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Mickey's Farm • 11m

Up Next in Mickey's Farm

  • Squirrel

    Mickey goes to the woods to sit in the shade of a large oak tree and enjoy his new doggie bone, but when he gets there acorn shells shower from the tree and Mickey begins a futile attempt to clean them all up. Megan and Smithers the Squirrel show Mickey why the shells were falling and who else wa...

  • Racehorse

    Mickey sees the farmer cleaning a horse’s shoes and goes in search of some shoes that will help him run faster. Megan and Rocket the Racehorse show Mickey why some horses need horseshoes and why dogs don’t need any shoes at all.

  • Ladybug

    Mickey goes searching for bugs on the farm. He sees one bug that looks like a little beetle, only it is red with black spots. Mickey is concerned the bug might be sick. But Lucy the Lady Bug explains that her bright colours help other animals watch out for her because she's so tiny.