Yippee for Christmas!

Yippee for Christmas!

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Yippee for Christmas!
  • The Grumpy Old Ox - Anthony DeStefano

  • Wrapping Christmas Presents Challenge

    Wrapping presents and spittin’ rhymes?! Today is all about Christmas present wrapping hacks AND writing the most fire album of the year! What could go wrong?!

  • Gumboot Kids Holiday Special | A Christmas Gift

  • A Christmas Sing-a-long with Danny Go!

    Sing a couple of classic Christmas songs along with Danny Go, Pap Pap and Bear Head! Includes “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”, “Jingle Bells” and “O Christmas Tree”!

  • Best Present Everrrr?!

    It’s time for a Christmas gift exchange! How well do we REALLY know each other?! Merry Christmas, everyone!

  • Reindeer - Animal Facts

    HO HO HO TRAVelers! This week we're celebrating Santa's favorite flying animal - the REINDEER! So grab some milk and cookies, listen for hooves on the roof, and learn all about the animals that pull Santa's sleigh!

  • Ugly Christmas Sweater DIY

    It’s beginning to look a lot like… Ugly Christmas Sweater time! Get some style inspiration as we make our first EVER thrift store Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

  • Chapter 51 | Special Program "Christmas Special."

    Christmas is synonymous with peace, union, sharing among family and friends, and of course celebrating. Different cultures celebrate it in different ways, but what is common is the joy you feel and to be able to share it.
    It was to be expected that these holidays would come to Human Nature, acco...


    Meeeerry Chriiiiiiiistmas! Cameron and Noel share special holiday stories from their lives, and the Yippee stars are back to wish you a very special message…


    The fun continues with PART II of Yippee’s Nativity program. (Also: Colleen CRUSHES the Gingerbread House—LITERALLY!)

  • Christmas EXTRAVAGANZA!

    Not feeling Christmas-y enough? Cam and Noel are back in the 100th episode of the Yippee Show to do as many Christmas traditions from around the world as possible!


    It wouldn’t be a Christmas “CELEBRATION” without a holiday program! Watch as the Yippee stars play all the characters in Yippee’s first-ever Nativity presentation!


    One way that we “CELEBRATE” is by giving to those in need. Cam and Noel both deliver gifts to big-hearted organizations in their communities.

  • The Bethkes #1 - Epic Christmas Special!

    The Bethke’s are BACK! And this Christmas Jeff leads the family in epic giving and a surprise Christmas tree on the beach (oh, and presents too!)

  • #63 - Worship Wednesday: Joy To the World

    Cameron tells us the epic story behind “Joy To The World” – then it’s time to sing along!

  • #64 - Thank You Thursday: Love!

    Noel shows us how “LOVE” can look a little different sometimes, and nothing compares to the love of Jesus!

  • Spark Story Bible Adventures - The Story of Christmas

  • X-Mas Cookie Decorating… Tiny Hands Edition!

    Tiny Hands are BACK! Christmas cookie decorating requires precision and diligence. So obviously Cam and Noel decided to try with their favorite small limb extensions

  • Ada & leo’s Inspired Christmas Adventure #1

    This joy-filled Christmas volume features characters from both Whirl: Ada & Friends and Whirl: Leo & Friends. Together, they help each other navigate real-life problems and adventures using biblical values. Will Ruby get any presents for Christmas this year? Will Clara learn to forgive herself fo...


    Ta-da! Another bonus episode today! Our focus on “CELEBRATION” continues with Yonas stopping by to share some “special” gift wrapping techniques. Oh, and his version of “Jingle Bells” is FIRE!


    Surprise! It’s a special SATURDAY episode of Daily Devo. This week is all about “CELEBRATION” and today we’re featuring tons of YIPPEE STARS joining in the fun for this special Christmas Carol Sing-along! And just WAIT until you see Colleen’s Gingerbread House Demolition…

  • Ada & leo’s Inspired Christmas Adventure #2

    This joy-filled Christmas volume features characters from both Whirl: Ada & Friends and Whirl: Leo & Friends. Ada, Leo, and their friends learn about the real meaning of Christmas as they practice for the annual church pageant.

  • #62 - Tradition Tuesday: Giving Gifts

    Why did we start giving each other presents at Christmas?! (Would you believe that it has something to do with HALLOWEEN?!)