New YouTube Videos!


    After losing a high-stakes game of rock paper scissors, Cam’s lunch fate is now in in the hands of Noel, and whatever mystery leftovers lie in his fridge…


    Cam and Noel call Cam’s dad and Noel’s grandpa to get some juicy childhood tales of mischief, and talk about what they appreciate most from their father figures!


    A super special Yippee show episode! ALL of our Yippee stars (that’s right, all of ’em!) visit Cam and Noel and compete in an EPIC Eat It or Feet It challenge!

  • FIRE STATION TOUR! with DannyGo!

    DannyGo! shows Cam and Noel ALL around a REAL FIRE STATION! (And of course there is a Firetruck song!)

  • How to Make Custom Sneakers

    Who says you have to buy new shoes when you want to update your wardrobe? Today, I'm going to show you how to take a plain old pair of sneakers and transform them into SWEET customized masterpieces for your feet!

  • Professor Sean's Crazy Car History Class: The Daytona 500

    This is the episode description: Racing cars on the beach?! How did that ever get started!? It’s Professor Sean to the rescue! Learn about the thrilling origins of Daytona 500-- and warning-- you might need your beach gear!

  • Day at a Horse Ranch with Riley Rose!

    Riley from Life of Riley (and Arts and Crafts by Three Sisters!) shows Cam and Noel around a horse ranch!

  • Making Ice Cream at Home!

    Summer is just around the corner, so join me as I show you how to make some super simple, extra creamy, HOME MADE ICE CREAM!

  • A Day at the Ranch

    Let’s go to the ranch! Join me and my sisters as we clean up stables, help take care of the horses, and go for a ride.

  • I Built a New Turtle Ramp!

    In this video, I saw an old log and turn it into a new turtle ramp! This ramp allows the turtles to crawl up on the bank and eat shad from my hands. Hope y’all enjoyed the video! Thanks for watching!!

  • Stay at Home Song! with Hot Toast Music

    On this episode of The Yippee Show, Cam and Noel drop in on Symon (from Hot Toast Music Co.) as he shares his “Stay at Home Song” music video! Join in as Cam and Noel learn all about how to write a song, and how to be a good neighbor while staying at home!

  • Guess Why We Are Making Baby Food

    Why are we making baby food? You'll have to watch to find out!

  • Bilingual Goodbye

    Kids Songs in Spanish by Alina Celeste - Bilingual Goodbye

  • Little Bo Peep

    Sing along to Little Bo Peep as she looks for her lost sheep!

  • Do the Smeeze and Crazy Knees!

    Come join me as we learn another super fun dance! Let's get crazy!


    On this episode of The Yippee Show, Cam and Noel drop in on Maddy (from Yippee's own Ye Olden Days) as she shares some FUN FACTS about the famous female pilot, Amelia Earhart! Join in as Cam and Noel pass their time in quarantine by learning all about brave, daring Amelia Earhart!

  • How to Make Dalgona Chocolate Milk!

    Come learn how to make this DELICIOUS whipped chocolate treat! It's easy and SUPER yummy!

  • How to Make Swedish Pancakes with Yonas!

    Cam and Noel learn some pro-tips from Yonas (from Yonas Gets a Job!) as he makes Swedish Pancakes ... and shares some fun facts about Sweden!

  • Epic Mountain Bike Ride

    Cam goes on an EPIC mountain bike ADVENTURE with his dad in Arkansas and tells Noel ALL ABOUT IT!

  • Trav's Travels - Cheetah Conservation Fund

    Hey There TRAVelers!

    Looks like model Trav needs another lesson from the animal kingdom. Travel with your host Trav to Namibia Africa where he learns more about the fastest living land mammal, the cheetah!

    Special thanks to Annetjie and Iggy from the Cheetah Conservation Fund as well as Mary Wo...

  • This Cosmic Painting with Christian Yeager

    Today on The Yippee Show, Cam and Noel drop in on Christian Yeager from This Cosmic Planet as he paints some fun aquatic animals ... like a ... quadrapus!? It’s an underwater masterpiece!

  • Shapes Song 5

    It’s a super fun Shapes Song for kids! Nursery rhyme kids shapes song for teaching and learning English shapes! This original music video is made for children, ESL/EFL students, babies, toddlers, preschool, and more. It’s EASY to sing along and young learners will love it! Learn the shapes: circl...

  • Making a Gift for Mother’s Day!

    Moms are AWESOME! Especially MY mom (OK, maybe I'm a little biased)! Come hang out with me as I show you how to make a super easy, really fun photo album to celebrate moms and all they do for us.

  • Silly Storytime with Ariana

    Cam and Noel drop in on Ariana (from Yippee’s own Backseat Drivers) as she reads her silly story, “Peanut Butter and ?” Join in as Cam and Noel pass their time in quarantine by listening to Ariana’s silly story ... and even make up a silly song of their own for Musical Monday!