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Tune in every weekday for a fun bible story, weekly memory verse, and an epic challenge (that’s right—epic challenge!) hosted by Yippee Show’s own Cam & Noel!

Daily Devo
  • #241 - Mary, Elizabeth, Zachariah, Joseph, and some Angels in a pear tree. ;-)

    Episode 1

    Julia kicks off Christmas week with how the story of Jesus birth began. And Colleen is back with the “Wreath Toss Reprise”!

  • #242 - Arriving in Bethlehem...

    Episode 2

    Keith-alan continues telling the story of Jesus birth from the part where Mary & Joseph leave for Bethlehem.

  • #243 - O Holy Night Sing-a-long

    Episode 3

    Noel hosts (and let’s just say she’s really excited!) our friend Cameron singing “Oh Holy Night”

  • #244 - Meisha’s Christmas Song

    Episode 4

    Today we’ve got a holiday surprise for you: a Christmas song from our new friend, Meisha! After devotions, be sure to check out her new show, “Hey Meisha,” right here on Yippee! And come back tomorrow for Cam’s extra special Christmas Eve episode.

  • #245 - Christmas Eve Game

    Episode 5

    Meeeeeeeerry Christmaaaaaaaaas! Cameron is here to play a fun holiday game with us.

  • #236 - Christmas in Europe

    Episode 6

    Join Cameron for a look at a few of the special ways people celebrate Christmas in Europe. And look out—Colleen embarks on a Christmas Cranberry Challenge!

  • #237 - Christmas in the Americas

    Episode 7

    Michael shares about traditions in Canada, the United States, Latin America, and South America!

  • #238 - Away In A Manger

    Episode 8

    Keith-alan leads us for this beautiful Worship Wednesday featuring Yancy’s “Away In A Manger”

  • #239 - Christmas in Asia & Africa

    Episode 9

    Brittani takes us half way around the world to share about Christmas traditions in Africa and Asia!

  • #240 - The Battle of Ai

    Episode 10

    Noel shares this exclusive sneak peek at the new “Bible Builds” episode! (And then, she tries to build a tower out of presents…)

  • #231- Nativity Scenes

    Episode 11

    Why do many of us have nativity scenes in our houses at Christmas time? Keith-alan explains! Also, Colleen tackles the Fly-By Gift Giving Challenge.

  • #232 - Why Lights?

    Episode 12

    Mrs. & Mr. Coyote from Sandals Church are back to explain why we use so many lights to help us celebrate Christmas. And, see if Colleen can beat her time from yesterday’s episode!

  • #233 - Luke 2

    Episode 13

    Julia introduces us to special song from Hillsong Kids’ Big Word collection, it’s Luke 2!

  • #234 - Candy Canes!

    Episode 14

    Candy canes have waaaaaaay more to do with Christmas than you might have ever imagined! Join Mr & Mrs Coyote as they explain.

  • #235 - Jericho Sneak Peak

    Episode 15

    WHO fought the battle at Jericho? Join Michael for today’s sneak peek and find out!

  • #226 - So, What’s Advent?

    Episode 16

    Brittani is excited for Christmas (no seriously, wait til you see her!) and explains why the Christmas season is so important ESPECIALLY when things don’t go as planned. And look-out Colleen is all-new with the “Will It Stick?” challenge!

  • #227 - Christmas Is Messy!

    Episode 17

    Julia helps Philbert the lobster (cousin of Lester) see that Christmas did NOT happen in a “perfect” way... it was pretty MESSY!

  • #228 - Sing-A-Long!

    Episode 18

    Noel reveals the advent calendar.

  • #229 - Messy Disciples

    Episode 19

    Keith-alan shows how the messiness of the Christmas story carried on into Christ’s ministry and the unexpected guys he had as disciples!

  • #230 - Joshua Sneak Peek

    Episode 20

    Cameron is intros the latest Bible Builds episode, and gives us one last chance to say this week’s memory verse!

  • #221 - Gratitude List

    Episode 21

    Michael shows us how we can make our very own gratitude list, including things both big and small.

  • #222 - Lobster Takeover

    Episode 22

    The Daily Devo lobster hosts this look at Entitlement and “WHY” we should be thankful on Thanksgiving.

  • #223 - Praise His Name

    Episode 23

    Keith-alan hosts this extra-special Worship Wednesday just right for Thanksgiving week!

  • #224 - The Thanksgiving Story

    Episode 24

    Cameron takes us through a very proper telling of the Thanksgiving story, and Colleen wraps up the Rooftop Thanksgiving Feast!