Daily Devotionals for Your Fam

  • #331 - God Loves You No Matter What!

    Michael rounds out our last episode before summer break with MAAAAYBE the most important message ever! This one is big. Watch it again and again and again and again and again! Then watch it again.

  • #330 - Loving Your Neighbor

    Margie not only tells us that we SHOULD love our neighbors… but she also tells us HOW!

  • #329 - God Is Love

    Happy Worship Wednesday! Brittani is here to introduce “God Is Love” from Praise Blast.

  • #328 - *Feeling* God's Love

    Can you feel the love? Julia helps us learn what God’s love looks and feels like. Is it always warm fuzzies?! Check out what Julia discovers the Bible says about His amazing love for us!

  • #327 - Jesus' Family

    Love! It’s all about L.O.V.E. this week on The Daily Devo Show! Noel starts things off by sharing what it means to be part of GOD’S FAMILY. Also, Colleen gets messy in a crazy summer food challenge — the Fly-By Hot Dog Contest!

  • #326 - Being Rich

    “How much is too much?!” Noel helps us think critically about this big question with some funny characters. Also, Colleen puts the finishing touches on her Epic Summer Fruit Salad!

  • #325 - Loaves & Fishes

    Cameron (tries) to tell us two stories about God’s abundance while trying to help a young Yippee employee who needs some help.

  • #324 - All Around The World

    Happy Worship Wednesday! Michael is here introduce “All Around The World” from Make Some Noise Kids.

  • #323 - What’s Tithing?

    Maripaz & Julian from “Bibliosities” and “Good News” guest host in this extremely important episode on tithing.

  • #322 - Money Money Money!

    It’s MONEY WEEK! Is it ok to have lots of it? Or should we have none, like Jesus? Answers to these and other BIG QUESTIONS will be addressed this week. Julia helps Brittani answer some of HER questions about money, plus Colleen starts making an EPIC SUMMER FRUIT SALAD (from the roof, of course)!

  • #321 - Born Again

    A soggy Margie helps us understand what it means to be ‘born again’ as Christians… since doing it literally would be scientifically impossible!

  • #320 - Fear Of The Lord

    Fear of the Lord? Like, be afraid of God?! Not at all. Cameron offers his new take on this puzzler.

  • #319 - B.I.B.L.E.

    It’s Worship Wednesday again, ya’ll! Julia leads us in this killer remix of an old favorite from Listener Kids. And Colleen tries to keep her egg from breaking!

  • #318 - Living Water

    Michael explains why Jesus refers to himself as ‘living water.’ This one is DRIPPING with good news! (Get it?)

  • #317 - Vine & Branches

    We’re back with MORE Bible metaphors, helping you understand some of the Bible’s most frequent “buzz phrases.” Noel starts us off strong explaining what Jesus means when he calls himself the vine and us the branches. Also, Colleen tries to see how much weight she can stack on a single egg!

  • #316 - Telling The Truth

    Cameron reveals the most important truth of all the truths in the entire universe! And Colleen shoots toothpaste by driving over it with a speeding golf cart!

  • #315 - Biblical Truth

    Micheal uses the story of Zaccheaus to highlight why telling the truth is waaaaaaay better than telling lies. The results are often life-changing!

  • #314 - Trust & Believe

    Margie introduces us to this awesome song from Yancy that’s just PERFECT in a week all about truth!

  • #313 - Truth vs. POV

    Noel explains (using ice cream!) how the truth is different from our point-of-view.

  • #312 - Intro To Truth

    It’s time again for an in-depth, hard-hitting expose with BSI: Bible Scene Investigation– this time in search of TRUTH. Julia kicks things off rather logically with answering… “What even IS truth?!” Colleen, meanwhile gets minty with the Toothpaste Rocket Challenge.

  • #311 - Learn Philippians 4:4

    To round out the week, Margie teaches us this most joyful verse through a broadway-style showtune! Also, Colleen makes her big reveal… is she right or left handed?

  • #310 - Learn Colossians 4:5

    Michael teaches us this favorite verse and shares why it’s so important.

  • #309 - Learn John 1:14

    Happy Worship Wednesday, everybody! Brittani introduces us to this awesome scripture song from Hillsong Kids!

  • #308 - Learn Philippians 2:5

    Julia is back for another scripture song, and this one starts kinda mellow, but turns into a full-on praise party! You’ll be sure to have this one stuck in your head for the rest of the day!