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Tune in every weekday for a fun bible story, weekly memory verse, and an epic stunt (that’s right—epic stunt!) hosted by a team of Jesus-loving friends.

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  • #691 - Revelation

    Episode 701

    It's the FINAL DAY of our Wild and True Bible Series! So much wild! So much true! Today, we wrap things up with Cam taking us into one of the wildest parts of the Bible: The Book of Revelation.

  • #690 - Snake Bit!

    Episode 700

    Michael joins us today to tell the story of Paul getting bitten by a snake! YOWCH! Plus, we check in on how Colleen's javelin toss is going!

  • #689 - My Great Confidence

    Episode 699

    We've had a lot of incredible Worship Wednesday songs during our Wild (and True!) Bible Series and today is no different. Riley joins us as we sing "My Great Confidence" by Kingdomcity Kids. Let's go!

  • #688 - Blinded By The Light!

    Episode 698

    SO BRIGHT! Today, Julia explains the story behind Paul falling to the ground after seeing a really REALLY bright light! Plus, day two of our final WILD memory verse!

  • #687 - Bad Time for a Nap!

    Episode 697

    We've been covering the Wild and True Bible for 18 weeks now! It's the final week of this series and Brittani joins us to tell the story of Eutychus falling out of a window! Plus, you know Colleen is going to go out with a bang!

  • #683 - The Man in the Chariot

    Episode 693

    Some stories in the Bible can be really confusing! Which is precisely why we have CAM to help explain them to us! Today, we look into the WILD (and True!) story of the mysterious Eunuch in the Chariot!

  • #682 - Ananias & Sapphira

    Episode 692

    Hope you had a fun weekend! Today, our buddy Michael is here to tell us the story of Ananias and Sapphira! Plus, did you want a fun new stunt? Colleen has you covered!

  • #686 - Someone's at the Door!

    Episode 696

    Knock Knock! Who's There? IT'S PETER! Peter who? To learn the answer to that and so much more, you'll have to join your host Riley for today's episode!

  • #684 - Shoes For Your Feet

    Episode 694

    Do you love to Worship? Hope so because today is WORSHIP WEDNESDAY! Today's Julia is here and our song is "Shoes For Your Feet" by Seeds Family Worship! Worship with us, won't you?

  • #685 - A Vision of BACON!

    Episode 695

    Hey, what's that smell?!? Today, Brittani is going to break down the time that Peter saw Bacon everywhere he looked! Plus, that memory verse is getting easier everyday, isn't it?

  • #681 - The Road to Emmaus

    Episode 691

    Have you ever gone for a long walk? Today, we hear about a couple of friends who went a'travelling and were soon joined by a stranger (who they SHOULD have recognized!). It's a good one!

  • #680 - A New Testament Hanukkah

    Episode 690

    Julia has arrived! And she has brought along a WILD (and True) story about Hanukkah in the New Testament? Say whaaaat? Oh yea, we talk all about it on today's Daily Devo Show!

  • #679 - Hey-Oh

    Episode 689

    It's the middle of the week and BIG NEWS: your host is Brittani! Oh, and did I mention that it's WORSHIP WEDNESDAY?!?! Today's song is "Hey-Oh" by KidSpring! Let's hear it!

  • #678 - Transfiguration Part 2!

    Episode 688

    Some stories are too WILD (and True!) to be covered in one day! Today Michael (and Cam and Julia) return to finish the story about the time Jesus met up with Moses and Elijah!

  • #677 - Jesus + Moses + Elijah?!?

    Episode 687

    Michael oh how we missed you! But thankfully, he is back! And he's not alone! Cam and Julia pop by as the three of them break down: The Transfiguration! Hope they can get through this entire Wild (and True!) Story in one day!

  • #676 - Fish With A Mouthful of Money

    Episode 686

    Happy Friday! Brittani has been given the honor of educating us on one of the WILDEST (and true!) stories from the Bible: the fish who had...money in it's mouth?

  • #675 - Eating Jesus' Body?!?

    Episode 685

    Today Riley returns to host The Daily Devo Show and break down the meaning of eating Jesus' body and drinking his blood! Has that ever seemed confusing! We get into it today!

  • #674 - Reppin Jesus

    Episode 684

    WORSHIP WEDNESDAY! My friend and yours Noel is here lead the chorus as we raise our voices for "Reppin Jesus" by Praise Blast! Ready to worship?!?

  • #673 - Through A Needle

    Episode 683

    Michael is back today to guide us through the story of a fascinating interaction between Jesus and a rich young ruler! Plus, our second look at this week's memory verse!

  • #672 - When Jesus Wept

    Episode 682

    What day is it? MONDAY! Today, Cam is back to tell us the full story behind the SHORTEST verse in the entire Bible! Plus, a first look at Colleen's latest stunt!

  • #671 - Woman Who Can't Stop Bleeding

    Episode 681

    Riley rounds out this week on The Daily Devo Show and carefully goes over the story of the woman who wouldn't stop bleeding...until she met a certain someone. We will let you guess just who that was. (spoiler: it's Jesus!)

  • #670 - Jesus Cleanses the Temple

    Episode 680

    Brittani is here to break down one of the many incredibly stories from the life of Jesus: when he cleanses the temple! And he wasn't using soap! Join us to learn this fascinating story!

  • #669 - Blessed Be Your Name

    Episode 679

    Julia is back as your host for today for a very SIZZLING installment of WORSHIP WEDNESDAY! Today, the song we get to hear is "Blessed Be Your Name" but Little Worship Company!

  • #668 - Jesus and the Syrophoenician woman

    Episode 678

    Michael! Michael! Michael! Today, Mr. M. comes by to teach the story of Jesus and the Syrophoenician woman! Plus, Colleen is only getting more comfortable with this week's stunt!