Top Shows for Toddlers (0-4)

Top Shows for Toddlers (0-4)

Come explore this collection featuring the most popular episodes from your favorite shows, curated especially for 0 - 4 year olds! When you discover a new favorite series, be sure to scroll right to watch ALL the episodes from that series and MORE!

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Top Shows for Toddlers (0-4)
  • All The Songs! Vol.2

    All The Songs! Vol.2

  • 19 Min Megamix (Like Cocomelon)

  • Finding Joy

    Lenny & Lucy are contestants in the Gardens annual ‘A-MAZEMENT-DAY’ contest! They have to find JOY THE JAGUAR at the center of the maze before all of the other contestants do. Only one problem: they’re lost!

  • Veggies In Space: The Fennel Frontier

    A Lesson in The Power of Sharing! Join Captain Cuke (Larry the Cucumber) and his loyal first officer, Mr. Spork (Bob the Tomato), as they embark on an out of this world adventure to bravely travel where no Veggie has ever been. The entire USS Applepies crew takes on Luntar the Looter, a power ste...

  • Busy Bee

    Gus follows a bee and finds Lucy and Karrot collecting honey from a hive. While learning how honey is made, Gus and Karrot try honey for the first time. The three friends then go inside for a cup of tea before going to the field and picking flowers.

  • Doctors Appointment with Cowboy Jack | Back to School Check Up

    Who's ready to go on a doctors appointment with Cowboy Jack for our back to school check up? Going to the doctor can be so much fun and it definitely is fun with our friends at Sandstone Family Medicine in Montgomery, Texas! In this Doctors Appointment with Cowboy Jack, we're taking a hearing tes...

  • Cubekins | Episode 10 | Jesus Loves Me

    Jesus Loves Me This I Know for the Bible Tells Me So With Lyrics - Christian animation songs for kids!

  • BOZ: A Carnival of Counting!

    BOZ wakes up to a special surprise – A Counting Carnival! BOZ is given ten tickets to play a variety of games including ring toss, the milk-bottle game, and even a chance to catch plastic fish. BOZ shares with his friends that the “fun is in the trying!”

  • The Flowers At The Garden

    The Flowers At The Garden

  • The Great Noise

    Zeebee and Bodjo play some catchy tunes on their instruments. Bumbly is secretly watching them and decides to become their competition: it wants to make its own music. Bumbly starts to play the drums, then grabs onto another instrument - a guitar - and makes a dreadful noise. Animals run away on ...

  • Learn about Playing Together with Ant Active

    Ant Active is a Super Geek Hero on a mission to learn! In this mission he learns about how important it is to play together with your friends. Ant raps one of his favorite songs called 'Playing Together' so everyone can join in the learning fun!

  • Bubble Pop

    Bobo and kids bring you another Super fun VIDEO GAME WORKOUT for the whole family in a style that POPS! Laugh and LEVEL UP with Bobo, Prayer, and Zadok through a series of challenging levels filled with different kinds of bubbles for you to pop and avoid. Collect rainbows and lol at the jokes!


  • Episode 2 | Put Your Foot Inside of Your Mouth

    Why would humans ever put their foot inside of their mouth? These curious friends want to learn why but they may need to brush their teeth when they’re finished singing this silly song.

  • This Train - Kids Songs - Alina Celeste

    This Train is going to the City, then we take a car, a truck, a bike and rocket! What other sorts of things could we take trips in?

  • Beethoven

    Oto the red clay octopus discovers with us the German composer and pianist Beethoven.

  • Cap'n Ben | Sorry I Messed Up (Music Video)

  • Learning about the Alphabet

    Do you remember that well-known song to teach children the alphabet? Encourage your little ones to sing the ABCs

  • Day at the Beach

    Today, the fam heads to the shores of the mighty Columbia River for some fun in the sun! Then, we dry off and head back to the studio for another awesome jam about our day at the beach!

  • PicTrain | 31 | Learning Shapes Black

  • Episode 6 | In The Beginning God Created

    Benjamin Cello, Professor Wordsworth, and the Bookworms investigate the greatest opening lines of literature, including the magnificent opening words of Genesis: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

  • Gumboot Kids | Christmas Special | A Campfire Christmas

  • The Lamb

    The owls can hardly contain their excitement as they help Mr. Shepherd with the annual toy drive and learn three things from the lamb.


    Sing and move along with Dennisha. BINGO is a fun and silly way to get your body
    moving. Learn letters and spelling in this educational and popular kid's song.