If Your Kids like YouTube

  • DannyGo! 1...2...3...4 Wheels!

    Vroom Vroom! Danny Go is racing to find vehicles with all types of wheels! Ride along as Danny Go and his friends try motorcycles, tractors, and more! Along the way, learn about the value of goal setting and how good it feels to accomplish our goals! Plus, Danny Go shares with Bear Head the impor...

  • Pro Skateboarder

    What's an OLLIE? How do you KICKFLIP? Can you eat a STALEFISH??? EWWW! Today, Yonas will learn all of that and more as his friend Beaver teaches him all about being a professional skateboarder!

  • Mexican Candy Taste Test!

    Hola amigos! Cam and Noel are back to taste-test a smorgasboard of Mexican candy! Ever heard of Pelon Rico or a Rackaleta? Neither have they but they’re excited to try!

  • Lane Brigade - Epic S’mores Challenge!

    Come join us as we build an AWESOME fire pit in our backyard and then split up into teams to see who can create the most deliciously EPIC s'mores ever!

  • Turtles Love Push Pops!

  • Giving My Pet Alligator Gar Christmas Presents!

    Christmas has come early for my pet alligator gar! Let's see how they like their "presents."

  • Testing Festive Viral Life Hacks!

    Cam and Noel are back and it’s time for some more life hacks — HOLIDAY STYLE! Our favorite hosts tackle making candles and Christmas tree ornaments (or at least they will try to).

  • Mini Panettone (Italian Christmas Bread)

    Join Malachi and his dad as they show us how to make panettone - a tasty Christmas treat from Italy!

  • X-Mas Cookie Decorating… Tiny Hands Edition!

    Tiny Hands are BACK! Christmas cookie decorating requires precision and diligence. So obviously Cam and Noel decided to try with their favorite small limb extensions

  • Christmas Food From Around the World?

    It’s Christmas time! Cam and Noel taste test several international Christmas dishes. Will they discover a new favorite and incorporate it into their holiday tradition?

  • Mystery Jingle 1

    Cam ordered something WILD on the internet… which means we’re back with another MYSTERY OBJECT JINGLE! Will Noel be able to guess what it is?

  • Milkshake Showdown!

    What’s your favorite dish? Ever imagined it blended into a milkshake? In today’s episode, Cam and Noel are going to do exactly that.

  • The Power of Thankfulness

    Join in on the fun to see what the Bible says about the Power of Thankfulness!

  • Food Fight Fun! Thanksgiving Special!

    It's Thanksgiving! And for the Wilson family, that doesn't just mean sitting down for a quiet dinner. It's time to kick Turkey Day up a notch with an EPIC FOOD FIGHT for the ages! And for dessert, how about some Rock'n'Roll?!

  • How to Make Yarn Christmas Trees - Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

  • Food Fight Fun - Lyric Video

  • Food Fight Fun - Music Video

  • The Moores - Dark Caves and Tight Places

    Today, we face our fear of the dark as we head to the beach to check out some crazy dark caves! Later, we'll head up a mountain for some nighttime ATV adventures!

  • Sour To Sweet

    Cam and Noel eat a miracle berry substance that makes sour food sweet?! Does it actually work? Watch as they take on the sourest foods on the planet!

  • Superheroes

    Fear not citizens-- Cam and Noel are here to save the day! Our fave hosts make superheroes for themselves by pulling names from a hat! Will their secret identities be safe!?

  • Danny Go’s Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt!

    When Bear Head’s mom comes down with a sleepy case of Hibernationitis, it’s up to Danny Go and his friends to pull together the Thanksgiving feast! Follow along as they visit a pumpkin patch, corn maze, farmer’s market & more!


    365 days? 52 weeks? A WHOLE YEAR? That’s a lot of time. In this very special episode, Cam and Noel celebrate the one year anniversary of the Yippee Show! How well have they really gotten to know each other?

  • Day at the Beach

    Today, the fam heads to the shores of the mighty Columbia River for some fun in the sun! Then, we dry off and head back to the studio for another awesome jam about our day at the beach!