Bible In A Year:  The Daily Devo Show

Bible In A Year: The Daily Devo Show

66 books… hundreds of stories… and ONE COMPLETE PICTURE of God’s love for us! Join us as we take you in order all the way from “In the beginning” in Genesis to “Amen” in Revelation.

Bible In A Year:  The Daily Devo Show
  • #451 - Golden Calf

    While Moses is up on Mt. Sinai with God, Aaron and the Isrealites screw things up royally. Like, it gets BAD. On the bright side, Colleen "goes for broke" as a Human Bowling Ball!

  • #452 - So Many Laws!

    Laws are GREAT! I know, I know, it might be hard to believe, but Cameron explains how the laws of Leviticus were a wonderful gift to Isrealites having just left Egypt. Meanwhile, Colleen uses green stuff to "Fly By Paint" a special St. Patrick's Day picture.

  • #453 - Spy Mission

    Moses sends Josua, Caleb, and the other spies to investigate the Promised Land. The land is filled with GIANTS! Should they go? Stay? Watch and find out!

  • #454 - You Lift Me Up

    Julia introduces us to this GREAT Worship Wednesday song, "You Lift Me Up" by Kingdom City Kids.

  • #456 - The Talking Donkey

    Brittani introduces us to Balak and Balaam... and Balaam's talking donkey! See how God uses the talking to convey truth about His people. Also, Colleen uses green frosting in "Fly By Painting"!

  • #457 - Moses Grand Finale

    Sad news, Moses is old and dies. BUT! Before he goes, he shares some really important thoughts with the people. Meanwhile, Colleen sees how many Easter Eggs she can carry across the room on a spoon in only :30 seconds!

  • #458 - Meet Joshua!

    Julia introduces us to Joshua who has now been named the leader of the people for not only his bravery, but mostly for his trusting of God.

  • #460 - Rahab & The Spies

    If you didn't bite your nails before, you might start after you hear today's story! This one is going to be TENSE. (And Colleen is still trying to move eggs quickly with mixed results)

  • #461 - Battle of Jericho

    Can Joshua, a few Isrealites, and some guys who play trumpet really make the walls of Jericho come crashing down?! They can if God is involved! This one you have to see (and also read) to believe.

  • #462 - Judges Roadmap

    Leti kicks off this new book all about Judges... and exactly the kind you're thinking of. As for Colleen, she's throwing both raw eggs and hard boiled eggs at a special Easter Bullseye!

  • #464 - Let It Be Done

    Happy Worship Wednesday! Cameron is here to introduce this awesome worship tune from KingdomCity Kids. Sing along!

  • #465 - Samson!

    Is Samson a good guy? Or a bad guy? See what you think...

  • #466 - Naomi & Ruth

    Noel leads us into the book of Ruth, and the harrowing adventures of Ruth and her mother-in-law, Naomi

  • #467 - Ruth & Boaz

    Julia shares the story of Ruth's risky romance with Boaz... and wait until you hear who her Grandson is!

  • #468 - God Calls Samuel

    Meet Samuel-- a boy who God uses in surprising ways even when he is quite young!

  • #469 - Thankful

    For today's Worship Wednesday, we take you to KingdomCity Kids for their awesome song, "Thankful!"

  • #470 - The Rise of Saul

    Time to meet Israel's first King, Saul! Things start out pretty great... but start to go south, just as God predicted.

  • #471 - David & Goliath

    Ready for a GIANT story?! Cameron uses eggs (yes, you read that right) to help us understand David, Goliath, Saul, and Jonathan!

  • #472 - David Is King

    Noel (and Harold!) shares about the remarkable reign of King David! And watch as Colleen tackles a Cup Tower Demolition-- this time she doesn't have to use her body as a bowling ball!

  • #473 - David Messes Up

    Julia tells the story of David and Bathsheeba. But good news-- God takes what is broken and makes something beautiful out of it! Then, watch Colleen take on the cup towers with a FOOTBALL!

  • #474 - Strong & Courageous

    Brittani hosts an extra-special Worship Wednesday... because this is a DANCE-A-LONG worship song from Make Some Noise Kids! Get on your free and get ready to groove to the glory of God!

  • #475 - A Bunch More Kings

    Cameron takes us through the troubling accounts of the kings who come after David.

  • #478 - Solomon Highlights Reel

    Cameron takes us "sports style" through II Chronicles featuring the good, the bad, and grace-filled moments in Solomon's incredible reign.

  • #479 - Secret Place

    Sing and worship along with Kingdom City Kids (and Julia!) with this great worship song. Afterwards, Colleen tries to catch water... on her foot. And yes, you read that right.