Travs Travels (75 Videos)

  • Cape Wildlife Center- Ongoing Care

    In this final episode, we learn about medical care at the Cape Wildlife Center. I never knew how much individualized attention each animal gets in their journey back to rehabilitation.

  • Cape Wildlife Center- Habitat and Design

    Hey There Travelers!

    Travel with me to the Cape Wildlife Center where we learn more about animal rehabilitation. This is the first episode in a 3 - part series where the rescuers at the Cape Wildlife Center take us on a journey to learn more about what a day in the life of rescue, rehabilitation...

  • Groundhog - Animal Facts

    This week Trav Travels to Pennsylvania! As the world turns to look at the most famous groundhog Trav has got you covered on all the real facts about groundhogs!

  • Trav's Travels- Foster Parrots

    Trav Travels to Hope Valley, Rhode Island where he learns what it takes to care for parrots that have been placed in foster care after their owners were unable to care for them. Parrots are incredibly smart and live a very long time! Come learn more about this magnificent bird as Danika the sanct...

  • Dolphin - Animal Facts

    This week we're seeking out the help of an incredibly smart animal - the DOLPHIN!

  • Hippopotamus - Animal Facts

    As summer approaches TRAVelers need to learn how to stay cool in the hot heat! This week's animal knows all about that.

  • Sea Otter - Animal Facts

    Today we're talking about an mammal who prefers the water over land. Follow Trav out to the sea to see some Sea Otters.

  • Angora Rabbit - Animal Facts

    In celebration of Easter weekend (This past weekend) Travis is hopping onto facts about the Angora Rabbit.

  • Wombat - Animal Facts

    Today's animal is an adorable, surprisingly muscular marsupial from down under! Trav has also been lucky enough to snuggle one of these little Aussie critters. So, lift some weights and grab your protein shakes because today we're talking about the WOMBAT.

  • Moose - Animal Facts

    This week we're headed up north to hang out with a rather large UNGULATE - the Moose! Follow Trav as his puts on his antlers and tries to measure up to the moose.

  • Trav's Travels - Cheetah Conservation Fund

    Hey There TRAVelers!

    Looks like model Trav needs another lesson from the animal kingdom. Travel with your host Trav to Namibia Africa where he learns more about the fastest living land mammal, the cheetah!

    Special thanks to Annetjie and Iggy from the Cheetah Conservation Fund as well as Mary Wo...

  • Hammerhead Shark - Animal Facts

    HAPPY SHARK MONTH TRAVelers! This month we're all about sharks as we countdown to Discovery Channel's annual Shark Week! Week one is HAMMER TIME! Watch TRAV try and teach Trav the Builder the differences between construction tools and the Hammerhead Shark. Spoiler alert - hammers are not the sam...

  • Rhino - Animal Facts

    Toot toot TRAVelers! This week's animal knows a thing or two about horns. Watch on and "Rocksteady" as Trav teaches about the Rhino.

  • Panamanian Golden Frog - Animal Facts

    This week Trav's rockin band the Travelers heads down to Panama to headline their latest tour. While they are there, they learn about the national animal, the Panamanian golden frog. Come learn about this bright yellow poisonous amphibian and all the ways you can help protect it.

  • Great White Shark - Animal Facts

    The Shark Month celebration continues this week TRAVelers with the Shark that gets a bad rap from Hollywood. Luckily a hard boiled detective is on the case.

    Do you have any Shark Month questions? Ask Trav all month long and get your questions answered online!

  • Wolverine - Animal Facts

    This week Trav Travels to the icy north in search of a most elusive animal. This animal doesn't need a mutant healing factor or factory made claws to get the job done.

  • Pelican - Animal Facts

    Trav the Builder is having a hard time carrying his bucket in his mouth and ask Trav for some advice on the animal kingdom. Good thing Trav knows a thing or two about the Pelican!

  • Reindeer - Animal Facts

    HO HO HO TRAVelers! This week we're celebrating Santa's favorite flying animal - the REINDEER! So grab some milk and cookies, listen for hooves on the roof, and learn all about the animals that pull Santa's sleigh!

  • Zebra - Animal Facts

    Today's animal is one of the most famous striped critters, the Zebra! Grab your HAREM and watch as Trav shares everything he knows about the Zebra.

  • Western Lowland Gorilla - Animal Facts

    Beat your chest and climb a tree TRAVelers, because this week we're talking about the GORILLA GORILLA GORILLA.

  • Shark Week- World's Toothiest Sharks

    Sharks are known for those incredible incisors, but do you know just how many teeth a shark can have? Dentist Trav has a day full of appointments with the toothiest sharks around! Luckily he charges by the tooth.

  • Shark Week- Top 5 Best Shark Week Episodes

    It's the first night of Shark Week TRAVelers! Let's celebrate by taking a look back at some of the best Shark Week specials!

  • Shark Week- Things Deadlier Than Sharks

    Think sharks are deadly? Wait 'till you see THESE! Trevil and Builder Trav discuss everything and anything that kills more than your average shark

  • Seahorse - Animal Facts

    YEEHAWW TRAVelers! Giddy up and watch this week's episode highlighting the colorful (yet unfortunately too small to ride) Seahorse!