Bino & Fino

Bino & Fino

22 Episodes

Bino and Fino are a brother and sister who live in a modern day city in Africa.
In each episode, with the help of their friend Zeena the Butterfly and their family, they discover and learn things about Africa and focus on topics such as culture, geography, social skills, science and more.

Bino & Fino
  • Who Makes The Best Jollof Rice?

    Episode 19

    Which country has the best Jollof Rice? The big question! Bino and Fino find out.

  • Where Did the Sun Go?

    Episode 23

    Bino and Fino get scared when the sun 'disappears' ! They then learn about what an eclipse is.

  • When Ants Attack

    Episode 24

    Bino and Fino get annoyed by ants while at a picnic. But they then learn that ants are not so bad after all when they visit an ant hill.

  • Time to Sleep

    Episode 17

    Fino doesn't go to sleep at night when she is supposed to. The next day she regrets not doing so.

  • The Silent Student

    Episode 21

    Bino and Fino help a new classmate who stutters find her confidence.

  • The Missing Tap Rule

    Episode 18

    Bino and Fino are excited! Mummy is taking them to her friend Mrs. Ade, the Tailor to measure for some new clothes.

  • The Griot

    Episode 22

    Bino and Fino learn about the West African Tradition of the Griot.

  • Safety on the Playground

    Episode 15

    Bino and Fino's friend Emeka decides to take off his safety gear when riding his bicycle. Oh boy, that's not a good idea!

  • Masa & Miyan Taushe

    Episode 14

    Bino and Fino's friend Aisha brings some pancakes to celebrate Sallah. But wait it turns out they are not pancakes after all!

  • Legend Of Queen Amina

    Episode 20

    Bino and Fino learn about the legendary Queen Amina

  • Great Outdoors

    Episode 16

    Bino loves reading and Fino loves playing outside. They have an argument about which one is better. What will happen next?

  • The Mighty Walls Of Benin

    Bino and Fino learn about the Great Walls of Benin of the Benin Kingdom

  • Where Does Electricity Come From?

    One evening there is a blackout. Bino and Fino aren’t happy about it but it makes them wonder where electricity comes from.

  • On To Space!

    What are planets of the Solar System? Bino and Fino get to find out with the help of Zeena the Magical Butterfly!

  • Where Did My Puddle Go?

    Bino and Fino learn about the water cycle

  • Wave Your Flag

    Bino and Fino go on an adventure with Zeena to learn about the flags of many African countries.

  • Fino Loves Football

    Fino has a dilemma. She wants to join the football club but is told by the boys that girls don’t play football. But Fino doesn’t give up on her dream.

  • Not All Birds Fly

    Bino and Fino learn that not all birds can fly and that there are some flightless birds.

  • What's The Biggest Animal?

    Bino and Fino go on an adventure to find out what the biggest animal is.

  • On To Timbuktu

    Bino can’t find one of his books because he can’t remember where he left it. Mama Mama teaches the children to treasure their books.

  • Old To New, New To Old

    Bino and Fino learn about recycling and the importance of saving the environment.

  • Mount Kilimanjaro

    Bino and Fino fly to a snowy Mt. Kilimanjaro