30 Minutes of Animals

30 Minutes of Animals

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30 Minutes of Animals
  • Hand Feeding My Pet Baby Turtle!

    In this video, I feed my baby turtle, Skittle, some minnows from the creek. He is super fast and swims around to catch them. Thank you guys for watching!!

  • Doll

    Forcing a friend to play with you is wrong, even more so when you take what’s not yours. Now, how will Oppa and Keki get along to have fun together?

  • Working Animals

    Meet Whisper - a dog who ran away from home, his owners moved several months later, and Whisper finds his owners in their new home almost two years after running away. Next meet the cast of the Universal Show. And we’ll visit with a horse stable that provides therapy for all kinds of handicappe...

  • Five Little Ducks

    Sing along as Mother Duck looks for her five little ducks as they go over the hill and far away!