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Watch this video and more on Yippee

Watch this video and more on Yippee

Up Next in Season 4

  • Baby Sparrow

    Mickey investigates a strange noise and finds a baby sparrow sitting in the grass beneath a nest of other baby sparrows. When the bird won’t fly back up to the nest, Mickey thinks it must be injured and runs for help. Megan and Shelley the Sparrow teach Mickey that falling from the nest is norma...

  • Puddle

    Mickey takes his rubber ducky for some play time in a puddle he and Megan played in the day before, but when he gets there, the puddle’s gone. Megan and Mickey’s Rubber Ducky teach him about how water evaporates when the weather warms up.

  • Ice Fishing

    Mickey discovers a hole in the ice of his favourite frozen pond and is convinced he has to fill it in. Megan and Oliver the Auger explain to Mickey that the hole is for ice fishing.