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Jacob and Esau

Topsy Turvy (18 Videos) • 28m

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  • Adam & Eve

    When Gus and Stew play with the mixer in the kitchen, against Topsy's wishes, they make a big mess. Topsy comes back to find them hiding from her. She reminds them of Adam and Eve who did something they were not supposed to do and got in trouble.

  • Joseph

    Gus and Stew are given clues to find a special surprise Topsy has for them. But when the guys can't figure out the clues, they want to give up. Topsy tells them about Joseph and the fact that we may not always understand why things happen, but we need to trust God and follow His plan.

  • Noah

    Gus and Stew are in the garden helping Topsy plant flowers. But when a storm comes along, Gus and Stew are worried the rain may never stop and their seeds will be washed away. Topsy reminds them of the story of Noah and his family on the ark and the promise God made to never destroy the earth wi...