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Daily Devo

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Tune in every weekday for a fun bible story, weekly memory verse, and an epic challenge (that’s right—epic challenge!) hosted by Yippee Show’s own Cam & Noel!

Daily Devo
  • #182 - Hezekiah

    Episode 1

    Keith-alan takes us through the story of this remarkable King who trusted God in ways that qualify him for hero status TO BE SURE!

  • #181 - Dorcas

    Episode 2

    This week we’re featuring heroes in the Bible who are generally not as well-known… UNTIL NOW! Today Noel shares the story of Dorcas and her remarkable resurrection. Also, Colleen attempts to conquer the “Late For School” Obstacle Course!”

  • #180 - Sneak Peek: The First Disciples

    Episode 3

    Cameron shares this first-look at an all-new Bible Builds! It’s Ryland sharing the story of Jesus calling the first disciples. Enjoy!

  • #179 - Michael’s Story

    Episode 4

    Michael became a Christian early… but then the sorrows like sea billows rolled. Will his faith be strong enough?  

  • #178 - What A Beautiful Name It Is

    Episode 5

    Happy Worship Wednesday! Sing along with this awesome song from Hillsong, “What a Beautiful Name It Is!”

  • #177 - Keith-alan’s Story

    Episode 6

    Keith-alan shares his amazing story of meeting God, and shares an opportunity for all of us to join God’s family!

  • #176 - Noel’s Story

    Episode 7

    Warning—Noel’s story of coming to faith in Christ is kind of SCARY! It has a happy ending, but still…

  • #175 - Bible Builds Sneak Peek: Jesus’ Tempted!

    Episode 8

    Noel introduces us to Jeff Bethke’s re-telling of the ‘Jesus Temped In The Wilderness’ story!

  • #174 - Julia’s Story

    Episode 9

    Julia tells about becoming a Christian in high school. How? WATCH!

  • #173 - “Victory In Christ”

    Episode 10

    Happy Worship Wednesday! Keith-alan introduces us to this AWESOME song from Kids on the Move.

  • #172 - Cameron’s Story

    Episode 11

    Cameron tells his story of getting baptized, and experiencing a heart for God for the first time!

  • #171 - Brittani’s Story

    Episode 12

    All this week hear the Daily Devo share their stories of coming to faith in Christ! Today, Brittani kicks things off.

  • #170 - Bible Builds Sneak Peek!

    Episode 13

    Michael hosts this awesome episode of Bible Builds featuring Ryland’s telling of Jesus’ Baptism. See it here three whole days before the episode goes live on Yippee!

  • #169 - Friend of God

    Episode 14

    Welcome Keith-alan to Daily Devo! You’ve seen him on “Time2Dance” and today he’s talking about how much the creator of the universe wants to be YOUR friend!

  • #168 - What’s Right

    Episode 15

    Happy Worship Wednesday! Join Julia (she’s so happy to be back!) for KidSpring’s awesome song, “What’s Right.”

  • #167 - Bible’s Best Friends With Jonathan & David

    Episode 16

    Cameron shares the story of Jonathan & David, surely some of the Bible’s all-time best friends!

  • #166 - Making New Friends

    Episode 17

    Noel shows us how Jesus modeled being a a good friend, offering tips that can help you make great new, true friends! Also, Colleen tackles “Fly-by Painting” with foods from the cafeteria!

  • #165 - Integrity Game Show

    Episode 18

    Cameron competes in the “Integrity Or Not?” Game Show, and Colleen tries to obliterate a 3-Banana target!

  • #164 - Peter Denies Christ

    Episode 19

    Julia shares the story of Peter’s lack of Integrity, but shows how Jesus redeemed Peter (and there’s good news for us too!)

  • #163 - Reppin’ Jesus

    Episode 20

    Happy Worship Wednesday! Brittani takes us down under to worship along with Praise Blast from Melbourne, Australia!

  • #162 - Zaccheus

    Episode 21

    Noel & Cam tell the story of Zaccheus, a guy who LEARNED integrity, directly from Jesus!

  • #161 - What’s Integrity?

    Episode 22

    Brittani shows how this college-level topic is TOTALLY for kids! Also, Colleen takes on the Banana Target Challenge

  • #160 - God Picks YOU!

    Episode 23

    Noel shows how throughout history God has picked surprising people, and he always picks US!

  • #159 - Woman At The Well 

    Episode 24

    Jesus does it again—picking an unlikely person in the woman at the well to be his messenger to His people.