Oppa Kêki

Oppa Kêki

27 Episodes

Oppa Kêki follows the adventures of a tortoise that doesn't like getting wet and a claustrophobic armadillo. Together, they put on their backpack-shells and explore the Amazon's ecosystem, discovering new things that help them face their daily dilemmas.

Oppa Kêki
  • Pirates in The Nest

    Episode 1

    Watch out Pirates! Oppa and Kêki will discover in practice that instead of fighting, playing and including is so much fun!

  • The Rescue

    Episode 2

    Attention! A story told by many people is apt to take on unimaginable proportions. Oppa Kêki will understand that in this forest whoever tells a story increases a point.

  • Mixed Art

    Episode 3

    Grandma Tortuga wants to honor a friend of hers so Oppa and Kêki will help to customize a gift. Yet something goes wrong and the mixing of colors causes great confusion.