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  • Sunset

    Oppa and Keki will learn how to have patience and control their aggressiveness, since many times violence can hurt who you like the most and also, deviate attention from what really matters.

  • Picnic

    These inseparable friends are ready to have an amazing picnic, but everything could GO wrong if they don’t learn how to share.

  • Olympics

    In a competition, how can you turn an adverse situation into advantage? Keki learns that winning is cool, but not at any price, the important thing is to have sportsmanship.

  • Raft

    Oppa and Keki are building a raft? Will they follow the rules and the manual of instructions before they sink?

  • Jaguar

    Keki learns that lying is bad when Oppa is in danger and he won’t believe when she’s speaking the truth.

  • Fishing

    Doing only what we want is not cool, even less so to make only what others want you to do. Considering people’s feelings and opinions is the first step for an honest friendship.

  • Gotcha!

    Eating is important, but eating more than you should can have consequences that Keki learns in practice.

  • Campfire

    Fear of the dark, ghostly sounds, horrifying shadows? Not at all, Oppa and Keki learn about what is unknown at first sight so that they can uncover their fears.

  • Doll

    Forcing a friend to play with you is wrong, even more so when you take what’s not yours. Now, how will Oppa and Keki get along to have fun together?

  • Hiiii

    On this adventure, Oppa and Keki will learn why washing their hands and food before meals is so important.

  • Starry

    Oppa and Keki love to form drawings with the stars, but the climate changes and it starts to rain. The duo won’t let it get them down, and together they find a solution to continue the fun.

  • Trash

    Oppa and Keki are having fun in the water, but there’s an accident because of the lack of ecological awareness of a new friend. To solve the problem, the gang will have to recycle.

  • Buried

    Oppa and Keki lose their ant friend in the middle of the mess in Keki’s room. Now, how will they manage to find the little one inside this chaos?

  • Wishing Star

    Oppa sees a shooting star and he doesn't want to miss the opportunity to make a wish. Will he be able to achieve what he wants?

  • Help!

    In this incredible adventure, Oppa and Keki learn not to judge someone before meeting.

  • Dancing

    Let's dance as a family? Grandma Tortuga awakens the rhythm and confidence within Oppa and Kêki.

  • Like a Hero

    Oppa and Keki play as superheroes, but even someone with superpowers has a weakness. Will this pair be able to take courage and face their own limits?

  • The Great Catwalk

    Oppa and Kêki play fashion show, but with the arrival of new friends, Kêki is no longer the center of attention. And now, how will she handle this situation?

  • New Friends

    Oppa and Kêki learn together that to be a friend you must not be jealous and always put yourself in the other's shoes.

  • Extreme Scare

    A friend of Oppa and Keki's is hiccupping, what to do? How will this duo deal with the unexpected of this unusual situation?

  • Army Ant

    To make friendship you need to be sincere and not try to take advantage, especially when it comes to ants!

  • Movie Stars

    Oppa and Kêki are shooting a film, but Kêki is one of those very bossy directors. Will the production team hold on until the end of the recordings?

  • The Masterpiece

    Oppa and Kêki dispute who is the best painter. However, when it comes to art, there is no better or worse, beautiful or ugly, right or wrong, everything is just a point of view.