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Daily Devotionals for Your Fam

  • #205 - Sneak Peek: Easter!

    Julia takes us into the weekend with this awesome sneak peek of the Bible Builds “Easter” episode!

  • #196 - Why Discipline Is Cool

    What if there was NO discipline in the world? Cameron shows us. Then, he shows us how discipline reveals God’s huge love for us!

  • #197 - Creating Quiet Time

    Brittani explains to some familiar looking friends how (and why!) a quiet time with God is GREAT party to attend!

  • #198 - Suit Up

    Happy Worship Wednesday! Join Noel in praising our God along with Kids On The Move in “Suit Up”!

  • #199 - Focus On What's Hard

    We all have areas where we struggle to have discipline, and today Keith-alan shows us ways to move past our hang-ups.

  • #200 - Sneak Peak: Good Friday

    Michael hosts us for this very special sneak peek of next week’s Bible Builds episode—it’s Jeff Bethke telling us the Good Friday story.

  • #191 - Everyone is AWESOME!

    Julia shows how God made every single person awesome and beautiful in His image! Also, Colleen gets creative with her smoothie-making!

  • #192 - How To Stop Injustice

    Michael gives us some practical pointers for how we can help those who aren’t being treated fairly.

  • #193 - Love One Another

  • #194 - Diversity Rap

    Noel brings the house down with a rap she drops to some sick beats!

  • #195 - Temple & The Fig Tree

    Keith-alan hosts this exclusive sneak peek at the new episode of “Bible Builds!” This time we’re looking at how Jesus could be surprising (a lot!)

  • #190 - Sneak Peek: Jesus Calms The Storm

    Enjoy this sneak peek of Ryland telling you the story of Jesus calming the storm from the latest “Bible Builds” episode!

  • #189 - Forgive!

    Noel walks us through this crucial message that SOUNDS easy—it only has one word! But putting it into practice? Yeah, you’ll want to watch this episode a couple times!

  • #188 - Savior Of The World

    Michael hosts Kingdom City Kids awesome Worship Wednesday tune: Savior Of The World!

  • #187 - Love God, Yourself, Others

    Keith-alan shares Jesus’ answer to the question “What’s the Most Important Law?”

  • #186 - GOD. LOVES. YOU.

    This week we’re stripping things down to the most basic messages you need to hear. Join Cameron for this beautiful reminder to take with you every day of your life! (Every hour and every minute even…)

  • #185 - Sneak Peek: Sermon on the Mount

    Julia hosts this awesome look at the Bible Builds episode featuring the Sermon on the Mount!

  • #184 - Jonathan

    Michael shares how Jonathan played such a key role in helping turn David into the remarkable leader and man of God he grew to be!

  • #183 - “Light”

    Cameron leads us today as we worship along with the awesome kid dancers from Make Some Noise Kids! Can you do these moves?!

  • #182 - Hezekiah

    Keith-alan takes us through the story of this remarkable King who trusted God in ways that qualify him for hero status TO BE SURE!

  • #181 - Dorcas

    This week we’re featuring heroes in the Bible who are generally not as well-known… UNTIL NOW! Today Noel shares the story of Dorcas and her remarkable resurrection. Also, Colleen attempts to conquer the “Late For School” Obstacle Course!”

  • #180 - Sneak Peek: The First Disciples

    Cameron shares this first-look at an all-new Bible Builds! It’s Ryland sharing the story of Jesus calling the first disciples. Enjoy!

  • #179 - Michael’s Story

    Michael became a Christian early… but then the sorrows like sea billows rolled. Will his faith be strong enough?  

  • #176 - Noel’s Story

    Warning—Noel’s story of coming to faith in Christ is kind of SCARY! It has a happy ending, but still…