Daily Devotionals for Your Fam

  • #150 - $$

    Brittani discovers that the “boring” topic of money stewardship is actually pretty cool!

  • #149 - HURRY UP! (Or should you?)

    Cameron is so over-scheduled, that he learns he needs to be a good steward of his time.

  • #148 - Sing Out Strong!

    It’s Worship Wednesday! Sing along with “Possible” from Sandals Church

  • #147 - Our Earth!

    Julia interviews Mr. Stink and Mr. More Stink to help us understand why we need to be good stewards of God’s beautiful earth.

  • #146 - The Good Samaritan

    Noel uses this well-known story of Jesus to illustrate how Jesus calls us to be good stewards in our communities.

  • #145 - "Jesus Loves Me"

    The song you’ve been waiting for! Cameron shares the surprising history of “Jesus Loves Me” and leads us in singing it! (You probably don’t even need to look at the words!)

  • #144 - "I've Got The Joy Joy Joy Joy..."

    Michael shares the cool story behind a song kids have been singing for generations, “I’ve Got The Joy Joy Joy Joy…”

  • #143 - Worship Wednesday!

    It’s our first “Worship Wednesday!” Sing and dance along with Kingdomcity Kids’ “Born To Be Amazing.”

  • #142 - "Deep & Wide"

    Brittani & Cameron share the story behind “Deep & Wide.” Get ready for the hand motions on this one!

  • #141 - "Jesus Loves The Little Children"

    All this week we’re telling the stories behind the most famous worship songs sung by kids! Today, Julia starts us off with the story behind “Jesus Loves The Little Children” and leads us in singing this awesome tune. Colleen tries to take down the official “Daily Devo Pinata”

  • #140 - Sneak Preview: Bible Builds

    SURPRISE! Today we’re featuring a sneak peek of a “Bible Builds,” a brand new show coming to Yippee this summer! You’ll meet host Jeff Bethke (from The Bethke’s Epic Hawaii) and hear the story of creation! There might be a little homework assignment-- but we think you’ll like it!

  • #139 - It's Not What You Think!

    Sure, you’ve heard Jeremiah 29:11… but do you know what it ACTUALLY means?!

  • #138 - Happiest Book

    Cameron takes us through maybe the HAPPIEST most JOYFUL verse in the entire Bible!

  • #137 - Jesus Wept

    Noel tells the story of the shortest verse in the entire Bible. Do you know it? Do you know the “CONTEXT”? Watch!

  • #136 - For God So Loved The World

    Do you know the story behind John 3:16? What was happening when Jesus said it? Join Julia for the amazing “CONTEXT” of this famous verse!

  • #135 - And Then God Rested (And So Should You!)

    The Remix Guys are BACK! And they’re sharing their best tips (also, God’s best tips!) for resting.

  • #134 - Original Sin

    Have you heard of “Original Sin”? Or what about “The Fall”? Darling from Summit church takes us through this important story.

  • #133 - Look Around You (Small)

    Mr. & Mrs. Coyote are back to explore everything that is super-tiny, crazy-microscopic and astonishingly cool about God’s creation!

  • #132 - Look Around You (BIG)

    GOD’S CREATION IS SO BIG! Mr. & Mrs. Coyote from Sandals Church explore all the ways in which creation is AMAZING in its BIGNESS!

  • #131 - And It Was Good! (The Story)

    We’re kicking off Earth Day week with a look at God’s creation! Today’s story focuses on God creating ALL THE THINGS.

  • #130 - Storge (Parental)

    Julia and Dr. Love explain ‘Storge’ love with the help of some of our other Daily Devo hosts!

  • #129 - Eros (The Mom & Dad Kind)

    Noel explains all about ‘Eros’ love, and Colleen’s target gets EVEN. SMALLER!

  • #128 - Philia (Friends)

    Michael takes us through the ‘Philia’ type of love. And yes, he tells us which US City that has this type of love in it’s name!

  • #127 - Agape (Mankind)

    Brittani explains how ‘Agape’ love is the kind God uses for us! Also, Colleen’s target got a lot smaller today…