Daily Devotionals for Your Fam

  • #99 - To the World!

    Noel explores one of those big Bible words: Discipleship! So if you don’t know what it means… WATCH!

  • #98 - Dos & Don'ts

    Julia takes us through the Do’s & Don’ts of evangelism

  • #97 - Bible Heroes of Evangelism

    Cameron shares 3 of the Bible’s greatest evangelism heroes!

  • #96 - What Is Evangelism?

    Noel introduces us to Evangelism, and how it’s AWESOME and way easier than you think. Colleen kicks off the Flypaper Spelling Challenge!

  • #95 - Mourning Into Dancing

    After the rain comes the rainbow! At the end of grief comes hope. Today, Noel shares how we can hold on to hope even through the hardtimes.

  • #94 - Talking To God When You're Sad

    Today, we’re talking about being sad. Grief can feel like something is broken in your heart and it can be uncomfortable to talk about but the Bible says God is with us in our heartache! Follow along as Cam walks us through how we can talk to God when we are sad.

  • #93 - Comforting Others

    How do we comfort our loved ones when they are sad? Listen in as Julia shows us what Jesus says about comforting others.

  • #92 - Job, Poster Child of Grief

    This week is all about Grief...a total bummer of a subject. Hang on, though! There is a lot to be learned about grief. Tune in as we study the story of Job and his neverending faith in God

  • #91 - Jesus Is The Good Shepherd

    Do you know any shepherds? Yeah, we don’t either but we DO know of shepherds in the Bible. Join Cam as he introduces the topic of grief and teaches us all about the best Shepherd there ever was, Jesus.

  • #90 - "Lead Us Not Into Temptation"

    Meet Julia, the newest member of our Daily Devo team! She shares 3 great ways to avoid temptation.

  • #89 - Idols in 2021

    Noel shows how even GOOD things can become an idol if we’re not careful!

  • #88 - Idols In The Bible

    Cameron shows through the story of Moses & Aaron why bowing down to idols is pretty silly business.

  • #87 - Better than the Best Thing

    Noel shows us why following Jesus is better than having idols, and Colleen continues to reveal the picture hidden inside the Epic Balloon Challenge!

  • #86 - What's Your #1?

    Idols are just golden calves, right?! Turns out-- NO! Cameron introduces us to idols and why they’re so important for us to talk about this week.

  • #85 - Worship is FUN

    Noel shows us worship can be fun… by RAPPING praise to God!

  • #84 - Excellence As Worship

    How do we worship God with excellence? What does that look like or even mean? Cameron explains!

  • #83 - Service As Worship

    Did you know that serving others can actually be a way that we worship God?! Noel, a butler, a preacher explain!

  • #82 - Dancing As Worship

    King David was a worship superstar—here’s his story!

  • #81 - Friendship As Worship?!

    Worship is so important… here’s a SECOND WHOLE WEEK about it! Today Noel shows how being a good friend is an act of worship. And Colleen is back with the “Colleen Cocoa Challenge”!

  • #80 - Worship Heroes

    Cameron introduces us to some of the greatest worshippers mentioned in the Bible.

  • #79 - Prayer As Worship

    Noel shows us why worshipping God is even better than cartoons. No really. This is a nutty episode!

  • #78 - Meet Tommy Walker!

    Cameron welcomes Tommy Walker—a real-life worship leader and songwriter. Hear Tommy talk about why worship is so cool—and worship along with him!

  • #77 - What IS Worship?

    Noel helps a really groovy girl better understand exactly what counts as worship (and more importantly… what DOESN’T count!)

  • #76 - Wired To Worship!

    Cameron kicks off our week asking the question “What do we WORSHIP!?”