Top Shows for Toddlers (0-4)

Top Shows for Toddlers (0-4)

Come explore this collection featuring the most popular episodes from your favorite shows, curated especially for 0 - 4 year olds! When you discover a new favorite series, be sure to scroll right to watch ALL the episodes from that series and MORE!

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Top Shows for Toddlers (0-4)
  • Beethoven

    Oto the red clay octopus discovers with us the German composer and pianist Beethoven.

  • Cap'n Ben | Sorry I Messed Up (Music Video)

    Cap'n Ben | Sorry I Messed Up (Music Video)

  • Learning about the Alphabet

    Do you remember that well-known song to teach children the alphabet? Encourage your little ones to sing the ABCs

  • Proverbs 30:5

    Molly has a brand new verse for us to memorize and she helps us to understand why it is such a good and blessed thing to memorize God's Word.

  • Day at the Beach

    Today, the fam heads to the shores of the mighty Columbia River for some fun in the sun! Then, we dry off and head back to the studio for another awesome jam about our day at the beach!

  • PicTrain | 31 | Learning Shapes Black

  • Episode 6 | In The Beginning God Created

    Benjamin Cello, Professor Wordsworth, and the Bookworms investigate the greatest opening lines of literature, including the magnificent opening words of Genesis: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

  • Gumboot Kids | Christmas Special | A Campfire Christmas

  • The Lamb

    The owls can hardly contain their excitement as they help Mr. Shepherd with the annual toy drive and learn three things from the lamb.


    Sing and move along with Dennisha. BINGO is a fun and silly way to get your body
    moving. Learn letters and spelling in this educational and popular kid's song.

  • Pete and Penelope Get Some Mail

    Siblings Pete and Penelope are so excited when they receive a special package from their Aunt Dy in the mail. But who gets to play with it first?! Meanwhile, Little Fox is fascinated by Lucy the Hedgehog’s fabulous rock collection but gets frustrated when she won’t let him play with it too. Can t...

  • Petting Zoo

    Funny Man Dan gets to meet loads of new animal friends as he explores the petting zoo. He even faces his fears to milks a cow! So don’t be sheepish, grab your explorer gear and let’s go!

  • Forgiveness

    Kari is reading her diary and becomes convinced that she’s a terrible friend because she’s remembering all the things she’s done wrong.

    But Barry says that he has chosen to forgive and forget those things. We follow a class full of Treasure Champs as they create a space in their playground for ...

  • Songs for kids Compilation

    Enjoy this video with a compilation of Kids´ Songs in English! Watch it and have fun!

  • Manners, Please!

    Manners, Please!

  • Danny Go! The Songs!

    Danny go lovers will love the 3+ hour compilation of all Danny Go songs!

  • Episode 2 | Put Your Foot Inside of Your Mouth

    Why would humans ever put their foot inside of their mouth? These curious friends want to learn why but they may need to brush their teeth when they’re finished singing this silly song.

  • Yancy - Brand New Day

    Yancy has creatively pulled together easy-to-sing songs that engage kids from the very start and create a perfect environment for them to praise their God.