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Cookies From Around The World

New YouTube Videos! • 4m 43s

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  • Gross Cereal Song

    Driven by horrifying flashbacks of ketchup on cereal (and a funky bassline) Cam & Noel reminisce about their cereal liquid adventure from the last episode… AS A SONG!

  • Trying Our Cereal With Different Liqu...

    KETCHUP ON CEREAL?! Rather than boring old milk… Cam and Noel shake things up and grab random liquids from their refrigerators to use on Cheerios… could they be on the verge of a new food sensation? Or maybe just a huge, dramatic spit?


    Cam & Noel watch an episode of “Malachi’s Cooking Corner” and get inspired for Lemon Mug Cake. Except they can only use whatever is already in their homes. NO SHOPPING ALLOWED! This could get gross...