60 Minutes of Animals

60 Minutes of Animals

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60 Minutes of Animals
  • Dog Rescuer

    Go fetch! Yonas meets his friend Mikayla at a dog adoption center, where they talk all about what it’s like to be a “Dog Superhero.” Rescuing and taking care of dogs is lots of work, but Yonas is up to the task – even if it means picking up their…well…you know what…

  • A Day at the Ranch

    Let’s go to the ranch! Join me and my sisters as we clean up stables, help take care of the horses, and go for a ride.

  • Petting Zoo

    Funny Man Dan gets to meet loads of new animal friends as he explores the petting zoo. He even faces his fears to milks a cow! So don’t be sheepish, grab your explorer gear and let’s go!

  • Red-Eared Slider - Animal Facts

    Trav visits the Marlborough Public Library to learn more about Spike, the Red-Eared Slider!