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Alligator Gar eating Goldfish

The Fish Whisperer (357 Videos) • 49s

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  • Tank Is Hungry!

    In this video, I feed the turtles, bass and catfish during the warm weather Texas has been having. The turtles enjoyed eating bunches of shad and the fish did too.

  • Aerial Bass Blowups

    In this video my extended family comes over for thanksgiving and watches me feed my pet bass. My uncle brought his drone with him and filmed the shad getting nailed as I reeled them across the water. There is no hook on the line and the shad comes off as soon as the fish grab it.

  • The Shad Are Everywhere!

    In this video I go to one of the ponds that I cast net in and the first cast I end up catching about 100 shad. The warm weather recently has pushed the shad up to the banks and I was catching a bunch every cast! I ended up catching 10 bags and my fish enjoyed them!!