Christmas Specials

  • Once Upon a Stable

    The greatest Christmas gift! Join our loveable cast of friends as they embark on a most unusual adventure. Knowing that starry night something was about to happen, no one really understood what the special star they spotted in the sky truly meant. This comical group of friends, a Cow (Ismay), a M...

  • Hey Meisha!'s Countdown To Christmas!

    8 items

    HEY MEISHA! is now on Yippee for Christmas! Let’s get merry together as we countdown the days till Christmas with brand new exciting treats from the HEY MEISHA! family.
    Meisha and the Good New Kids ha e been cooking up some great new ways for you to enjoy this Christmas season and we don’t just m...

  • Fireside Reading of A Christmas Carol

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    Experience A Christmas Carol like never before in this Fireside Reading performed by Gildart Jackson. The classic tale is read fireside and can be enjoyed by all ages.

  • Slugs & Bugs: Make Ready for Christmas

    "As Randall and friends prepare for Christmas, Maggie decides to expand the annual Sing-Along into a full-blown Christmas Eve pageant spectacular! Randall introduces everyone to the season of Advent and Doug discovers something mysterious going on when chocolate chips go missing. Neighbor Scott H...

  • Kingdom Under The Sea-The Gift


    A magical mix of adventure, discovery, and comedy, The Gift is about the journey to rediscover the meaning of Christmas. Come unwrap the truth!


  • Mini Panettone (Italian Christmas Bread)

    Join Malachi and his dad as they show us how to make panettone - a tasty Christmas treat from Italy!

  • Ada & leo’s Inspired Christmas Adventure #2

    This joy-filled Christmas volume features characters from both Whirl: Ada & Friends and Whirl: Leo & Friends. Ada, Leo, and their friends learn about the real meaning of Christmas as they practice for the annual church pageant.

  • Ada & leo’s Inspired Christmas Adventure #1

    This joy-filled Christmas volume features characters from both Whirl: Ada & Friends and Whirl: Leo & Friends. Together, they help each other navigate real-life problems and adventures using biblical values. Will Ruby get any presents for Christmas this year? Will Clara learn to forgive herself fo...

  • Spark Story Bible Adventures - The Story of Christmas

  • The Bethkes #1 - Epic Christmas Special!

    The Bethke’s are BACK! And this Christmas Jeff leads the family in epic giving and a surprise Christmas tree on the beach (oh, and presents too!)

  • Operation Christmas List


    Things don't go according to plan when a 12-year-old attempts to get his hands on a batch of the Christmas season's must-have toy.


  • The First Christmas

    The birth of Jesus.

  • Ultimate Christmas Game

    In this EPIC compilation of our Christmas VIDEOGAME Workout series, we're catching snowflakes to throw snowballs and build up the melting snowmen, chasing after the Gingerbread Man to bring him home, and embarking on a flying Sleigh Ride to drop gifts! There's so much great exercise and fun here ...

  • Christmas Fitmas- Charades

    Bobo is joined by the whole family as they bring you a CHRISTMAS Charades workout for you and yours! They draw Christmas related phrases or things out of an elf hat and act it out in a FIT and fun way that you can follow along with, then guess at the end! We hope this helps bring extra joy to you...

  • Christmas Fitmas- Jingle Bells

    Bobo is joined by the whole family as they bring you a CHRISTMAS FITMAS workout inspired by the famous JINGLE BELLS! Bobo jams on the ukulele as Mrs. Bobo (aka Kallie) shows you a fun dance that gets you moving. Then Bobo gives you a silly option. So DANCE along! There’s also jokes and a fact che...

  • Christmas Fitmas- Build A Snowman

    In the FIRST LEVEL of our Christmas VIDEOGAME Workout series, the snow is melting, and so are the snowmen! Catch the leftover snowflakes to build up a snowball, then throw it at the snowmen to build them back up! Do you want to? Then get going and get building! We hope this helps bring extra joy ...

  • Laponian Christmas

    Lupita goes to Lapland the home of Santa Claus! What a magical ride! Check the video to see all her adventures in this wonderful place and feel the magic of Christmas with Lupita and her friends!

  • Cubekins | Episode 3 | Mary, Did You Know?

    Grandpa Mark tells the story behind "Mary Did You Know?" and sings for this modern Christmas classic.

  • Wrapping Christmas Presents Challenge

    Wrapping presents and spittin’ rhymes?! Today is all about Christmas present wrapping hacks AND writing the most fire album of the year! What could go wrong?!

  • Baby In A Manger


    When CPS agent Alison and police officer Brock find a lost baby lying in a nativity scene, it’ll take a miracle for them to stop bickering. Can the magic of Christmas help this baby find a home, and help Alison and Brock see each other in a different light


  • Best Present Everrrr?!

    It’s time for a Christmas gift exchange! How well do we REALLY know each other?! Merry Christmas, everyone!

  • The First Christmas

    Commercial Christmas mayhem reigns in the Quantum household. The Prince of Peace seems to have left this family to their own comical devices and distractions on this blessed holiday. When Chris ignores his promise to set up the nativity scene, he offhandedly says to Joy that it's just another dec...

  • Christmas Food From Around the World?

    It’s Christmas time! Cam and Noel taste test several international Christmas dishes. Will they discover a new favorite and incorporate it into their holiday tradition?

  • Mystery Jingle 2

    Wait, we’re doing a Holiday Mystery Jingle?! Of course we are! Noel is up next in part two with her special llama friend. Good luck identifying this one Cam!