Becky and Todd's Bible Adventures

  • Jesus: Ministry

    Mistaken scripts, too many disciples, unrelated tales (or are they?), a new history teacher and standardized testing! If only there was a way to ease everyone's suffering…

  • The Church

    It’s the biggest event in ages–a giant outdoor concert! But will the Holy Spirit show up? If not for Todd’s toe, the rest of his body might not have figured out a cure for his hunger. Among religious persecution and potential exclusion, new disasters keep popping up to thwart the kids’ theater ...

  • The Apostle

    Saul (before Paul) and Janitor Jerry seem to have something in common. If we have grace, why do we still need a bunch of rules? Bus-Bot breaks down, stranding the kids on the side of the road. With no AC, no electronic devices, and no snacks, the kids have to wonder: why are they forced to suffer?

  • Jesus: The Savior

    Joey takes an active role, and later takes the blame. Boman’s behind the betrayal. Becky and Todd discover their production of “Jesus’ Death” turns out to be a little…sad. Who’d a thought things would turn out this way?

  • Jesus: Early Life

    The kids continue to tell “God's Big Story” under the oppressive rule of the Boman Theater Empire. Todd knows just what the story of Jesus' humble birth needs: muscle cars, robot battle suits, and jet packs!

  • Kings & Prophets

    To help supervise their productions, the kids get guidance from three guest directors with three very different styles of leadership. Eventually, Becky aims to being a leader, which means she might also have to “tell it like it is.”

  • Conquered

    For Todd, entering middle school is as jarring as when the Israelites went into exile. Todd’s antics lands everyone in detention. And upon their return, they discover a new ruler, Mike Boman, has seized control of the theater with the aid of an angry baboon. Will Becky and the gang adapt, or wi...

  • Beginnings

    Becky and Todd know that “God’s Big Story” starts with the Creation of everything, the Fall of Creation, and how humans can repair the relationship with God. But an evil sock bent on world domination thinks it’s already too late. Can Becky’s goldfish help clear matters up?