The Choo Choo Bob Show (21 Videos)

  • Same But Different

    Have you ever wondered what would happen if you hit both buttons on the shrinkatron? Choo Choo Bob finds out. And, the results are very interesting.

  • Earth to Bob... It's National Train Day!

    Choo Choo Bob is getting ready for a big trip with all of his friends on the Empire Builder. Richard W. Kornbelt stops by to tell Bob about his adventures in Astronaut Night School. Later, Choo Choo Bob, Engineer Paul, Engineer Emily, Conductor Dave, Charlie Rat, and Richard W. Kornbelt take a ri...

  • At the Movies

    Choo Choo Bob and Engineer Emily find an old movie while cleaning up the clubhouse. Everyone comes over to watch it. Meanwhile, somebody seems to have eaten Ticket Agent Cee Cee's pie - Do you smell a rat?

  • Business Is Good

    Richard W. Kornbelt is in business in Tinyland, and business is GOOD. Rich's idea of building a train to outer space might not get off the ground, but Choo Choo Bob and Engineer Emily like the idea of a Railway To Mars.

  • Big Trees, Big Mess

    Choo Choo Bob, Engineer Emily and Engineer Paul are visiting Roaring Camp Railroad and ride a steam train in the redwood forest. Before they go, Bob and Charlie clean the clubhouse.

  • Imagination Station

    Choo Choo Bob & friends are using their imaginations in the clubhouse, and building new things for the train layout. Charlie Rat has made his own train layout out of garbage. Richard W. Kornbelt takes Bob to see a huge train layout built entirely out of Lego bricks. Haley Bonar stops by to sing a...

  • The Barber of Bobville

    Now that he's a full-time barber, Richard W. Kornbelt is being followed by a barbershop quartet. Choo Choo Bob, Engineer Paul and Engineer Emily take a long ride on a light rail train. Bob and Rich shrink down to Tinyland, where Charlie Rat and Conductor Dave are having a staring contest.

  • Lights, Camera, CABOOSE!

    Choo Choo Bob is really interested cabooses, but Richard W. Kornbelt is trying to make a movie in the clubhouse. Conductor Dave and Charlie Rat play a very competitive game of checkers. Engineer Emily meets Choo Choo Bob and Engineer Paul for a ride on a Soo Line caboose at the Jackson Street Rou...

  • Let's Look It Up

    Choo Choo Bob loves books. Especially, books about trains. Bob and Engineer Emily visit the library, and sing a song about the UP AC4400CW with Brian Tighe and Dylan Hicks.

  • Where's the Bathroom?

    Everybody in Bobville is interested in bathrooms. Choo Choo Bob, Conductor Dave, Charlie Rat and Randy the Planner sing a song about washing hands. Engineer Emily gives Bob a tour of the bathrooms on a train, and Richard W. Kornbelt gets a new job: plumber.

  • Train Coming

    Choo Choo Bob wants to know more about steam. Luckily, Richard W. Kornbelt just got a new job in the plumbing business. Conducto Engineer Paul takes Bob for a ride on a great steam train, the Milwaukee Road 261.

  • By Golly, It's a Trolley

    Choo Choo Bob has a new gas station for his train layout. Richard W. Kornbelt has a new job as a model train salesman. Engineer Paul takes Bob for a ride on the Lake Harriet Trolley.

  • Out of Scale

    Choo Choo Bob and his friends hang out at the Bobville Clubhouse, and explore the world of trains.

  • Safety First

    Richard W. Kornbelt takes his new job as a Crossing Guard very seriously. So seriously, that he wrapped the whole clubhouse in bubble wrap. Safety First. Choo Choo Bob, Engineer Paul and Engineer Emily visit a busy railroad crossing to learn more about train safety.

  • Balloons Over Tinyland

    Tinyland is having a Balloon Festival and Richard W. Kornbelt has built a hot air balloon. Ozomatli Stops by and performs "Balloon Fest" at the Bobville Clubhouse.

  • Riders of the Lost Train

    Richard W. Kornbelt has discovered a very rare golden train, and he's asked Choo Choo Bob to keep it safe. And, there's a new sandwich shop in Bobville giving away interesting prizes.

  • Rainy Day

    It's raining in Bobville, and everybody is stuck inside the clubhouse. Luckily, Richard W. Kornbelt brought along a new board game. Choo Choo Bob and his friends reminisce about all their great train adventures.

  • I Voted

    Richard W. Kornbelt is running for Assistant Tinyland Railroad Commissioner against incumbent, Geddy Groosevelt. Will Rich win? Will the Bobville gang get out the vote? Will Conductor Dave's Veggie Extreme pizzas arrive on time?

  • The Snow Must Go On

    There's a blizzard outside in Bobville. That's okay with Richard W. Kornbelt, now that he's a dog musher. Only one problem - he doesn't have any dogs. Choo Choo Bob and Engineer Emily visit a giant railroad snowplow.

  • Holy Shrinkstacks!

    The Shrinkatron is broken. It's sending everybody everywhere but where they want to go. Where will this madness lead? To a Shrinkatron Crazyfest, of course.

  • Basic Cable Cars

    Choo Choo Bob, Engineer Emily, and Engineer Paul visit San Francisco and ride the cable cars. Meanwhile, Conductor Dave and Charlie Rat are trying to get cable installed with Bobville's newest cable guy, Richard W. Kornbelt.