Daily Devotionals for Your Fam (600+ Videos)

  • #653 - The Biblical Sea Monster!

    If you love wondering about 'what lies beneath,' today is the show for you! We travel waaaay back to learn all about the mysterious sea creature: LEVIATHAN! Was it real, or just an analogy? Plus, this week's memory verse gets a closer inspection!

  • #652 - The Birthright Battle

    It's Monday here on The Daily Devo Show and Cam is back to walk us through the complicated story of Jacob and Esau! Plus, a first look at Colleen's latest and greatest stunt!

  • #651 - God Passes By Moses

    It's Friday and today's WILD (and True!) Bible story is about God passing by Moses! Also, a final look at this weeks stunt and memory verse!

  • #650 - The Talking Donkey

    Did you have Talking Donkeys on your Bingo card for this week? Today, your friend and mine Noel returns for the story of Balaam and his talking donkey! Plus, another look at this week's stunt!

  • #649 - Stand Firm

    WORSHIP WEDNESDAY! Today, Brittani is our host and this week's song is Stand Firm by Seeds Family Worship. You ready to worship? Let's get into it!

  • #648 - More Giants in The Bible?!?

    If you thought there was only ONE giant referenced in the Bible, THINK AGAIN! Today, Michael is here to teach us all about: The Nephilim! Who were they? WHAT were they? Join us as we break it down!

  • #647 - The Cities of Sin

    Welcome one and all! The Daily Devo Show is back from Spring Break and Cam is here to kick things off with a bang! Today, we learn all about about: Sodom & Gomorrah! Plus, a sneak preview of this week's memory verse!

  • #646 - Keep Your Hands Up!

    Put your hands up! It's Friday and we are excited. Speaking of keeping your hands up, Michael is here to tell us a story ALL about doing just that! What do we mean? Watch and find out!

  • #645 - Sarah and Hagar

    Thursday is here and so is your host for today, Julia! She walks us through the story of Sarah and Hagar. Also, another look at this week's memory verse.

  • #644 - The Kingdom Here

    Noel is back today on The Daily Devo Show and guess what: It's Worship Wednesday! This week's song is "For You Are The Lord" by The Kingdom Here.

  • #643 - Elijah and the Prophets of Baal

    Today, your friend and mine Cam is here to tell us about the great face-off between Elijah and the Prophets of Baal! Also, that stunt is not getting any easier!

  • #642 - The Gift of...Gold Tumors?

    Riley is your host today to tell us about one of the most unusual gifts even given! Plus, Colleen previews this weeks very EGGY stunt!

  • #641 - Tackling The Tabernacle

    It's Friday on the Daily Devo Show and today, we are leaning all about the Tabernacle! Plus, our host for the day Michael gives you one last look at this week's Memory Verse!

  • #640 - The Wild Bone Bash

    Yippee family friend Riley is here for one of the WILDEST stories in the Bible: The Valley of the Dry Bones! It's a Wild Bone Bash! Plus, another peek at this week's stunt!

  • #639 - Arky Arky

    It's Worship Wednesday! Cameron is back to present this week's song: Arky Arky by Listener Kids? Who is ready to worship? Let's do this!

  • #638 - Two Guys Who Never Died!

    Brittani is back today where we are learning the fascinating stories of two men from the Bible who....never died?!? Also, how is that memory verse going?

  • #637 - Two of EVERY Animal?!?

    We are back for more Daily Devo Show! Today, Julia is our host where we get inside the arc and learn more about the incredible story of Noah! Plus a very Easter'y new stunt!

  • #636 - Cloud by Day, Cover by Night

    It is FRIII-YAY! Before we go into the weekend, let's learn about how Moses and the Israelites were giving some very interesting help in getting through the desert!

  • #635 - The Queen of Sheba

    Noel is back to tell us all about: The Queen of Sheba! Who was she and why is her story so WILD? Find out today! Plus - another look at this week's Memory Verse!

  • #634 - Possible

    Set off those fireworks because it's Worship Wednesday! Today, Michael is your host and our song is "Possible" by Sandals Kids!

  • #633 - Eglon Meets Ehud

    Happy Tuesday! Today's episode is WILD! We don't want to tell you too much, but it involves quite an interesting moment. Plus, Colleen takes another crack at this week's stunt!

  • #632 - A Talking, Burning Bush?

    Welcome back to another wonderful week of The Dailiest Devo Show in the land! Today, Brittani is here to tell us all about a talking, burning bush and another friend of the show might be popping by to help her! Check it out!

  • #631 - Writing on The Wall

    Michael helps us wrap up another wonderful week here in Daily Devo land with the story of how King Nebuchadnezzar got a very unusual message. Also, one last look at this week's Memory Verse!

  • #630 - Wet or Dry?

    Noel is back today to break down a very UNUSUAL episode: the tale of sheep pelts! Did Gideon like them wet or dry? Find out today. ALSO, Colleen's stunt is really coming along!