Backyard Bible Camp

  • Day 10 – Noah's Ark

    For this epic camp finale the Moore kids participate in telling the story, playing a super-fun game, and even show off how much they’ve learned these past two weeks!

  • Day 9 – Samson

    Today the Moores tackle one of the most complicated stories in the Bible. Is God’s Big Love really evident in this story? Watch and see!

  • Day 8 – Creation

    The Moores are going back to basics with seeing God’s Big Love in the creation story, and using sidewalk chalk murals to experience it in an epic way!

  • Day 7 – Jericho

    The Moore kids learn the story of Joshua and the Isrealites overtaking Jericho by acting it out. And if you haven’t heard this story yet you’ll see God showing extreme creativity in revealing his love for his people!

  • Day 6 – Ruth Saves Naomi

    The Moores are back for another awesome week of learning, fun, and games! Today they use the story of Ruth (and a fun food-finding game!) to see how God was protecting and loving Ruth and Naomi every step of the way.

  • Day 5 – David & Goliath

    Get out your slingshots, it’s time to face the giant! The Moore kids ponder the question, “Can WE trust God’s Big Love as much as David?”

  • Day 4 – Crossing The Red Sea

    Today you’ll see God’s Big Love through the familiar story of Moses parting the waters by the power of God. Also, the family plays one of the silliest games ever featured on “Backyard Bible Camp!”

  • Day 3 – Lost Sheep

    New Testament time! Today’s story was actually first told by Jesus himself! Plus, see who’s going to win the “Lost Sheep Challenge!”

  • Day 2 – Ezekiel And The Dry Bones

    Another day of seeing God‘s Big Love this time through the story of Ezekiel and the dry bones. Watch as the Moore family breaks up into teams to see if they can put a skeleton back together too!

  • Day 1 – God Uses Miriam

    Camp kicks off with the story of Miriam and baby Moses! Mike and Savannah surprised the kids with an awesome basket- building craft and race!

  • Episode 1: Let's Go!

    Welcome, campers! “What’s The Scoop?” stars Tatum, River, and Laiken [somehow] got permission from Bob & Larry to host camp all week long! Today kicks off with a look at our camp verse, Joshua 1:9. With help from our friends at Kidspring, learn exactly what was happening in Joshua’s life when God...

  • Episode 2: Joshua & Caleb

    So, how DID Joshua end up as the leader of God’s people? KingdomCity Kids shares today’s origin story from Numbers about Joshua & Caleb’s brave trip into Canaan, and their big trust in God even when everyone else was too afraid.

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  • Episode 3: In Real Life

    Wait—so HOW do we apply this camp verse in our everyday lives? Tory from WinShape camp helps Tatum, River, and Laiken get to the bottom of it… and they roleplay exactly what this could look like in their own lives—AND YOURS!

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  • Episode 4: Jesus-Style

    TRUE OR FALSE: Being “strong and courageous” only applies in the old testament? FALSE! Our friends at Kids On The Move share the story of Jesus calming the storm to illustrate how this verse’s meaning was reinforced by Christ… and still applies in YOUR life today!

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  • Episode 5: Who's There?

    Did you hear that?! There’s someone out there in the woods… who—or what-- could it be?! Whoever it is (scroll down for the answer) will hopefully explain how THEY tackle the fears they face!

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  • Day 1 — Fruits of the Spirit: REPLAY!

    On this very special episode of the Yippee Show, Cam and Noel dive into the first episode of Yippee's original Backyard Bible Camp as they talk about the Fruits of The Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). Join Cam and Noel for a 10-episode Backyard Bible Camp, where they unpack all nine fruits of the Holy...

  • Day 2 - Peace: REPLAY!

    Camp has begun and Cam and Noel are...taking a nap?! Watch as these camp leaders retell the story of Jesus calming the storm! Learn how we have access to Jesus in our “storms” and how cherries can be a good metaphor for peace.

  • Day 3 — Joy: REPLAY!

    It’s Day 3 of camp and we are JOYOUS! That’s right, we are talking about joy on today’s episode of Backyard Bible Camp! Join Cam and Noel for a sweet lesson on how gratitude is a big part of joy and how we can practice gratitude daily!

  • Day 4 — Love: REPLAY!

    It's a lesson in LOVE today on Backyard Bible Camp and your hosts are teaching us all about how to grow the fruit of love, and how the parable of the lost sheep is a berry good example of God’s love.

  • Day 5 — Patience: REPLAY

    Patience and Pineapples. You guessed it, Day 5 of camp is all about PATIENCE! Why is it so hard to practice patience, how did Nehemiah show patience, and what’s the patience game? Learn it all here!

  • Day 6 — Kindness: REPLAY!

    A show so kind its COCO-NUTS! Ok, but really. Kindness, like a coconut, can bring so many benefits to our lives. Noel and Cam are taking notes from Yippee’s original series, Pete & Penelope: TreeHouse Time, on how to be a little more kind, even when we don’t have to be.

  • Day 7 — Goodness: REPLAY!

    Orange you glad there’s another day of Backyard Bible Camp! Fruit puns aside, today’s camp lesson is one you don’t want to miss! We’re talking goodness and retelling the story of how Ruth used the fruit of goodness to honor her loved ones.

  • Day 8 – Faithfulness: REPLAY!

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree...of FAITHFULNESS! It’s drama day at camp and today Cam and Noel are acting out the story of Noah! We’ll learn all about how faithfulness is a seed already in us that can grow into beautiful fruit and bring us closer to God.

  • Day 9 – Gentleness: REPLAY!

    We are nearing the end of camp but don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about your favorite fruit-- Bananas! (Or gentleness depending on which “fruit” you were thinking of). Today we’re learning how Jesus showed gentleness to both the Pharisees and the accused woman. It’s not always easy to stay gent...