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Up Next in Topsy Turvy (18 Videos)

  • Nehemiah

    When Gus and Stew accidentally break something of Topsy's, they feel bad and try to make repairs. Things don't go so well. So Topsy tries to cheer them up by telling them about Nehemia who had to trust in God to rebuild the wall.

  • Paul's Journey

    When Stew thinks he is sick, Gus tries to help but ends up making things worse. Topsy tries to tell them not to worry by telling them the story of Paul and the journey he took while trusting in God.

  • Jacob and Esau

    Stew learns a hard lesson when he is tricked by Gus to give up something he loves so he can get out of work. Topsy shares with the guys the story of Jacob and Esau and the importance of never giving up special things for the things that are temporary.