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Biggest Fish I’ve Caught in a Cast Net!

The Fish Whisperer (321 Videos) • 7m 26s

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  • Catfish Like to be Petted!

    In this video, I feed my fish and the colder weather has them really hungry. The catfish were very active and kept coming right up to the bank! They loved the shad and when I would pet them it seemed that they liked it!

  • Feeding Fish Live Shad!

    In this video I have a bucket full of shad to feed to the bass, catfish and turtles in the pond. Only a few shad stayed alive when I put them in but they still devoured them.

  • This Fish TOWED Our Boat!

    In this video, I go to the trinity river with Ty and Henry in hopes of catching massive alligator gar. Even with the river being high, we still caught two river monsters at 180lbs and 235lbs.