Yippee for Christmas!

Yippee for Christmas!

Yippee for Christmas!
  • BOZ: A WowieBOZowee Christmas

    Let's celebrate Christmas with lots of snowy wintertime fun, sing-along carols and... a special retelling of the Christmas story! BOZ – joined by his neighborhood friends and the entire Baxter family – helps us discover that the very best presents come from the heart, especially God’s most wonder...

  • The First Christmas

    Commercial Christmas mayhem reigns in the Quantum household. The Prince of Peace seems to have left this family to their own comical devices and distractions on this blessed holiday. When Chris ignores his promise to set up the nativity scene, he offhandedly says to Joy that it's just another dec...

  • Mini Panettone (Italian Christmas Bread)

    Join Malachi and his dad as they show us how to make panettone - a tasty Christmas treat from Italy!

  • Capturing Santa! Christmas Special!

    It's Christmas time at the Wilson house! Gotta go get a tree, drink some cocoa, head back to the studio and...CAPTURE SANTA!?!?!?

  • Gingerbread Cookie Dance

    Get up and dance to this kids song about a special Christmas treat...GINGERBREAD! This silly holiday song teaches children how to pretend to turn into a gingerbread man, decorate themselves and build their own gingerbread house! But don't forget what happens to gingerbread people in the end...

  • #5 - The Day the Mirth Stood Still

    On this episode of PLAYTIME! Travel back in time to when it all began for our heroes, a Christmas Eve not so long ago!Will it be a holly jolly holiday hoedown or an inter-galactic rooftop showdown? And has it already happened?!!! Tune in and find out!

  • The Greatest Gift

    It's Christmas in the Garden and Lenny & Lucy are all excited for the big Christmas Concert! But when the concert is in danger of being cancelled there’s only one person they can turn to for help: grumpy old Mr. Toothacher. The one man in the Garden who hates Christmas!

  • Holiday Bean-Boozled

    Smoothie or Dead Fish? Peach or Barf? Riley and her sisters compete to see who draws the tastiest jelly beans. Winner gets a chocolate snowman!

  • Best Holiday Memories

    Remember that one time when Noel did a thing… and then Cameron did that thing… and then they did that Christmas thing with the thing? THEY DO! Watch to catch up on the ghosts of their Christmases past!

  • Christmas Fitmas- Jingle Bells

    Bobo is joined by the whole family as they bring you a CHRISTMAS FITMAS workout inspired by the famous JINGLE BELLS! Bobo jams on the ukulele as Mrs. Bobo (aka Kallie) shows you a fun dance that gets you moving. Then Bobo gives you a silly option. So DANCE along! There’s also jokes and a fact che...

  • A Fruitcake Christmas

    Join Hermie and his friends in the holiday spirit as they get ready for Christmas! But along the way they face some challenges to discover what the true meaning of Christmas is and find that Christmas spirit we all know and love!

  • The First Christmas

    The birth of Jesus.

  • Giant Gingerbread for Kids | Cowboy Jack Christmas

    Are you ready to see a 16 foot tall giant gingerbread house for kids in this Cowboy Jack Christmas special? We're at City Place in Spring, Texas and we're looking at the spectacular giant gingerbread for kids! There are larger than life lollipops, candy canes, gingerbread men, and even a floati...

  • Laponian Christmas

    Lupita goes to Lapland the home of Santa Claus! What a magical ride! Check the video to see all her adventures in this wonderful place and feel the magic of Christmas with Lupita and her friends!

  • Cubekins | Episode 3 | Mary, Did You Know?

    Grandpa Mark tells the story behind "Mary Did You Know?" and sings for this modern Christmas classic.

  • Christmas Miracle Berry Challenge

    Christmas Miracle Berry Challenge

  • Giving My Pet Alligator Gar Christmas Presents!

    Christmas has come early for my pet alligator gar! Let's see how they like their "presents."

  • Gumboot Kids Holiday Special | A Christmas Gift

  • Christmas Cookies

    Is this a Christmas cookie decorating hack or an epic fail?! Today we decorated festive Christmas cookies but without using our thumbs!

  • The Christmas I'll Never Forget

    It's Christmas Eve, and two baseball-loving brothers are supernaturally whisked into an exciting musical adventure, where they learn the true meaning of Christmas.

    Justin, the youngest of the two and the most passionate Little-Leaguer, simply can't stop talking about the new baseball glove he's ...

  • Cowboy Jack Christmas Special | Gingerbread House Decorating Blank

    It's the most wonderful time of the year, time for Cowboy Jack Christmas Special and what better than Gingerbread House Decorating Fun for Kids! We're with our friends at The Best Box Ever Bakery in Huntsville, Texas and Mrs. Annie is teaching Cowboy Jack all about Gingerbread House Decorating a...

  • DIY Christmas Decorations | Paper Plate Lollipops | Easy Christmas Craft

    In this DIY tutorial Kids Crafts by Three Sisters will show you how to turn Paper Plates into Giant Lollipops. Display them in the yard for Christmas, line a sidewalk for special parties, or use them as props for photos or a play. Whatever your purpose, these over-sized lollipops are sure to be a...

  • Ada & leo’s Inspired Christmas Adventure #1

    This joy-filled Christmas volume features characters from both Whirl: Ada & Friends and Whirl: Leo & Friends. Together, they help each other navigate real-life problems and adventures using biblical values. Will Ruby get any presents for Christmas this year? Will Clara learn to forgive herself fo...