Daily Devo

Daily Devo

80 Episodes

Tune in every weekday for a fun bible story, weekly memory verse, and an epic challenge (that’s right—epic challenge!) hosted by Yippee Show’s own Cam & Noel!

Daily Devo
  • #79 - Prayer As Worship

    Episode 1

    Noel shows us why worshipping God is even better than cartoons. No really. This is a nutty episode!

  • #78 - Meet Tommy Walker!

    Episode 2

    Cameron welcomes Tommy Walker—a real-life worship leader and songwriter. Hear Tommy talk about why worship is so cool—and worship along with him!

  • #77 - What IS Worship?

    Episode 3

    Noel helps a really groovy girl better understand exactly what counts as worship (and more importantly… what DOESN’T count!)

  • #76 - Wired To Worship!

    Episode 4

    Cameron kicks off our week asking the question “What do we WORSHIP!?”

  • #75 - Quiet Time With God

    Episode 5

    HOW do we have quiet time with God?! Noel shares some helpful ideas of how to grow closer to God this year!

  • #74 - Practical Goals

    Episode 6

    Cameron explains his favorite 3 “Fresh Start Resolutions” – awesome practical goals that can help you love God better this year!

  • #73 - Waves of Grace

    Episode 7

    Noel explains to a crazy inventor why second chances from Jesus are WAAAAAAY better than time-travel rollerblades.

  • #72 - Dreams To Actions

    Episode 8

    Cameron shows how Nehemiah is a great example of how we turn a PLAN into an ACTION!

  • #71 - Resolutions, What Are They?

    Episode 9

    When Noel loses at video games, she throws her controller. Time for a New Year’s Resolution! And time to learn what a ‘resolution’ is! Also: Colleen “launches” the Hot Air Balloon Dinosaur Challenge!


    Episode 10

    Meeeerry Chriiiiiiiistmas! Cameron and Noel share special holiday stories from their lives, and the Yippee stars are back to wish you a very special message…


    Episode 11

    The fun continues with PART II of Yippee’s Nativity program. (Also: Colleen CRUSHES the Gingerbread House—LITERALLY!)


    Episode 12

    It wouldn’t be a Christmas “CELEBRATION” without a holiday program! Watch as the Yippee stars play all the characters in Yippee’s first-ever Nativity presentation!


    Episode 13

    One way that we “CELEBRATE” is by giving to those in need. Cam and Noel both deliver gifts to big-hearted organizations in their communities.


    Episode 14

    Ta-da! Another bonus episode today! Our focus on “CELEBRATION” continues with Yonas stopping by to share some “special” gift wrapping techniques. Oh, and his version of “Jingle Bells” is FIRE!


    Episode 15

    Surprise! It’s a special SATURDAY episode of Daily Devo. This week is all about “CELEBRATION” and today we’re featuring tons of YIPPEE STARS joining in the fun for this special Christmas Carol Sing-along! And just WAIT until you see Colleen’s Gingerbread House Demolition…

  • #65 - Faithful Friday: Love For All, Humility of a Manger

    Episode 16

    Cameron shows us how Jesus journey from manger to washing his disciples’ feet is the perfect demonstration of humility.

  • #64 - Thank You Thursday: Love!

    Episode 17

    Noel shows us how “LOVE” can look a little different sometimes, and nothing compares to the love of Jesus!

  • #63 - Worship Wednesday: Joy To the World

    Episode 18

    Cameron tells us the epic story behind “Joy To The World” – then it’s time to sing along!

  • #62 - Tradition Tuesday: Giving Gifts

    Episode 19

    Why did we start giving each other presents at Christmas?! (Would you believe that it has something to do with HALLOWEEN?!)

  • #61 Advent: A Prequel

    Episode 20

    Cameron welcomes Joseph, the father of Jesus to share about time leading up to Christ’s birth.

  • #60 Faithful Friday: The Inn

    Episode 21

    So, why was Jesus born in a manger? And what’s a manger anyway?! Noel introduces us to the Manger Manager, and Colleen goes for broke with the Epic Christmas Wreath Toss!

  • #59 Thank you Thursday: Prince Of Peace!

    Episode 22

    Jesus is the PRINCE OF PEACE… and he changed the world forever… but not in the way people were expecting! Cameron shares with us a healthy dose of God’s peace.

  • #58 Worship Wednesday: Silent Night

    Episode 23

    Cameron takes us through the incredible story of “Silent Night” and how this song became one of the world’s most treasured carols.

  • #57 Tradition Tuesday: Candles (Light in the Darkness)

    Episode 24

    Noel welcomes a very unusual guest to help her explain the history behind candles at Christmas.