Backseat Drivers

Backseat Drivers

10 Episodes

Backseat Drivers is the world’s first car show for kids, with kid hosts Cam, Remy, and Jack in the driver’s seat! What would happen if you turned a 500HP Alfa Romeo into a pizza delivery car? Or raced a school bus and a minivan? Watch to find out!

Backseat Drivers
  • Fast Food

    Episode 1

    Frustrated by a delayed pizza delivery, the Backseat Drivers wonder if they can turn an Alfa Romeo into a 500HP pizza delivery car.

  • Kid vs. Car

    Episode 2

    Worried that autonomous vehicles may ruin the joy of driving forever, Remy challenges a Tesla to a “parallel parking contest” to see which is the better driver — a Tesla on Auto park or an 11-year-old girl.

  • Buckle Up

    Episode 3

    After checking out the latest safety features of modern cars, the Backseat Drivers devise a braking test that becomes quite festive.

  • Tough Cars

    Episode 4

    The Backseat Drivers get up close and personal with the Rezvani Tank, and while this extreme utility vehicle is bulletproof, the kids find out if it’s truly kid-proof.

  • Think Small

    Episode 5

    Jason Torchinsky visits the garage to show the kids some cool microcars, which inspires the Backseat Drivers to create a “car turducken.

  • Messmobiles

    Episode 6

    The Backseat Drivers test their theory that there’s a hidden connection between cars and food… by trying to eat Bratwurst in a speeding Porsche.

  • Late for School

    Episode 7

    Bummed that he missed the bus, Cam wonders which is faster, a school bus or a minivan… so the kids bring both to the drag strip!

  • Grocery Getters

    Episode 8

    The kids race three very different vehicles through a shopping cart slalom course to show that a “grocery getter” doesn’t have to be a minivan.

  • Speedy Delivery

    Episode 9

    Is sending an email faster than hand-delivering a letter? What if that letter is delivered in a 717HP Dodge Hellcat?

  • The One at the LA Auto Show

    Episode 10

    On this Backseat Drivers road trip, the kids get special preview access to the LA Auto Show and race through the exhibits to find the ultimate family road trip car.