Yippee for Christmas!

Yippee for Christmas!

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Yippee for Christmas!
  • Gingerbread Cookie Dance

    Get up and dance to this kids song about a special Christmas treat...GINGERBREAD! This silly holiday song teaches children how to pretend to turn into a gingerbread man, decorate themselves and build their own gingerbread house! But don't forget what happens to gingerbread people in the end...

  • #5 - The Day the Mirth Stood Still

    On this episode of PLAYTIME! Travel back in time to when it all began for our heroes, a Christmas Eve not so long ago!Will it be a holly jolly holiday hoedown or an inter-galactic rooftop showdown? And has it already happened?!!! Tune in and find out!

  • A Fruitcake Christmas

    Join Hermie and his friends in the holiday spirit as they get ready for Christmas! But along the way they face some challenges to discover what the true meaning of Christmas is and find that Christmas spirit we all know and love!

  • The Greatest Gift

    It's Christmas in the Garden and Lenny & Lucy are all excited for the big Christmas Concert! But when the concert is in danger of being cancelled there’s only one person they can turn to for help: grumpy old Mr. Toothacher. The one man in the Garden who hates Christmas!

  • Mini Panettone (Italian Christmas Bread)

    Join Malachi and his dad as they show us how to make panettone - a tasty Christmas treat from Italy!

  • Minecraft: How To Build #14 - A Christmas Train

  • The First Christmas

    The birth of Jesus.

  • Laponian Christmas

    Lupita goes to Lapland the home of Santa Claus! What a magical ride! Check the video to see all her adventures in this wonderful place and feel the magic of Christmas with Lupita and her friends!

  • Cubekins | Episode 3 | Mary, Did You Know?

    Grandpa Mark tells the story behind "Mary Did You Know?" and sings for this modern Christmas classic.

  • Christmas Miracle Berry Challenge

    Christmas Miracle Berry Challenge

  • Ultimate Christmas Game

    In this EPIC compilation of our Christmas VIDEOGAME Workout series, we're catching snowflakes to throw snowballs and build up the melting snowmen, chasing after the Gingerbread Man to bring him home, and embarking on a flying Sleigh Ride to drop gifts! There's so much great exercise and fun here ...

  • Hey Meisha! | Christmas | Gingerbread Bibles!

    Check out Meisha’s recipe for Gingerbread Bibles #NourishingScripture. It’s quick, easy, and tasty too!

  • VeggieTales Christmas

    VeggieTales Christmas

  • Decorating Christmas

    Decorating Christmas

  • Gumboot Kids | Christmas Special | A Campfire Christmas

  • Christmas Fitmas- Build A Snowman

    In the FIRST LEVEL of our Christmas VIDEOGAME Workout series, the snow is melting, and so are the snowmen! Catch the leftover snowflakes to build up a snowball, then throw it at the snowmen to build them back up! Do you want to? Then get going and get building! We hope this helps bring extra joy ...

  • Hey Meisha! | Christmas | Manger Ornament

    Check out this 'HOW TO' video, on how you can make your very own ‘Baby Jesus in Manger’ ornament for your Christmas tree!

  • Christmas Mystery Jingle

    Christmas Mystery Jingle

  • VeggieTales Remix - Christmas

  • The First Christmas

    Commercial Christmas mayhem reigns in the Quantum household. The Prince of Peace seems to have left this family to their own comical devices and distractions on this blessed holiday. When Chris ignores his promise to set up the nativity scene, he offhandedly says to Joy that it's just another dec...

  • BOZ: A WowieBOZowee Christmas

    Let's celebrate Christmas with lots of snowy wintertime fun, sing-along carols and... a special retelling of the Christmas story! BOZ – joined by his neighborhood friends and the entire Baxter family – helps us discover that the very best presents come from the heart, especially God’s most wonder...

  • The Best Christmas Gift

    Bob the Tomato directs his first Christmas special at the new VeggieTales Theater. But when he receives a letter from a young fan who's having a difficult holiday season, Bob begins to wonder what's the point of celebrating Christmas when so much is wrong in the world? Larry and the rest of the ...

  • A Very Musical Pete and Penelope Christmas - Part 1

    It's Christmas in the treehouse, the gang is preparing an incredible musical spectacular for all of their friends, and that includes YOU! Can Pete make enough snacks for everyone? Will Ralphie learn that sometimes giving is even better than receiving? And will Penelope be able to come up with an ...