Watch this video and more on Yippee

Watch this video and more on Yippee

Bass Steals Shad from Turtle


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  • Froggin for Giant Bullfrogs

    I went to a local park early this morning full of lily pads and bullfrogs and bass. I caught a couple small bass on frogs and then started fishing for big bullfrogs with the booyah pad crasher. I'd see the bullfrog sitting on top and then throw past them and twitch it right next to them and they'...

  • Fly Fishing for Tailing Carp

    After a couple inches of rain this past week I decided to try and catch some carp on a fly rod. The carp go up shallow and eat bugs and worms in the newly flooded grass. I found a grass carp tailing and put the San Juan worm in his face and he sucked it in. He gave a good 15 min fight and was fun...

  • Bullfrog Caught on Livetarget Frog

    I was fishing for bass and saw a bullfrog pop up through the slop and I knew he'd eat my frog. I threw the livetarget frog at him and twitched it a few times and he leaped on it and nailed it. One of the smaller frogs I've caught but they are still real fun to catch. The setup is a lews bb1 pro o...