Backyard Bible Camp | God's Big Love

Backyard Bible Camp | God's Big Love

10 Episodes

It’s a whole new summer of fun on Backyard Bible Camp-- hosted by the Moore family! Join us for Bible stories, crafts, games, and s’mores all pointing to God’s Big Love!

Backyard Bible Camp | God's Big Love
  • Day 10 – Noah's Ark

    Episode 10

    For this epic camp finale the Moore kids participate in telling the story, playing a super-fun game, and even show off how much they’ve learned these past two weeks!

  • Day 9 – Samson

    Episode 9

    Today the Moores tackle one of the most complicated stories in the Bible. Is God’s Big Love really evident in this story? Watch and see!

  • Day 8 – Creation

    Episode 8

    The Moores are going back to basics with seeing God’s Big Love in the creation story, and using sidewalk chalk murals to experience it in an epic way!

  • Day 7 – Jericho

    Episode 7

    The Moore kids learn the story of Joshua and the Isrealites overtaking Jericho by acting it out. And if you haven’t heard this story yet you’ll see God showing extreme creativity in revealing his love for his people!

  • Day 6 – Ruth Saves Naomi

    Episode 6

    The Moores are back for another awesome week of learning, fun, and games! Today they use the story of Ruth (and a fun food-finding game!) to see how God was protecting and loving Ruth and Naomi every step of the way.

  • Day 5 – David & Goliath

    Episode 5

    Get out your slingshots, it’s time to face the giant! The Moore kids ponder the question, “Can WE trust God’s Big Love as much as David?”

  • Day 4 – Crossing The Red Sea

    Episode 4

    Today you’ll see God’s Big Love through the familiar story of Moses parting the waters by the power of God. Also, the family plays one of the silliest games ever featured on “Backyard Bible Camp!”

  • Day 3 – Lost Sheep

    Episode 3

    New Testament time! Today’s story was actually first told by Jesus himself! Plus, see who’s going to win the “Lost Sheep Challenge!”

  • Day 2 – Ezekiel And The Dry Bones

    Episode 2

    Another day of seeing God‘s Big Love this time through the story of Ezekiel and the dry bones. Watch as the Moore family breaks up into teams to see if they can put a skeleton back together too!

  • Day 1 – God Uses Miriam

    Episode 1

    Camp kicks off with the story of Miriam and baby Moses! Mike and Savannah surprised the kids with an awesome basket- building craft and race!