Yippee for Christmas!

Yippee for Christmas!

Yippee for Christmas!
  • Gumboot Kids Holiday Special | A Christmas Gift

  • Holiday Bean-Boozled

    Smoothie or Dead Fish? Peach or Barf? Riley and her sisters compete to see who draws the tastiest jelly beans. Winner gets a chocolate snowman!

  • Christmas Cookies

    Is this a Christmas cookie decorating hack or an epic fail?! Today we decorated festive Christmas cookies but without using our thumbs!

  • The Christmas I'll Never Forget

    It's Christmas Eve, and two baseball-loving brothers are supernaturally whisked into an exciting musical adventure, where they learn the true meaning of Christmas.

    Justin, the youngest of the two and the most passionate Little-Leaguer, simply can't stop talking about the new baseball glove he's ...

  • Who Crashed Our Christmas Show?

    In a surprising twist, Cam & Noel must co-sing a mystery jingle to “Barefoot Producer Adam Claus.” This one is sure to get you in the holiday spirit!

  • Christmas Tree Farm Fun Educational Videos for Kids

    Are you ready for some Christmas Tree Farm Fun with Cowboy Jack in this Educational Video for Kids? We're with our friends at Oh What Fun It Is Farm in Willis, Texas learning all about Christmas Trees and doing all sorts of fun things! During Christmas Tree Farm Fun we'll be exploring the Chris...

  • Cowboy Jack Christmas Special | Gingerbread House Decorating Blank

    It's the most wonderful time of the year, time for Cowboy Jack Christmas Special and what better than Gingerbread House Decorating Fun for Kids! We're with our friends at The Best Box Ever Bakery in Huntsville, Texas and Mrs. Annie is teaching Cowboy Jack all about Gingerbread House Decorating a...

  • DIY Christmas Decorations | Paper Plate Lollipops | Easy Christmas Craft

    In this DIY tutorial Kids Crafts by Three Sisters will show you how to turn Paper Plates into Giant Lollipops. Display them in the yard for Christmas, line a sidewalk for special parties, or use them as props for photos or a play. Whatever your purpose, these over-sized lollipops are sure to be a...

  • Ada & leo’s Inspired Christmas Adventure #1

    This joy-filled Christmas volume features characters from both Whirl: Ada & Friends and Whirl: Leo & Friends. Together, they help each other navigate real-life problems and adventures using biblical values. Will Ruby get any presents for Christmas this year? Will Clara learn to forgive herself fo...

  • Ada & leo’s Inspired Christmas Adventure #2

    This joy-filled Christmas volume features characters from both Whirl: Ada & Friends and Whirl: Leo & Friends. Ada, Leo, and their friends learn about the real meaning of Christmas as they practice for the annual church pageant.

  • Hey Meisha!'s Countdown To Christmas!

    8 items

    HEY MEISHA! is now on Yippee for Christmas! Let’s get merry together as we countdown the days till Christmas with brand new exciting treats from the HEY MEISHA! family.
    Meisha and the Good New Kids ha e been cooking up some great new ways for you to enjoy this Christmas season and we don’t just m...

  • The Gift

    It’s Christmas time and the owls decide to throw a birthday party for Jesus and learn three things from a Christmas gift.

  • The Bethkes #1 - Epic Christmas Special!

    The Bethke’s are BACK! And this Christmas Jeff leads the family in epic giving and a surprise Christmas tree on the beach (oh, and presents too!)

  • VeggieTales Christmas

    VeggieTales Christmas

  • Mystery Jingle 2

    Wait, we’re doing a Holiday Mystery Jingle?! Of course we are! Noel is up next in part two with her special llama friend. Good luck identifying this one Cam!

  • Christmas Fitmas- Charades

    Bobo is joined by the whole family as they bring you a CHRISTMAS Charades workout for you and yours! They draw Christmas related phrases or things out of an elf hat and act it out in a FIT and fun way that you can follow along with, then guess at the end! We hope this helps bring extra joy to you...

  • Christmas Food From Around the World?

    It’s Christmas time! Cam and Noel taste test several international Christmas dishes. Will they discover a new favorite and incorporate it into their holiday tradition?

  • A Very Musical Pete and Penelope Christmas - Part 1

    It's Christmas in the treehouse, the gang is preparing an incredible musical spectacular for all of their friends, and that includes YOU! Can Pete make enough snacks for everyone? Will Ralphie learn that sometimes giving is even better than receiving? And will Penelope be able to come up with an ...

  • A Very Musical Pete and Penelope Christmas - Part 2

    Join the Treehouse Gang for the thrilling conclusion of their magical, musical Christmas spectacular!

  • Spark Story Bible Adventures - The Story of Christmas

  • VeggieTales Remix - Christmas

  • The Best Christmas Gift

    Bob the Tomato directs his first Christmas special at the new VeggieTales Theater. But when he receives a letter from a young fan who's having a difficult holiday season, Bob begins to wonder what's the point of celebrating Christmas when so much is wrong in the world? Larry and the rest of the ...

  • Decorating Christmas

    Decorating Christmas

  • X-Mas Cookie Decorating… Tiny Hands Edition!

    Tiny Hands are BACK! Christmas cookie decorating requires precision and diligence. So obviously Cam and Noel decided to try with their favorite small limb extensions