Bino & Fino (12 Videos)

  • Who Makes The Best Jollof Rice?

    Which country has the best Jollof Rice? The big question! Bino and Fino find out.

  • Where Did the Sun Go?

    Bino and Fino get scared when the sun 'disappears' ! They then learn about what an eclipse is.

  • When Ants Attack

    Bino and Fino get annoyed by ants while at a picnic. But they then learn that ants are not so bad after all when they visit an ant hill.

  • Time to Sleep

    Fino doesn't go to sleep at night when she is supposed to. The next day she regrets not doing so.

  • The Silent Student

    Bino and Fino help a new classmate who stutters find her confidence.

  • The Missing Tap Rule

    Bino and Fino are excited! Mummy is taking them to her friend Mrs. Ade, the Tailor to measure for some new clothes.

  • The Griot

    Bino and Fino learn about the West African Tradition of the Griot.

  • Safety on the Playground

    Bino and Fino's friend Emeka decides to take off his safety gear when riding his bicycle. Oh boy, that's not a good idea!

  • Masa & Miyan Taushe

    Bino and Fino's friend Aisha brings some pancakes to celebrate Sallah. But wait it turns out they are not pancakes after all!

  • Legend Of Queen Amina

    Bino and Fino learn about the legendary Queen Amina

  • Great Outdoors

    Bino loves reading and Fino loves playing outside. They have an argument about which one is better. What will happen next?

  • The Mighty Walls Of Benin

    Bino and Fino learn about the Great Walls of Benin of the Benin Kingdom

  • Where Did My Puddle Go?

    Bino and Fino learn about the water cycle

  • On To Timbuktu

    Bino can’t find one of his books because he can’t remember where he left it. Mama Mama teaches the children to treasure their books.

  • What's The Biggest Animal?

    Bino and Fino go on an adventure to find out what the biggest animal is.

  • Where Does Electricity Come From?

    One evening there is a blackout. Bino and Fino aren’t happy about it but it makes them wonder where electricity comes from.

  • Wave Your Flag

    Bino and Fino go on an adventure with Zeena to learn about the flags of many African countries.

  • On To Space!

    What are planets of the Solar System? Bino and Fino get to find out with the help of Zeena the Magical Butterfly!

  • The Durbar Festival

    Bino and Fino befriend a horse named Banta who tells them all about his dream to be in the famous Kano Durba. With Zeena's help can they help him out?

  • Not All Birds Fly

    Bino and Fino learn that not all birds can fly and that there are some flightless birds.

  • Old To New, New To Old

    Bino and Fino learn about recycling and the importance of saving the environment.

  • Fino Loves Football

    Fino has a dilemma. She wants to join the football club but is told by the boys that girls don’t play football. But Fino doesn’t give up on her dream.

  • Mount Kilimanjaro

    Bino and Fino fly to a snowy Mt. Kilimanjaro