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Trav travels the world to bring you the best in animal facts and conservation efforts.

Travs Travels
  • Wolverine - Animal Facts

    Episode 1

    This week Trav Travels to the icy north in search of a most elusive animal. This animal doesn't need a mutant healing factor or factory made claws to get the job done.

  • Shark Week- Shark Conservation

    Episode 2

    Shark week has been mega-la-fun! We have learned incredible things about sharks in nuclear waters, sharks in jungles, sharks that can fly, crocodile perfume and many more. We even saw Cersei Lannister teach us about sharks!

  • Shark Week- World's Toothiest Sharks

    Episode 3

    Sharks are known for those incredible incisors, but do you know just how many teeth a shark can have? Dentist Trav has a day full of appointments with the toothiest sharks around! Luckily he charges by the tooth.

  • Shark Week- Things Deadlier Than Sharks

    Episode 4

    Think sharks are deadly? Wait 'till you see THESE! Trevil and Builder Trav discuss everything and anything that kills more than your average shark

  • Shark Week- Craziest Things Found in a Shark's Belly

    Episode 5

    Welcome to our new restaurant TRAVelers!

    On the menu? The strangest things found in a sharks belly!!

  • Shark Week- Top 5 Best Shark Week Episodes

    Episode 6

    It's the first night of Shark Week TRAVelers! Let's celebrate by taking a look back at some of the best Shark Week specials!

  • Great White Shark - Animal Facts

    Episode 7

    The Shark Month celebration continues this week TRAVelers with the Shark that gets a bad rap from Hollywood. Luckily a hard boiled detective is on the case.

    Do you have any Shark Month questions? Ask Trav all month long and get your questions answered online!

  • Hammerhead Shark - Animal Facts

    Episode 8

    HAPPY SHARK MONTH TRAVelers! This month we're all about sharks as we countdown to Discovery Channel's annual Shark Week! Week one is HAMMER TIME! Watch TRAV try and teach Trav the Builder the differences between construction tools and the Hammerhead Shark. Spoiler alert - hammers are not the sam...

  • Basking Shark - Animal Facts

    Episode 9

    The Shark Month celebration continues this week TRAVelers with today's animal, the Basking Shark! Open wide!

  • Dolphin - Animal Facts

    Episode 10

    This week we're seeking out the help of an incredibly smart animal - the DOLPHIN!

  • Hummingbird - Animal Facts

    Episode 11

  • Hippopotamus - Animal Facts

    Episode 12

    As summer approaches TRAVelers need to learn how to stay cool in the hot heat! This week's animal knows all about that.

  • Rhino - Animal Facts

    Episode 13

    Toot toot TRAVelers! This week's animal knows a thing or two about horns. Watch on and "Rocksteady" as Trav teaches about the Rhino.

  • Cheetah - Animal Facts

    Episode 14

    Yarrr TRRRRAVelers! You can't hide from this week's big cat because its the fastest land animal on the planet! Put on your running shoes and cover yourself in spots because you're about to learn about the Cheetah!

  • Narwhal - Animal Facts

    Episode 15

    Watch and learn TRAVelers about the unicorn of the sea - the Narwhal! Yes, they DO exist!

  • Western Lowland Gorilla - Animal Facts

    Episode 16

    Beat your chest and climb a tree TRAVelers, because this week we're talking about the GORILLA GORILLA GORILLA.

  • Sea Otter - Animal Facts

    Episode 17

    Today we're talking about an mammal who prefers the water over land. Follow Trav out to the sea to see some Sea Otters.

  • Wombat - Animal Facts

    Episode 18

    Today's animal is an adorable, surprisingly muscular marsupial from down under! Trav has also been lucky enough to snuggle one of these little Aussie critters. So, lift some weights and grab your protein shakes because today we're talking about the WOMBAT.

  • Moose - Animal Facts

    Episode 19

    This week we're headed up north to hang out with a rather large UNGULATE - the Moose! Follow Trav as his puts on his antlers and tries to measure up to the moose.

  • Platypus - Animal Facts

    Episode 20

    What has a the bill of a duck, lays eggs like a reptile, and the body of a mammal? No, this isn't a riddle, its this week's animal of the week - THE PLATYPUS! Follow along as Trav explains the wacky, incredibly unique critter that is the Platypus.

  • Polar Bear - Animal Facts

    Episode 21

    Brrrrrr travelers! This week's animal lives in the arctic, and tells great jokes! Ok, the second one isn't true. Watch on and learn REAL true facts about the Polar Bear!

  • Lion - Animal Facts

    Episode 22

    Lions and lions and lions, OH MY! In honor of Nat Geo Wild's Big Cat Week, we're talking about the king! No, not Elvis. LIONS! ROAR ON TRAVELERS!

  • Burmese Python - Animal Facts

    Episode 23

    Hello Travelersssss. Thisssss week'ssss animal has quite "unhinged" eating habits and gives killer hugs. Watch on and learn more about the Burmese Python (as well as Trav's amazing egg cracking skills)!

  • Seahorse - Animal Facts

    Episode 24

    YEEHAWW TRAVelers! Giddy up and watch this week's episode highlighting the colorful (yet unfortunately too small to ride) Seahorse!