515 - God Had A Plan!

    Episode 525

    It's Habbakuk day! How do you pronounce that? Riley helps us to figure it out and a whole lot more on today's episode!

  • #513 - Endless Empires That Keep Ending

    Episode 523

    Brittani in the house! Today we inch closer and closer to the end of the Old Testament with the book of Nahum! Also, another chance at this week's memory verse!