Watch this video and more on Yippee

Watch this video and more on Yippee

Frogging with a Livetarget Mouse


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  • Bass Attacks Turtle!!

    I was feeding my bass and the turtle was trying to get the Shad and the bass tried to eat it but nailed the turtles head.

  • Cast Netting for Shad

    Here's how I catch all the shad I feed for my bass. This is a big retention pond loaded with shad that I catch them by the hundreds. I am using a 7 foot net which is good for ponds and lakes. This time of year the big ones are everywhere and I caught about 50lbs in 20 casts. This will lasts a few...

  • Catfish Caught on Small Pole

    I had a tiny batman pole and wanted to try to catch a big catfish on it. I was using 6lb mono and a hot dog for bait when I hooked up with a nice fish. It got tangled in the lily pads and I had to go in and get him out. He was about 7-8lbs and took a while to land on the batman pole.