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Watch this video and more on Yippee

Out of Scale


Up Next in Season 1

  • Lights, Camera, CABOOSE!

    Choo Choo Bob is really interested cabooses, but Richard W. Kornbelt is trying to make a movie in the clubhouse. Conductor Dave and Charlie Rat play a very competitive game of checkers. Engineer Emily meets Choo Choo Bob and Engineer Paul for a ride on a Soo Line caboose at the Jackson Street Rou...

  • The Barber of Bobville

    Now that he's a full-time barber, Richard W. Kornbelt is being followed by a barbershop quartet. Choo Choo Bob, Engineer Paul and Engineer Emily take a long ride on a light rail train. Bob and Rich shrink down to Tinyland, where Charlie Rat and Conductor Dave are having a staring contest.

  • Earth to Bob... It's National Train Day!

    Choo Choo Bob is getting ready for a big trip with all of his friends on the Empire Builder. Richard W. Kornbelt stops by to tell Bob about his adventures in Astronaut Night School. Later, Choo Choo Bob, Engineer Paul, Engineer Emily, Conductor Dave, Charlie Rat, and Richard W. Kornbelt take a ri...