Daily Devo -All About Love

  • #93 - Comforting Others

    How do we comfort our loved ones when they are sad? Listen in as Julia shows us what Jesus says about comforting others.

  • #16 Love - Where Do You Belong?

    It’s LOVE week on Daily Devo! We all belong somewhere… where do YOU belong? Also, it’s our most epic stunt YET! Watch fruit explode in slow motion, all competing to be “Messiest Fruit”!

  • #17 Love - Love Your Enemy

    Wait, do we really HAVE to? How do we do THAT?!

  • #18 Love - Family & Community Love

    Noel explores how our families are a gift from God… and how his gifts are bigger than just those who live in our houses!

  • #19 Love - Love Others, Love Yourself

    Cameron uses the story of “The Good Samaritan” to highlight exactly how we can better love both others, and ourselves.

  • #20 Love - Love God… HOW?!

    So wait—how do we love God when we can’t see him or touch him?! How does that work?! Prepared to find out!

  • #126 - Types of Love

    This week is all about LOVE! Join Cameron as he sets us up for the four different kinds we’ll learn about this week. Also, Colleen tackles the Epic Bullseye Challenge!

  • #127 - Agape (Mankind)

    Brittani explains how ‘Agape’ love is the kind God uses for us! Also, Colleen’s target got a lot smaller today…

  • #128 - Philia (Friends)

    Michael takes us through the ‘Philia’ type of love. And yes, he tells us which US City that has this type of love in it’s name!

  • #129 - Eros (The Mom & Dad Kind)

    Noel explains all about ‘Eros’ love, and Colleen’s target gets EVEN. SMALLER!

  • #130 - Storge (Parental)

    Julia and Dr. Love explain ‘Storge’ love with the help of some of our other Daily Devo hosts!

  • #136 - For God So Loved The World

    Do you know the story behind John 3:16? What was happening when Jesus said it? Join Julia for the amazing “CONTEXT” of this famous verse!

  • #141 - "Jesus Loves The Little Children"

    All this week we’re telling the stories behind the most famous worship songs sung by kids! Today, Julia starts us off with the story behind “Jesus Loves The Little Children” and leads us in singing this awesome tune. Colleen tries to take down the official “Daily Devo Pinata”

  • #145 - "Jesus Loves Me"

    The song you’ve been waiting for! Cameron shares the surprising history of “Jesus Loves Me” and leads us in singing it! (You probably don’t even need to look at the words!)

  • #186 - GOD. LOVES. YOU.

    This week we’re stripping things down to the most basic messages you need to hear. Join Cameron for this beautiful reminder to take with you every day of your life! (Every hour and every minute even…)

  • #187 - Love God, Yourself, Others

    Keith-alan shares Jesus’ answer to the question “What’s the Most Important Law?”

  • #193 - Love One Another

    Brittani hosts this awesome Worship Wednesday featuring Yancy’s awesome song, “Love One Another!”

  • #64 - Thank You Thursday: Love!

    Noel shows us how “LOVE” can look a little different sometimes, and nothing compares to the love of Jesus!

  • Day 4 — Love: REPLAY!

    It's a lesson in LOVE today on Backyard Bible Camp and your hosts are teaching us all about how to grow the fruit of love, and how the parable of the lost sheep is a berry good example of God’s love.