Best of Church at Home

Best of Church at Home

Need help deciding which church series your family will love? We've put together samples from each church so you can find your favorites! Take a look around and then find more episodes from each church in the Church At Home category!

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Best of Church at Home
  • Episode 1: I Was Made to Tell People About Jesus | Billy Graham

    Billy Graham was a preacher who spoke about Jesus passionately. In the course of his lifetime, he spoke to millions of people and impacted millions more! In this episode, we look into the incredible life that Billy Graham lives and the purpose that was fulfilled through him to tell the world abou...

  • Episode 1: Born To Be Amazing

    God created us to be amazing, according to His plans for us! This episode looks into the original plan that God created us for and takes a peek into the life of Amy Carmichael. This episode also shares the top 7 things that God says about us being amazing!

  • Episode 6: Born For Purpose

    The Bible says that God made everything with a place and a purpose. With that, God created us to fulfill His good purpose through different gifts that He has put in us! In this episode, discover the different gifts we have and how we can apply them to fulfill God’s purpose in our lives!

  • New Way (Music Video)

  • Suit Up Part 6: Helmet of Salvation

    SUIT UP is Kids on the Move's series on the armor of God.

  • Possible (Music Video)

    In Luke 18:27, the Bible says, "He replied, 'What is impossible for people is possible with God.'" We can always rely on God's strength, promises and love because even when humans fail us, God never will and anything is POSSIBLE with him!

  • Let's Get Real - Real with God

    We come to a shift in Week 4 of Let's Get Real as we look outward towards others and dive into Zacch-a-Tax which depicts the story of Zacchaeus in Luke 19:1-10. We will see how meeting Jesus transforms your life and therefore the way you interact with others. The One Thing to remember is, "God lo...

  • Hey God! | Preschool Week 3 | I Can Talk to God About Anything

    Preschoolers join May and Bloop to find out what we can talk to God about!

  • Day 4 — Love

    It's a lesson in LOVE today on Backyard Bible Camp and your hosts are teaching us all about how to grow the fruit of love, and how the parable of the lost sheep is a berry good example of God’s love.

  • Love One Another

    Yancy has creatively pulled together easy-to-sing songs that engage kids from the very start and create a perfect environment for them to praise their God.

  • This Is How I Roll - Song 1 of Esther: A Musical Adventure

    It's time to sing along to Esther: A Musical Adventure!

    In this opening number of the show, we meet the four main characters in the story of Esther. They each get a turn to tell us a little about who they are and "how they roll!" We have...

    Esther, a Jewish girl who was chosen to be queen of ...