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Tune in every weekday for a fun bible story, weekly memory verse, and an epic stunt (that’s right—epic stunt!) hosted by a team of Jesus-loving friends.

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  • #676 - Fish With A Mouthful of Money

    Episode 686

    Happy Friday! Brittani has been given the honor of educating us on one of the WILDEST (and true!) stories from the Bible: the fish who had...money in it's mouth?

  • #675 - Eating Jesus' Body?!?

    Episode 685

    Today Riley returns to host The Daily Devo Show and break down the meaning of eating Jesus' body and drinking his blood! Has that ever seemed confusing! We get into it today!

  • #674 - Reppin Jesus

    Episode 684

    WORSHIP WEDNESDAY! My friend and yours Noel is here lead the chorus as we raise our voices for "Reppin Jesus" by Praise Blast! Ready to worship?!?

  • #673 - Through A Needle

    Episode 683

    Michael is back today to guide us through the story of a fascinating interaction between Jesus and a rich young ruler! Plus, our second look at this week's memory verse!

  • #672 - When Jesus Wept

    Episode 682

    What day is it? MONDAY! Today, Cam is back to tell us the full story behind the SHORTEST verse in the entire Bible! Plus, a first look at Colleen's latest stunt!

  • #671 - Woman Who Can't Stop Bleeding

    Episode 681

    Riley rounds out this week on The Daily Devo Show and carefully goes over the story of the woman who wouldn't stop bleeding...until she met a certain someone. We will let you guess just who that was. (spoiler: it's Jesus!)

  • #670 - Jesus Cleanses the Temple

    Episode 680

    Brittani is here to break down one of the many incredibly stories from the life of Jesus: when he cleanses the temple! And he wasn't using soap! Join us to learn this fascinating story!

  • #669 - Blessed Be Your Name

    Episode 679

    Julia is back as your host for today for a very SIZZLING installment of WORSHIP WEDNESDAY! Today, the song we get to hear is "Blessed Be Your Name" but Little Worship Company!

  • #668 - Jesus and the Syrophoenician woman

    Episode 678

    Michael! Michael! Michael! Today, Mr. M. comes by to teach the story of Jesus and the Syrophoenician woman! Plus, Colleen is only getting more comfortable with this week's stunt!

  • #667 - Jesus...Kills a Fig Tree?!?

    Episode 677

    Leti jumps into your living room today to tell everyone about the fascinating story of Jesus...killing a fig tree? Hmm, I bet there is some stuff to unpack there! Plus a first look at this week's memory verse!

  • #665.5 - Demons in Pigs!

    Episode 676

    Noel is here and she's got a WILD (and True) one today! Today is the story of Jesus putting demons...INTO PIGS! I can't wait to see that! Plus, last look at this week's stunt!

  • #665 - Jesus Feeds 5,000

    Episode 675

    Riley is here today to help us revisit Brittani's AWARD WINNING (probably) telling of Jesus and the Feeding of the 5,000. Also, we know you've got that memory verse down, right?

  • #664 - Praise Hymn

    Episode 674

    Cam has the duty of serving as today's host for another awesome week on The Daily Devo Show! And did we mention that it's Worship Wednesday? Today's song is Praise Hymn by Big Big Worship!

  • #663 - Mary's Miracle

    Episode 673

    Michael is back for out New Testament Wild and True Bible story that focuses on Mary and her Virgin Birth! Plus, a second look at our stunt of the week!

  • #662 - Old & New Testament God

    Episode 672

    Today, Julia helps us kick off the Wild and True Stories from The NEW TESTAMENT! Up until now, it's been all OT, but its time to start the second half of the good book. First topic: the differences between Old Testament God and New Testament God!

  • #661 - People Lived a LONG Time!

    Episode 671

    Noel is here to wrap up the final day of The Wild (and True) Bible's Old Testament section with an episode all about the incredibly old people who lived during Old Testament times!

  • #660 - Daniel in the Lion's Den

    Episode 670

    You REALLY didn't think we were going to journey through The Wild (and True) Bible and not mention Daniel in the Lion's Den, did you? Today, Cam (with an assist from Riley) cover this exciting story!

  • #659 - Forevermore

    Episode 669

    Happy Wednesday! Today, Julia is here to help lead us in worship for this week's song "Forevermore" by Kingdomcity Kids. Ready to worship? Let's GOOOOO!

  • #658 - The FALLS of Jericho!

    Episode 668

    It's Riley! Our friend "Big R" (inside joke!) returns as we learn about the walls around Jericho and just WHY exactly they all came a'tumbling down! And also, how is Colleen's stunt going?

  • #657 - Job Gets His World Rocked

    Episode 667

    It wasn't easy Job! Today, Michael walks us through one of the most challenging to comprehend stories in the Bible! Plus, a first look at this week's Memory Verse!

  • #656 - The Character of God

    Episode 666

    Long time no see! Leti returns to The Daily Devo forest to explore The Charecter of God! Sounds wild...and true! Plus, a final look at this week's stunt.

  • #655 - King Solomon

    Episode 665

    What the baby in what?!? Today Riley is our host where we explore the genius of King Solomon! Also, we see how you are doing with Proverbs 30:5!

  • #654 - Every Word of God

    Episode 664

    Worship Wednesday has arrived and not a moment too soon! Michael is your guide today and our song is Every Word of God by Seeds Family Worship. Raise those voices!

  • #653 - The Biblical Sea Monster!

    Episode 663

    If you love wondering about 'what lies beneath,' today is the show for you! We travel waaaay back to learn all about the mysterious sea creature: LEVIATHAN! Was it real, or just an analogy? Plus, this week's memory verse gets a closer inspection!