Arts & Crafts by Three Sisters

Arts & Crafts by Three Sisters

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HEY THERE! We're three sisters who love to make kids crafts. The only problem is we don't drive and Mom doesn't always have time to get to the craft store. So, 60% of our crafts use things around the house; toilet paper rolls, plastic bottles, cotton balls, coffee filters, popsicle sticks, egg cartons, napkins, and even empty kleenex boxes. And when we supplement, we try to use items found at a local market or $1 store.

Arts & Crafts by Three Sisters
  • How to Make DIY Wall Art using Plastic Bottle Caps

    Episode 1

    Learn how to create this adorable butterfly kids craft using plastic bottle caps, cardboard, mod podge or hot glue gun, paint & beads. Adapt the technique to make whatever animal you'd like.

  • How to Make DIY Window Clings | Easy Craft for Kids |

    Episode 2

    We're back this week with another fun and easy craft for kids. This time we're making DIY Window Clings. Our favorite part about this project was that we already had the ingredients at home! Plus it was a nice blend of science and creativity. Teachers could do this craft in classrooms and make it...

  • How to Make Paper Mache Bowls with Newspaper | Easy Fall Craft for Kids

    Episode 3

    Super fun and easy craft kids can make . . . Paper Mache candy Bowls made from newspaper! This kid friendly paper mache recipe uses only 2 ingredients - FLOUR & WATER. That means no glue, parents ;-) You can decorate your bowls any way you like; however since October is fast approaching, we tur...

  • How to Make Water Sponge Bombs | Camp Games and Summer Activities

    Episode 4

    Look out everyone, we're having a BOYS vs GIRLS water fight with our own DIY Sponge Bombs! These water sponge bombs were really easy to make. In fact we made ours on location at the Salt River in Arizona. Instead of water balloons that break and leave a mess, our sponge bombs are washable and rea...

  • How to Make Unicorn Bath Salts for Kids | Unicorn Craft | Bath & Body

    Episode 5

    One of our most popular YouTube videos is Kids Safe Bath Bombs, so we decided to offer another fun bath craft! However; this time we're making Unicorn Bath Salts for Kids or Tweens. These would make super cute party favors or gifts.

  • How to Make DIY Sidewalk Chalk | Spring & Summer Craft for Kids

    Episode 6

    Spring is here and summer is right around the corner. That means it time for outdoor activities! Although if you live in Arizona like us, we've been enjoying the outdoors year-round. In this fun and easy kids craft video, we'll show you how to make DIY sidewalk chalk using just 3 ingredients then...

  • Mixed Media Art for Kids or Beginners | Recycled Art by Three Sisters

    Episode 7

    You don't have to spend a lot of money to create art. In fact, this easy mixed media project is wonderful for kids or adults. Best of all, you probably have everything you need lying around the house. Who doesn't love a low cost project that teaches kids about repurposing and recycling. Ideal for...

  • How to Make Ice Circles | Easy Winter Craft for Kids

    Episode 8

    Hi guys! We have a super easy winter craft that can be made to hang on trees outside. Although we live in the Arizona, most of the country is in a deep freeze or under snow. So, why not add a little color and glisten to those bare trees with fun ice circles. All you need is food coloring, molds, ...

  • Easy DIY Popsicle Bath Bombs | Summer Crafts

    Episode 9

    Summer is here and we're making super cute Popsicle Bath Bombs. We're using the same bath bomb recipe we used in our previous DIY bath bomb video, but this time shaping them into popsicle molds and adding a popsicle stick. Make them patriotic by layering Red, White & Blue colors or get creative a...

  • How to Make a Snow Globe Ornament | Easy DIY Christmas Craft for Kids

    Episode 10

    Learn how to make a waterless snow globe ornament using plastic ornaments from Michaels. This Christmas Craft is adaptable for kids of all ages. Children 9 and over can make the whole ornament while younger kids can easily create the half version.

  • Easy DIY Feather Room Decor | How to Make a Room Mobile | Kids Craft

    Episode 11

    We LOVE room decorations! In fact, every time we enter a store we beg mom to take us to the room decor aisle. So, this week we take inspiration from in-store hanging room decor and made our own DIY Feather Room Mobile. The results were beautiful. What makes it more special is that we were able t...

  • How to Make DIY Bath Bombs | Easy Recipe! Kids Safe & Organic

    Episode 12

    In this week's DIY video. You'll learn how to make your own Organic "Kids Safe" bath bombs for a fraction of store bought bath bombs. The recipe is so easy and simple a kid could do it! Inspired by Lush bath bombs!

  • DIY How to Paint Rocks | The Kindness Rocks Project | Easy Kids Craft

    Episode 13

    This week we become part of a beautiful movement by participating in The Kindness Rocks Project. The principals are very simple. Paint rocks with inspiring messages or designs and leave them around the neighborhood for people to find. We've seen people get a smile on their face as they pick one u...

  • How to Make DIY Cat Ears using Scrapbook Flowers

    Episode 14

    Riley bought some cat ears at Claire's last week which, of course, caused Reese and Grace to want them too. Rather than spend more money on them, we took good look at the construction and realized we could make them ourselves.

  • How to Make a DIY Hair Accessory Holder from Paper Rolls | Easy Kids Craft

    Episode 15

    How to Make a DIY Hair Accessory Holder from Paper Rolls | Easy Kids Craft

  • How to Make a DIY Squishy Cake, Donut & Brownie | Dessert Kids Crafts

    Episode 16

    This is a special video because we hit 1,000 Subscribers AND WE'RE DOING A GIVEAWAY! Watch the video for details. We can't thank you enough it really means the world to us. So we're celebrating with desserts! In this kids craft tutorial we'll teach you how to make DIY Squishy Cakes, Donuts & Brow...

  • How to Make Popsicle Stick Friendship Bracelets | DIY Jewelry

    Episode 17

    We're so excited to bring you another original creation from Kids Crafts by Three Sisters! Today we'll be making "Rainbow Friendship Bracelets" using popsicle sticks and tissue paper. This craft is so easy that kids can make beautiful DIY jewelry as gifts with just a few items.

  • How to Make SLIME BALL Popsicle Stick Bracelets! | DIY Jewelry for Kids

    Episode 18

    Learn how to make these colorful bracelets using popsicle sticks, slime balls & glitter. This kids craft is a perfect DIY jewelry idea for birthday gifts or even birthday parties. We've yet to see anyone create a popsicle stick bracelet with slime balls and we're so pleased to be the FIRST!

  • How to Tie Dye a T-Shirt | Heart Design | Kids Crafts by Three Sisters

    Episode 19

    How to Tie Dye a T-Shirt | Heart Design | Kids Crafts by Three Sisters

  • How to Make DIY Fluffy Slime | No Borax Slime Party | Easy Kids Craft

    Episode 20

    Holy cow, we're having a DIY slime party! And the girls are learning how to make fluffy slime without borax!. That's a double thumbs up.
    You won't believe how easy it is to do this kids craft by using just a few household ingredients. We had so much making fluffy slime we did every color of the ...

  • How to Make DIY Dinosaur Soap Using Plastic Eggs | Soap Making for Kids

    Episode 21

    In this fun "How to" kids craft tutorial, we'll show you how to make DIY Dinosaur Soap with two special guests "Sam" & "Max". This is an easy melt and pour technique using soap chunks. Great for beginners or kids!

  • How to Make a Popsicle Memory Game | DIY Popsicle Stick Craft for Kids

    Episode 22

    We love games! Especially when we can make them from items around the house. In this easy DIY kids craft tutorial we'll recycle paper bags, scrapbook paper & popsicle sticks into a popsicle memory game.

  • How to Make Duck Tape Flower Pens | DIY Duct Tape Craft

    Episode 23

    How to Make Duck Tape Flower Pens | DIY Duct Tape Craft

  • How to Make a Popsicle Stick Basket | Easy Party DIY

    Episode 24

    In this kids craft video, we'll show you how to recycle a plastic strawberry basket into popsicle stick baskets. Perfect for holding candy or nuts at your next party or displayed on your desk with our duck tape flower pens!