Adventures in Booga Booga Land

Adventures in Booga Booga Land

11 Episodes

Adventures in Booga Booga Land tells the laughter-filled, exciting stories of two high-spirited buddies, Marty the Monkey and Gerard the Giraffe. Finding everything too small in the town of Too-small-for-me, Gerard the Giraffe leaves his hometown for the capital city, Booga. As his bus pulls into the busy streets of Booga, he rescues Marty the Monkey and the two instantly become best friends. The entire family will enjoy the telling of the zany stories as the comedy duo bounce from one adventure to the next, and meet exciting new characters like President Bob, Stan, Rufus, Squid Sushi and many others who will captivate you with humor and truths.

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Adventures in Booga Booga Land
  • So... This is Booga / Marty's Sandcastle

    Episode 1

    Marty the Monkey and Gerard the Giraffe meet in the city of Booga Booga, and become best friends. They decide to become window washers for a day for 20 bamolies. But when they see Stan give the other workers 20 bamolies as well, Gerard and Marty want to know why.

    Marty and Gerard decide to go t...

  • No Light in This Lighthouse / The Booga Bolter

    Episode 2

    Marty gets a bright idea to build a lighthouse. But Marty wants to finish building his lighthouse fast and when he sees that there are ships being lost, he and Gerard have to do something!

    Marty and Gerard meet Squid Sushi, the owner of a restaurant that had mysteriously lost his shipment of one...

  • Squid Sushi Loses His Marbles / Wally The Waiter

    Episode 3

    Marty and Gerard collect oysters for Squid Sushi's restaurant. On the way to the restaurant, they find that the oysters all have a precious pearl inside them and Sushi buys all of them. But one day when Gerard finds a very big pearl, Squid Sushi says he will trade his entire collection of pearls ...

  • The Flaming Monkey / Dough

    Episode 4

    Squid Sushi gives Marty and Gerard his restaurant and they turn it into a burger restaurant called 'The Flaming Monkey'. The restaurant becomes so famous that Bob, the president of Booga, wants to book the restaurant for his daughter's wedding banquet. Just before the banquet is to begin, Bob l...

  • Scatter the Seeds / Runaway Dog

    Episode 5

    In this episode Gerard and Marty decide that they should become farmers and goes to work on Stan's farm. The two friends find out that Stan owes a lot of bambolies to the evil cow brothers and they agree to help Stan. At first things are disastrous, but with patience and polly's advice on farming...

  • The Big Booga Bank / The Duet Brothers

    Episode 6

    A too-fast diving in the pool gives Marty and Gerard the idea to go into banking and the two friends open up their new bank, “The Big Booga Bank”. Then one day, a customer comes to borrow a large sum of bambolies which he spends all in one day and he asks Marty and Gerard to give him a chance to ...

  • 3P2C / The Booga Nut Tree

    Episode 7

    Marty and Gerard, now owners of a vacuum cleaner business, invent the 3P2C, a small pocket sized vacuum cleaner and ask Stan, Rufus and Slow to sell the products while the two best- friends help out Polly at the Toasted Coconut. As the day progresses, a big competition turns out as all three sale...

  • Building Surfboards the Slow Way / Clothes

    Episode 8

    Marty and Gerard decide to open a surf-board shop. When they find that all their surfboards for the Surfing Competition are broken, they have to fix it right-away but Marty and Gerard have never made surf-boards before! A mysterious stranger offers to help them and at first Marty is suspicious of...

  • The Boofabobs Face Extinction / Slam Moves

    Episode 9

    When Marty and Gerard open a pest extermination company, Mr. Guudshaw comes to them and asks them to make the bugs in his soup go away. The two best friends, with the help of Rufus the Dog, they capture the bug-culprit but when they return to the restaurant the next day, President Bob's shoes hav...

  • Conquering Mt. Neverbin Climbed / The Amazing Gaboochi

    Episode 10

    An accident at a Music Concert sends Marty and Gerard to become mountaineers. One day while resting in their bungalow deep in the jungle, Stan and Rufus come asking the two friends to sponsor them for President Bob's Charity Climb of Mount Neverbin Climbed. Rufus and Marty become one team while G...

  • Soccer Splits / Get S-Marty

    Episode 11

    Marty and Gerard decide to become professional soccer players and they tryout for the Booga Elite Soccer Team under the supervision of Mr. Guudshaw. At first things don't go so well and when the Cow Brothers join, the two friends are sent off the team! With the help and encouragement of Polly and...