Maripaz (8 Videos)

  • 1 | First Things First

    Where does it all start? By the beginning, by Genesis.
    Maripaz tells us all about the beginning of the Bible and the love of God that inspires it.

  • 2 | The Forbidden Fruit

    Many people wonder what was the forbidden fruit mentioned in Genesis, but is it true that it was an apple? Let’s see what Maripaz tells us about it.

  • 3 | The Mud Man

    To form mud, you must mix a little dust with a little water. The Bible tells of a man who was formed from the dust of the earth. Does that make Adam the mud man?

  • 4 | God Formed Eve

    Adam lived in the Garden of Eden, but God saw that animals were not his best company. After a deep sleep, God did something very special to form Eve, his new companion.