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Trav travels the world to bring you the best in animal facts and conservation efforts.

Travs Travels
  • Giant Anteater - Animal Facts

    Episode 1

    This weeks animal is gets its name from eating their favorite food. Grab your favorite snack and join us while we discuss the Giant Anteater!

  • Two Toed Sloth - Animal Facts

    Episode 2

    Hellllllooooooooooo TRAVVVVVVellllllerrrssssss. This week's animal is known for moving at a slightly sloooooooooower pace than most other animals. Grab a tree branch and HANG OUT while we discuss the Two-Toed Sloth!

  • Birds of Paradise - Animal Facts

    Episode 3

    Its a bird, its a plant, its - Birds of Paradise! Trav is back from holiday to talk about some of his favorite fine feathered friends.

  • Reindeer - Animal Facts

    Episode 4

    HO HO HO TRAVelers! This week we're celebrating Santa's favorite flying animal - the REINDEER! So grab some milk and cookies, listen for hooves on the roof, and learn all about the animals that pull Santa's sleigh!

  • Mandrill - Animal Facts

    Episode 5

    No monkeying around - this animal is quite the colorful character! This week's animals is the Mandrill!

  • Komodo Dragon - Animal Facts

    Episode 6

    This week's animal is a DRAGON! Well, not a fire breathing dragon, but rather, an island dwelling KOMODO DRAGON! Watch on and learn more about these big, claw-tastic reptiles.

  • Zebra - Animal Facts

    Episode 7

    Today's animal is one of the most famous striped critters, the Zebra! Grab your HAREM and watch as Trav shares everything he knows about the Zebra.

  • Jellyfish - Animal Facts

    Episode 8

    Today's animal has been around since this time of the dinosaurs! In fact, some of them are IMMORTAL! Watch and learn more crazy facts about the JELLYFISH!

  • Hedgehogs - Animal Facts

    Episode 9

    Hedgehogs don't spin around collecting coins, and they aren't usually blue, but they do a lot of other fun things like burrow in the ground and roll up into a spiky ball! Watch and learn more!

  • The Red Panda - Animal Facts

    Episode 10

    This week's animal is not only an excellent escape artist, but also one of the MOST ADORABLE ANIMALS EVER. Observe the cuteness that is the Red Panda.

  • Vampire Bats - Animal Facts

    Episode 11

    Happy Halloween TRAVelers! Today's animal is the spookiest flying creature we could think of - the Vampire Bat!

  • Orcas - Animal Facts

    Episode 12

    You'll have a KILLER time this week learning about the Orca!

  • African Penguins - Animal Facts

    Episode 13

    Throw on your fanciest outfit TRAVelers because today we're talking about the tuxedo wearing African Penguin. Your tuxedos are made out of waterproof feathers too, I hope!

  • The Honey Bee - Animal Facts

    Episode 14

    We're all a bzzzz about this episode! Today's animal is none other than the Honey Bee! They're small, they're sweet, and they're great team players!

  • Giraffes - Animal Facts

    Episode 15

    Today's episode is all about giraffes! You know they're tall but did you also know they have musical talents? Ok maybe they don't but watch anyways and learn about what they CAN do!

  • Whale Sharks - Animal Facts

    Episode 16

    This week's animal is majestic whale shark! Are they a whale? Are they a shark? Are they fun to be around? Do they know any good plankton pizza joints in the tri-state area? Watch to find out!

  • Peregrine Falcon - Animal Facts

    Episode 17

    This week's animal is the resilient, ubiquitous, and incredibly fast PEREGRINE FALCON!

  • The Kodiak Bear - Animal Facts

    Episode 18

    This week's Animal of the Week is THE KODIAK BEAR!