5 Episodes

Dadventures is a feel-good, dad positive, show ALL about families being brave together. Join these kids and their dads as they bond through EPIC adventures!

  • RADICAL Skateboarding, Dude!

    Episode 1

    Joshua and his boys set out to, once and for all, conquer the GIANT DROP at their local skate park. This time the boys are brave and Dad is feeling scared… will he summon the courage to take the plunge!?


    Episode 2

    Jeremy takes his two boys on a trip up into the mountains to learn all about bravery, and taking chances as a family. Oh, and zip lines!

  • EPIC Snow Ball Fort Battle!

    Episode 3

    Kitana and Zara set out on a quest with their dad to build the most awesome snow fort, and protect the dragon egg! But when neighborhood kids come to steal the egg, will they be able to defend the fort?

  • Cardboard City DESTROOOOOOY!

    Episode 4

    Duffy and his son go downtown and work together to build an EPIC cardboard city… with a surprise ending. Watch out for this kid—his middle name is Adventure. Literally!

  • Gone Fishin’!

    Episode 5

    Taylor and his daughter love to go fishing, but that’s not the only thing they love to do together! Watch as this father daughter duo bond over bait and manicures.