Benjamin Cello (6 Videos)

  • Episode 1 | Every Park Needs A Lark

    Benjamin Cello travels to Penny Whistle Park to visit Lolly Popular and the Cheerful Chums. The friends follow the Lark through the Park, where God has blessed them with all good things.

  • Episode 2 | A Donkey Is The Best Friend

    Miss Gretchen, the music teacher, pays a visit to Benjamin Cello to show him her new toy donkey. The two travel to the Big Ol’ Barn, and hear from Cowboy Roy and the animals how Christ used a donkey to teach the ways of a Humble Servant.

  • Episode 3 | The Prosody Party: Poems & Prayers

    Professor Wordsworth is hosting a Prosody Party! With the help of the ever hungry Bookworms, Benjamin Cello and the Cheerful Chums study the four most commonly used poetic meters and use them to write fun poetry and to sing a beautiful prayer.

  • Episode 4 | Noah and the Rainbow

    What’s inside Benjamin Cello’s secret box? The answer takes us back thousands of years to a great deluge, a floating zoo, and one of the most important stories ever told!

  • Episode 5 | A Pocketful of Seeds

    Annie Appleseed and Benjamin Cello dig into the Parable of the Sower and sing along with Cowboy Roy and the Barnyard Animals as they consider the power of planting seeds of faith.

  • Episode 6 | In The Beginning God Created

    Benjamin Cello, Professor Wordsworth, and the Bookworms investigate the greatest opening lines of literature, including the magnificent opening words of Genesis: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”