Sing & Spell

Sing & Spell

26 Episodes

Sing And Spell is an animated, musical program that teaches pre-readers and English Language Learners alphabet letter basics through lessons and fun songs! Teacher Miss Cathy explains each letter sound, introduces vocabulary and encourages practice while our lively characters sing fun, catchy tunes!

Sing & Spell
  • Letter A

    Episode 1

    Multiple sounds for Letter A, Count Apples, What’s a vowel letter? What is a word? Fun songs for learning vowel letters and letters X, F, and B.

  • Letter B

    Episode 2

    Learn the letter B, Count bees, learn the sounds of the vowel letter I, What’s a circle? Fun songs for letters D and O.

  • Letter C

    Episode 3

    Learn 2 different sounds for the letter C, count cats, learn the vowel sounds for O, What is the alphabet? Fun songs for the letter R, H.

  • Letter D

    Episode 4

    Learn the sound for letter D, Count dinosaurs, Learn the sight word ‘the’, learn sounds for vowel letter U, What is a sound?

  • Letter E

    Episode 5

    Learn multiple vowel sounds for E, Count Sea Animals, What is a letter? listen and repeat letter sounds in a song, fun songs for letter S and P.

  • Letter F

    Episode 6

    Learn about the letter F, Count frogs, learn multiple vowel sounds for letter Y, What does it mean to spell? Sing the ABCs.

  • Letter G

    Episode 7

    Learn two sounds for the letter G, Count goats, What is a sound? Sing the letter sounds, What does it mean to read?

  • Letter H

    Episode 8

    Learn the letter H, Count horses, learn the word ‘happy’, learn vowel sounds for U, sing about vacations and the letter V.

  • Letter I

    Episode 9

    Learn multiple sounds for the vowel letter I, Count fingers, What is a square? Fun songs for the letter Q, W and Z.

  • Letter J

    Episode 10

    Learn the sounds of J, Count jars of jam, What is a vowel letter? Review letter sounds plus a fun song for letter N.

  • Letter K

    Episode 11

    Learn about the letter K, Count kites, The sounds of E and why it’s a vowel. Plus, fun songs for letters H, O and J.

  • Letter L

    Episode 12

    Learn about L, Count ladybugs, What is the alphabet? Listen and practice all the letter sounds, learn the word ‘little’, and fun songs for letters Y and P.

  • Letter M

    Episode 13

    Learn about M, Count monkeys, learn the sounds for the vowel letter U, What is reading? How to spell ‘red’, Sing the ABCs.

  • Letter N

    Episode 14

    Learn about the letter N, Count Nuts, learn the names of the seasons and practice vowel sounds for the letter Y. Plus, fun songs for learning sounds of letters R and J.

  • Letter O

    Episode 15

    Learn about the many sounds of vowel letter O, Count Oranges, How to write the letter O, practice making sounds for all alphabet letters and learn about the square shape.

  • Letter P

    Episode 16

    Learn about P, Count Pigs, learn multiple vowel sounds for letter A, What is the alphabet? And What is a letter? What does a triangle look like?

  • Letter Q

    Episode 17

    Learn how to combine two sounds to make the sound for letter Q, Count queens, Practice vowel sounds for the letter U, learn multiple colors, plus fun songs for letters M and I!

  • Letter R

    Episode 18

    Learn about R, Count rings, What does it mean to spell? Learn to spell frog, Learn the different vowel sounds for Y.

  • Letter S

    Episode 19

    Learn about the letter S, Count snakes, Learn the names of the four seasons, Learn about the square, plus fun songs for letters C, D and O.

  • Letter T

    Episode 20

    Learn about T, Count tambourines, What ‘the’ means and how to spell it, How many sides in a triangle? Opposites – empty and full, and fun songs for the vowel letter A and Z.

  • Letter U

    Episode 21

    Learn about the letter U, Count umbrellas, Learn opposites – up/down, What is a word? Practice the vowel sounds for U. Plus, fun songs for letters D and J.

  • Letter V

    Episode 22

    Learn about the letter V, Count violins, plus fun songs for letter E and H.

  • Letter W

    Episode 23

    Learn about the letter W, Count whales, Practice vowel sounds for the letter O.

  • Letter X

    Episode 24

    Learn about the letter X, Count xylophones, Learn words with ending in X, Vowel sound review for letter I with Miss Cathy, plus fun songs for letters S and T.