Travs Travels (75 Videos)

  • Camel - Animal Facts

    This week's animal can trek through the desert for miles on end without water. Trucker Trav wants to learn more about how this animal can go so long without stopping! Check out our fun facts about the camel.

  • Narwhal - Animal Facts

    Watch and learn TRAVelers about the unicorn of the sea - the Narwhal! Yes, they DO exist!

  • Elephant - Animal Facts

    Welcome back TRAVlers. Hope you had a great summer! After a bit of traveling around Trav is back with some helpful advice from the elephant! Don't forget to bring your trunks!

  • Shark Week- Coolest Places to Hang Out with Sharks

    Hey There TRAVelers!

    My flight got delayed :/. But while I have a couple minutes, I should talk to you about my itinerary! I am on my way to some of the coolest places to hang out with sharks!

    First Stop! Tiger Beach, Bahamas to see Tiger Sharks. Visit for some dive opportunities...

  • Hedgehogs - Animal Facts

    Hedgehogs don't spin around collecting coins, and they aren't usually blue, but they do a lot of other fun things like burrow in the ground and roll up into a spiky ball! Watch and learn more!

  • The Honey Bee - Animal Facts

    We're all a bzzzz about this episode! Today's animal is none other than the Honey Bee! They're small, they're sweet, and they're great team players!

  • Green Sea Turtle - Animal Facts

    Take a walk down memory lane with Grandpa Trav this week as he gets so much information wrong about his supposed best friend. Luckily Trav is here to shed light on some real facts about the green sea turtle.

  • Pufferfish - Animal Facts

    This week Trav travels to the tropical and sub-tropical waters where the pufferfish are found! Come learn more about this deadly venomous fish.

  • Cape Wild Life Center- Raising Animals

    Next, Lynn shows us how they raise animals that have been injured in the wild. Come learn the specifics of how to raise wildlife to become strong and independent!

  • Two Toed Sloth - Animal Facts

    Hellllllooooooooooo TRAVVVVVVellllllerrrssssss. This week's animal is known for moving at a slightly sloooooooooower pace than most other animals. Grab a tree branch and HANG OUT while we discuss the Two-Toed Sloth!

  • Mandrill - Animal Facts

    No monkeying around - this animal is quite the colorful character! This week's animals is the Mandrill!

  • Shark Week- Craziest Things Found in a Shark's Belly

    Welcome to our new restaurant TRAVelers!

    On the menu? The strangest things found in a sharks belly!!

  • Burmese Python - Animal Facts

    Hello Travelersssss. Thisssss week'ssss animal has quite "unhinged" eating habits and gives killer hugs. Watch on and learn more about the Burmese Python (as well as Trav's amazing egg cracking skills)!

  • Red-Eared Slider - Animal Facts

    Trav visits the Marlborough Public Library to learn more about Spike, the Red-Eared Slider!

  • Cheetah - Animal Facts

    Yarrr TRRRRAVelers! You can't hide from this week's big cat because its the fastest land animal on the planet! Put on your running shoes and cover yourself in spots because you're about to learn about the Cheetah!

  • Basking Shark - Animal Facts

    The Shark Month celebration continues this week TRAVelers with today's animal, the Basking Shark! Open wide!

  • Hummingbird - Animal Facts

  • Mass Audubon's Drumlin Farm and Wildlife Sanctuary- Beekeeping

    Hey There TRAVelers! Check out our latest episode where we travel to Mass Audubon's Drumlin Farm and Wildlife Sanctuary to learn more about bee behavior, beekeeping and bee conservation. Mel the beekeeper even gives us an insider look into what a beehive looks like. Put on your beesuit and Keep o...

  • Cape Wildlife Center- Ongoing Care

    In this final episode, we learn about medical care at the Cape Wildlife Center. I never knew how much individualized attention each animal gets in their journey back to rehabilitation.

  • Cape Wildlife Center- Habitat and Design

    Hey There Travelers!

    Travel with me to the Cape Wildlife Center where we learn more about animal rehabilitation. This is the first episode in a 3 - part series where the rescuers at the Cape Wildlife Center take us on a journey to learn more about what a day in the life of rescue, rehabilitation...

  • Groundhog - Animal Facts

    This week Trav Travels to Pennsylvania! As the world turns to look at the most famous groundhog Trav has got you covered on all the real facts about groundhogs!

  • Trav's Travels- Foster Parrots

    Trav Travels to Hope Valley, Rhode Island where he learns what it takes to care for parrots that have been placed in foster care after their owners were unable to care for them. Parrots are incredibly smart and live a very long time! Come learn more about this magnificent bird as Danika the sanct...

  • Dolphin - Animal Facts

    This week we're seeking out the help of an incredibly smart animal - the DOLPHIN!

  • Hippopotamus - Animal Facts

    As summer approaches TRAVelers need to learn how to stay cool in the hot heat! This week's animal knows all about that.